2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

FOHEV – Ford Otosan Hybrid Electric Vehicle Prototype

A.M. Yildirim, E. Ozatay, V. Kilic, L. Guvenc, A.G. Goktan and M. Tiris
Ford Otosan, TR

hybrid electric vehicle, light commercial vehicle, hybrid powertrain, parallel hybrid, state-of-the-art batteries

Facing “hybrid electric technology” emerging in the light commercial vehicle segment, Ford Otosan took a step for the realization of a “hybrid electric vehicle prototype”. To this end, a consortium among Ford Otosan, TÜ and TÜBTAK, led by Ford Otosan, has been established. In view of Ford Otosan, this project is considered to be a Phase-I project, which is essentially will be a prototyping stage before commercialization of Ford Otosan Hybrid Electric A 75 kW electric motor coupled rear differential is integrated to a FWD diesel engine Ford Transit vehicle. With the addition of 7.2kWh 288V NiMH battery system and hybrid control system, a 4WD prototype, Ford Transit HYBRID, with a parallel hybrid configuration is constructed. A rule based control strategy is developed and road tested by setting transition rules between the two power sources. The features of the prototype include regenerative braking, electric motor only cruising, electric motor assisted (4WD) cruising and battery charging during cruising. The simulations using NEDC cycle revealed that the implemented hybrid strategy provides fuel savings up to 21% depending on loading conditions. Moreover, the emission levels of the hybrid come out to be 20% improved on the average. Also the extra power of the electric motor enhances the acceleration and gradeability performance of the vehicle. With the knowledge and experience gained at the end of this phase and presented in this paper, it will be possible to reach the know-how necessary to be used in continuous production.

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