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The Logical Elements “And”/ “Or” are Established on the Elements with Punch-Through and Deformation Space Charge Regions

I. Mats
Diatex, Selected Texno-Fix, CA

design, logical elements, punch-off, punch-reach, punch-through, space charge

In this article is proposal a design of logical elements “AND”/”OR” based on punch-through effect with a deformation (element ”AND”) of space charge regions (SCR). I.On the substrate N- type is formed P+ - bodies 1 – injector and 2 – operating elements. By supplying negative voltage equal punch-through voltage (Upt) on one element 2 is occurred punch-through SCRs into P+-N-P+ - structure (injector1 through load resistor is grounded terminal). After punch-through in the device is appeared through current and on the load resistor is assigned a signal. The same process is repeated with other operating element – 2. We have logic operation “AND”. The length d1 is defined from two conditions: d1< d2; d2 > 2[2eeo(jc + Upt)/qNd]1/2 In this case operating signals elements –2 do not interaction between itself. II.Lengths d1 and d2 are changed in logical element “OR”: d1> d2; d2 < 2[2eeo(jc + Upt)/qNd]1/2 By supplying only one operating signal Upt to the element – 2, punch-through process is not occurred between bodies 1 and 2, so d1>d2. By applying two negative operating signals simultaneously is happened punch – off process (like in JFET between top and bottom gates) between elements – 2 and so d1> d2 beginning displacement their space charge regions, both SCRs get the SCR of injector-substrate p-n – junction. The punch-through process gets beginning and on load resistor is allocated a signal. The logical element “OR” is done.

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