2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Metal-drug complexation in Liposomes (radioisotope 64-copper with CPT-11) to stabilize and to combine the effects of chemiotherapy and radio-targeted-therapy on brain tumors

Panichelli Paola, Castignani Lorenzo, Colonna Mery, Dignani Simone, Fantuzi Mauro, Martini Domenico, Valentini Gianluca, Nasuti Cinzia, Lupidi Giulio, Massimo Bramucci

liposomes, copper, irinotecan, brain tumors

Our aim is to evaluate the comparative effect between CPT-11, 64Cu-CPT-11 and 64Cu-CPT11 and liposome in three groups of transplanted nude mice with cell line U87 inoculated in subcutaneous way.The copper will be used for its beta minus emission and for its Auger effects working on the destruction of the DNA-tumor cells, and the irinotecan will be used for its anticancer activity of its metabolites SN-38. The complex CPT-64Cu(II) is the result of the copper ion coordination with the oxigen atoms of the CPT lactone ring. Liposomal formulation of Irinotecan maximize its anticancer activity, and the complex CPT-64Cu(II) confirms “in vivo” the elevate anti-cancer efficency that has been promised in “vitro”.

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