2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

3-D Electron Roughness Analyzing Microscope - an e-beam system developed for surface roughness analysis

G. Brake and Y. Uchiyama
SEMTech Solutions, Inc., US

surface Roughness, Topography, AFM

As research has now shifted to the nanometer scale there are new opportunities for roughness measurements pertaining to various manufactured devices that require ultra-smooth surfaces. The ability to quickly view, zoom, image and measure particular areas of interest with a large depth of focus, combined with moving stage and high lateral resolution, offers added benefits not realized with traditional metrology techniques such as AFM and optical profilometry. An Electron-beam Roughness Analyzing Microscope (e-RAM) has been designed to offer a one nanometer vertical resolution with the incorporation of 4 secondary electron detectors and a Thermal Field Emission (TFE) source. Correlation studies versus AFM on various samples have shown the e-RAM to offer excellent comparative results in the microroughness to submicroroughness range. An additional benefit of the e-RAM over AFM, besides the imaging and EDS capabilities like a traditional SEM, is that one can also measure waviness due to the much wider lateral range. The greatest advantage of the 3D e-RAM over ordinary SEMs is the 4 secondary electron detectors. This 4-channel SE detection system enables quantitative surface roughness measurements and enhances the topography by displaying the differential signal calculated from the 4 signals.

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