2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Single-step directed synthesis of highly ordered metal/porous support nanocomposite materials in a mixed surfactant mesophase

J. Sarkar, C. Brooks, G. Ramanath, V. John and A. Bose
University of Rhode Island, US

single step directed synthesis, nanocomposite

Gold/silica, platinum/titania, platinum/zirconia and zirconia/titania nanocomposite materials with highly organized hexagonal packed porous structures, were synthesized in a bicontinuous surfactant mesophase system by simultaneous hydrolysis/condensation of a support precursor present in the oil phase along with reduction of the metal precursor in the aqueous phase. The high viscosity of this multi-component system helps the immobilization of metallic nanoparticles once they are formed, preventing their agglomeration. This technique can be used to tune the pore size, pore wall thickness, specific surface area and nanoparticle loading. The catalytic activity of Pt/TiO2, for CO oxidation was comparable to the commercial TiO2 at equivalent platinum loadings in spite of very low surface areas, resulting from increased mass transfer to the catalyst nanoparticles. These experiments provide a new pathway for the formation of catalyst-support composite materials with well-dispersed metal nanoparticles inside the support material and polymer/nanoparticle nanocomposites, as well as a robust technique for producing nanoparticles of highly controlled morphology.

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