2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Cost Effective PEM Fuel Cell System Design and Development

A.M. Yildirim, E. Ozatay and M. Tiris
Ford Otosan, TR

bi-polar plates, membranes, electrocatalysts, PEM Fuel Cell

In this study, it is aimed to design and develop a PEM fuel cell stack prototype, having originally designed sub-components and operating structure. Large number of tests has been conducted in choosing the best structure for end plates and bi-polar plates. Best polymer structure and accelerator and initiator catalysts for the system were to seek throughout the design process. Research and applications for membrane electrode unit represents that direct coating (screen printing) method resulted in very thin coating pt/C burdened N117 membrane, which is better than the value for the same method found in the literature and the commercial product found in-house. When the stack performance with electrocatalysts produced throughout this study is compared with the commercially available analogous system, the results seem to be in the same range. On the other hand, when the Open Circuit Voltage and overall power values were compared for the two systems. It is observed that the scanned electron microscope view of the PtFe electrocatalyst has nano-scale particle structure. At the end of this study, three stack of fuel cell system prototype having 1,5 kW power were developed with 50 % less cost of production with comparable physical and chemical characteristics.

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