2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Synthesis and Characterization of Electrochemical Capacitors Using Nanoporous SiO2

K.C. Leonard and M.A. Anderson
SolRayo LLC, US

supercapacitors, nanoparticles, electrochemical capacitors

Many metal oxides have historically been used in the making of electrochemical capacitors, including but not limited to RuO2, MnO2, and NiO. Also, many of these metal oxide electrochemical capacitors undergo faradaic reactions as part of their capacitive behavior, i.e. psuedocapacitors. However, this study investigated electrochemical capacitors using nanoporous SiO2 deposited on a porous conductive backing electrode. This material is different than most traditional ultracapacitor or psuedocapacitor materials because SiO2 is considered an electronic insulator. However, the capacitive behavior of this material may arise from its ionic conductivity along with its surface chemistry instead of its electronic conductivity. These SiO2 electrochemical capacitors are providing a new low-cost material for electrochemical double-layer capacitors.

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