2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Biodegradable Micro/Nanofibered Matrices for Wound Healing

B.G. Belenkaya and V.I. Sakharova
3S Corporation, US

microfiber, biodegradable, electrospinning, biomatrices, self-assembly

It is already well known that polymer processing by different electrospinning techniques may provide micro/nanofibered architecture, which is similar to collagen extracellular matrices created by cell during wound repair and tissue regeneration. Critical to wound healing is the balance of moisture as well that facilitate cellular growth and collagen proliferation within a healthy noncellular matrix. We have developed micro/nanofibered biomaterials (Biomatrices) based on a blend of self-assembled PLA and Poly-vinylpyrrolidone using electrospinning. The material combines 3D collagen extracellular matrix like structure with ability to absorb ~10-15 g/g of moisture including blood and other biological liquids with only slight swelling and shape initial material retention. The matrices maintain moist wound surface environment and has an ability to be self-fixed to a wet wound surface. In- vivo studies, Biomatrices demonstrated accelerated healing of long lasting and hard-to- heal wounds, including purulent wounds and trophic ulcers of long current. The material is working for accelerated healing of burns and acute wounds both traumatic and surgical origin, internal and external, including brain traumas and post-tumors surgery origin.

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