2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Targeted Gold Nanoparticle-Carbohydrate Conjugates for Lung Imaging

K.K. Kattia, R. Kannana, V. Kattumurib, S.W. Casteelc, G.M. Fentc, E.J. Bootea and K.V. Kattiab
University of Missouri, US

gold nanoparticles, CT imaging, carbohydrates, lung imaging

Targeted gold nanoparticle-biomolecule conjugates have attracted considerable attention in recent years mainly because of their potential applications in imaging cancer at early stages. Currently available imaging agents detect lung cancer in advanced stages. Thus, it is imperative to develop new nanoparticle-based imaging agents for detecting lung cancer. In this context, our studies have focused on investigating the efficacy of carbohydrate functionalized gold nanoparticles as X-ray contrast agents1. In this poster, we will present the synthesis of carbohydrate functionalized AuNPs, in vitro stability studies, in vivo specificity and CT – imaging studies in swine models. We have synthesized a library of gold nanoparticle conjugated saccharides using non-toxic trimeric amino acid as a nanoparticle initiator. Detailed in vitro stability studies of AuNP-carbohydrates were carried out. Maltose or starch conjugated AuNPs show excellent in vitro stability. CT imaging studies were carried out using AuNP-starch conjugate in swine. Changes in contrast number, Hounsfield units (HU), were calculated by monitoring CT images of lung pre and post injection of AuNPs. Results indicate that change in contrast number is 74.8 HU, indicating that AuNP-Starch conjugate is an excellent candidate for lung imaging. We will present the details of molecular imaging of lungs in the presentation.

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