2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

A novel microwave based technique for rapid and controllable growth of SiC nanowires

S.G. Sundaresan, A.V. Davydov, M. Vaudin, I. Levin, Y-L. Tian, M.V. Rao, N. Sanford, J. Schalger and L. Robbins
George Mason University, US

silicon carbide, nanowire, microwave heating

4H/6H silicon carbide (SiC) nanowires are grown on a (target) 4H-SiC wafer coated with 5 nm of Fe, by physical vapor transport of subliming Si and C species from a (source) 4H-SiC wafer, separated from the target wafer by a 300 m gap. The growth is performed in the temperature range 1700 ºC – 1900 ºC for 15 s – 40 s by rapid microwave heating with ramping rates in excess of 400 ºC/s. The source wafer is maintained at a temperature 150 ºC higher than the target wafer thereby encouraging sublimation from the source and crystallization at the target. The nanowire diameter is in the range 40 nm – 300 nm in diameter and 10 m – 30 m in length. Presence of “ball-shaped” caps at the nanowire tips suggests VLS catalyst-assisted growth. EDX spectra indicate the presence of Si and C in the nanowires, whereas the nanowire tips are found to consist mainly of Fe and Si. EBSD patterns from the nanowires index to the 4H and 6H poltype of SiC. HRTEM work is underway to determine the exact growth direction of the nanwires. Results on detailed structural analysis of nanowires (by FESEM, XRD and TEM) and correlation to growth conditions will be presented.

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