2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

nanoTrek® - Quantum Tunneling Linear Encoder for Sub-nanometer Positional Metrology with Centimeters Range

M.T. Michalewicz, P. Glowacki, N. Singh, S. Balakumar and N.N. Gosvami
Quantum Precision Instruments Asia Private Limited, SG

quantum tunneling, positional metrology, linear encoder, tunneling sensors, NEMS

Realisation of the first working linear encoder based on quantum tunneling between arrays of nanowires is presented. The sensing element consists of 12,000 nanowires, each 90 nm wide and 5 mm long, on an area of 5 x 4.3 mm. The sensing element was fabricated using phase shift mask lithography and dry etch processes followed by CMP; characterisation was carried with SEM and AFM. Finally transduction mechanism, showing linear encoder performance was demonstrated with electrical testing using independent nanopositioner. Strong signals in uA range are obtained on scans from several hundred nm to several mm range. nanoTrek® may address problems of dimensional metrology and alignment at the next technology nodes in micro-fabrication, nano-positioning and nano-imprinting.

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