2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Reflective Electronic Nano-Ink for Flexible and Glass Displays

Z. Bryning, M. Bryning and R. Cromer
Zikon Inc., US

Flexible Display, Nanotech Ink, Reflective, Bi-stable

Zikon Corp. is developing Reverse Emulsion based Electrophoretic Displays (REEDs) The REED technology relies on the dielectrophoretic properties of dye-loaded reverse emulsions that can be described as Electronic Ink. Utilizing dyes from the printing industry and combined with inexpensive production processes, the technology provides an entry to low cost, highly reflective displays viewable in direct and bright light. We will describe the properties of Zikon’s Electronic Ink that make reverse emulsions a very attractive alternative for paper-like displays applications. One of the key challenges to developing flexible displays is the switching medium’s ability to withstand pressures associated with bending and the corresponding distortion of the display cell. Liquid crystal displays, for example, have extremely low tolerances to pressure that hinder their use in flexible displays, overshadowing their advantages of low addressing voltages and established processing methods. Reverse Emulsion Electrophoretic Displays are significantly less sensitive to such distortions, while providing low voltage response and employing many of the same techniques and addressing methods of the mature LCD industry. REED technology employs a significantly simpler design than LCDs or particle-based electrophoretic display technologies, the latter of which must employ precautions to counteract particle aggregation and sedimentation.

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