2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Selective Destruction of Nanocomposite Labeled Cells

L.P. Balogh, C. Tse, W. Lesniak, J. Ye, M. Zohdy, M. O'Donnell and M.K. Khan
Roswell Park Cancer Institute, US

nanoparticles, cell destruction, nanocomposites

Composite nanoparticles are nanometer sized inorganic/organic hybrids containing inorganic nanoparticles or clusters of guest atoms and/or molecules immobilized in po- lymeric materials. Dendrimer nanocomposites are synthesized from dendrimer templates of well-defined size, charge, and terminal functionality. Here the inorganic clusters (such as silver Ag(0), gold Au(0), or CdSe) are synthesized in the dendrimer matrix by reactive encapsulation and subsequently are topologically trapped without having covalent bonds between the organic and inorganic components. Modifiable terminal functionalities of the dendrimer offer a variety of multipurpose ways to covalently attach drugs, diagnos- tic/imaging modules and targeting moieties. The dendrimer nanocomposites can thus be converted to targeted ‘nanodevices’ for the delivery of drugs to specific organs and tis- sues.

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