2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Horizontal and Vertical Heterogeneous Integration of Nanowires on Si Substrates

L. Tsakalakos, S.T. Taylor, R.R. Corderman, J. Fronheiser and J. Balch
General Electric - Global Research Center, US

nanowires, heterogeneous integration, nanotemplate, silicon, carbides, vapor phase growth

Integration of nanowires onto foreign substrates, and in functional devices, is widely recognized as a significant challenge to further development of nanosystems based on quasi-one dimensional nanostructures. We describe methods for directly integrating relevant nanostructures on technologically relevant Si substrates using vapor phase synthesis of the nanowires. It is shown that ZnO nanowires may be directly integrated onto Si substrates containing patterned metal lines. Preferential growth from the edge of the metal lines has been achieved. We also show that growth of refractory transition metal carbides on Si is also possible using catalytic growth. Specifically, both Mo2C and SiC nanowires have been grown on Si using a novel two-step growth process. The electrical properties of such systems are also discussed. Finally, methods of integrating nanowires vertically on a Si substrate are also described, including the use of nanotemplates to control catalytic growth. A review of the key literature describing both vertical and horizontal integration of nanowires will also be presented.

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