2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Nanoparticle dection and analysis, a real-time measurement of nanoparticles in suspension on an individual basis

J. Warren, J.P. Hole, A.P. Malloy and R.J.G Carr
NanoSight Ltd, UK

nanoparticle, sizing, counting, dynamic, scattering

A single nanoparticle tracking analysis system is described which allows nano-scale particles to be individually but simultaneously visualised in liquids and from which higher resolution particle size distribution profiles can be obtained. Sample pre-treatment is minimal requiring only dilution with a suitable solvent to an acceptable concentration range (between 10^5 and 10^10 per ml depending on sample type). Accurate and reproducible analyses can be obtained from video of only a few seconds duration and the results allow particle number concentration to be recovered. Given the close to real-time nature of the technique, particle-particle interactions are accessible as is information about sample aggregation and dissemination. All particle types can be measured and in any solvent type providing that the particles scatter sufficient light to be visible. The minimum detectable size measurable depends on particle refractive index but can be as low as 9-15nm for high refractive index materials such as colloidal silver. The technique is robust and low cost representing an attractive alternative or complement to higher cost and more complex methods of nanoparticle analysis such as photon correlation spectroscopy or electron microscopy.

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