2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

A Microsystem and Model for Continuous Immunomagnetic Cell Sorting

E.P. Furlani
University at Buffalo (SUNY), US

cell sorting, magnetic cell sorting, immunomagnetic cell sorting, magnetophoretic microsystem

We present a microsystem concept and mathematical model for the continuous sorting of magnetically labeled cells. The microsystem consists of two inlets, two partially connected microchannels, and two outlets. A soft-magnetic element is positioned beneath the lower microchannel, and is magnetized using an applied field. Inlet I provides a continuous flow of both magnetically labeled and unlabeled cells into the upper microchannel. Inlet II provides a continuous flow of carrier fluid into the lower microchannel. The inlet flows are balanced so that the fluid entering from each inlet remains in its respective microchannel. Immediately following the inlets, there is an open region that connects the two channels, however beyond this region the channels are separated from one another, and ultimately terminate at respective outlets. The magnetized element produces a nonuniform field distribution across the open region that pulls the magnetically labeled cells into the lower channel thereby separating the labeled from the unlabeled cells. We present a model for predicting the motion of the cells that takes into account the dominant magnetic and fluidic forces in the microsystem. We use the model to study cell transport, and our analysis indicates that the microsystem is capable of efficient cell separation.

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