2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Selecting and Driving Nanoscale Assembly in Monolayer Films through Tailored Intermolecular Interactions

T.J. Mullen, A.A. Dameron, C. Srinivasan, M.J. Shuster, J.N. Hohman, S.D. Gillmor, A. Vaish, M.W. Horn, A.M. Andrews and P.S. Weiss
Penn State University, US

self-assembly, microcontact printing, adamantanethiol, chemical patterning, intermolecualr interaction

We have developed, applied, and characterized molecules with varied intermolecular interaction strengths that control stability and impart directionality into patterned monolayers. In addition to employing molecules with tailored interactions, we have exploited self- and directed assembly techniques to fabricate, to register, and to functionalize chemical surface structures at the supramolecular 1-100 nm scale. We will highlight specific examples - microdisplacement printing, microcontact insertion printing, and functionalized bioselective surfaces - where specifically tuned molecules were designed, custom self-assembly processing techniques were utilized, and the resulting chemical surface structures were characterized on both the ensemble and the molecular scales.

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