2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Monitoring Antigen-Antibody Interactions on Self-Assembly Derived Large-Area Nanopatterned Surfaces

S. Krishnamoorthy, T. Fujii and M. Himmelhaus
Fujirebio, Inc., JP

surface plasmon resonance, chemical nanopattern, colloidal lithography

Nanopatterning, in addition to offering possibilities for device miniaturization also brings in novel capabilities due to confinement effects arising at small dimension. Confinement effects have been noted for instance in tunability of surface plasmon absorbance of nanoparticles, and in increased reaction rates within zeolite channels. Here, we explore nanopatterning as a means of enhancing the orientation of antibodies on the surface seeking to achieve a higher efficiency in sensing antigen-antibody interactions in on-chip biosensors. We present the formation of nanopatterns over a large area on gold surfaces, confirming their formation and homogeneity using atomic force microscopy friction force measurements, X-ray photoelectron and infrared reflection absorption spectroscopies. The patterns consist of circular patches of a carboxylic acid terminated self assembled monolayer in a protein repellent PEG matrix. We present the first results showing enhanced antigen binding capacity of nanopatterned surfaces by monitoring the binding interactions using surface plasmon resonance.

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