2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

2006 Exhibitor & Sponsor Testimonials

This is my fourth time attending Nanotech and show keeps getting bigger and better each year. Start to finish the show is very professionally handled. The feedback from the attendees is excellent, and they are so pleased with the conference that it just makes my job as an exhibitor easier. It is ’the’ Nano show to find the best of the best in this field.
Nora Konopka, Taylor and Francis Group LLC - CRC Press
The conference was very beneficial to me. I am having some follow-up meetings with people that I met there.
Naoki Chiba, Sanyo
I very much enjoyed my first visit to your most excellent conference, it was a very productive few days.
Brian Johnston, Kodak
It was a great opportunity to see and meet many companies. You all run a great conference.
Doug Jamison, Harris & Harris
Standing room only with people sitting in the aisles. After I was done, VC’s were shoving each other to hand me their business card. Great job.
Rick Lewandowski, Prism Solar Technologies, Inc.
My colleagues and I considered the exhibition a success for Jenoptik. I look forward to our participation next year… I considered the technical program to be incredible… A job well done!!!
Roger H. Grace, President, Roger Grace Associates
An excellent opportunity for networking.
Yogesh Singh Chauhan
Lots of interesting content. Like trying to drink out of a fire hose!
NSTI Nanotech was an exciting meeting focussed on soft nanomaterials with right number of people with excellent speakers. George John
A great gathering of some of the best minds in nanotechnology; a great opprtunity to learn
I came back with more Nanotech knowledge than I have gathered during my Master’s degree years. It was very exciting. Thanks.
Peniel Gumedzoe
This event is unique by the vicinity of industrial and high level of science. The opportunities to meet young and active scientists are large, the fields covered are very broad. Come to NSTI Nanotech conference and you will not get bored!
I found NSTI Nanotech exihibition very informative and useful
Asish Ghosh, Vice President Manufacturing
As a nanotech newbie, the 2006 conference was an invaluable learning and networking experience — I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to see and hear about state-of-the-science breakthroughs from technology gurus and leaders in a well organized and comfortable environment. I gained practical knowledge of immediate use; and a broader, richer sense of how aerospace technologies will evolve.
NSTI Nanotech is nano-tastic.
Both my VP of Editorial and CEO flew in for just a few hours to see the hype and were positively thrilled. My engineering group and I attend over 40 conferences per year, and this is by far the best run that we have ever experienced in my 13 years with my company.
Nora Konopka, Taylor and Francis Group LLC - CRC Press
A great experience for my first visit.
Nanotech 2006 is by far the best nanotech R&D conference out there for the R&D/technology community. Our VC fund does not typically endorse conferences, but found this one to be ripe with opportunity.
Mike Moradi
While nanotech conference fatigue is really showing in many events, NSTI Nanotech 2006 is now clearly the well established home for nano science and technology. For me it has been probably the best ever event in many respects: some great symposia, networking and a very successful exhibition.
Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood, Accelrys
The uppermost atomic layer of the cutting edge of nanotechnology can be found at NSTI Nanotech.
Our company is just moving into the nanotechnology area. We found the response at our stand almost overwhelming. We’ll be back!
Alistair Kean
If I want to meet the Who-Is-Who of the nanotechnology world, there is only one meeting to go to, the NSTI Nanotech.
Wolfgang Windl
I was thrilled to be presented with such a broad spectrum of nanotech applications and research.
Kristel Ferry
29 Nano tech offered excellent oppertunities to meet with and discuss in depth solutions and challenges, a superb venue.
Bill Boyd
CCE was the ultimate cleantech conference of the year!
The 2006 Nanotech Conference was a great opportunity for Spire to gain exposure in the Nanotechnology field. Spire was established 37 years ago, but many people don’t realize the depth of research and services related to nanotechnology that we provide. At the show, we were impressed with the constant booth traffic and many networking opportunities provided to us.
Marisa Little, Spire Corporation
For our company this years Nanotech exhibition was one of the best with far more genuin contacts and proffesionals from our field than any other show. It was well organised and the location was fantastic. Within the few weeks since the exhibition we have already recieved many contacts for quotes from people we just did not get round to speeking to because the show was so busy.
David Daymond, Divisional Sales Coordinator, Queensgate Instruments
I was very impressed with your organization. This was a useful and valuable networking experience. I am looking forward to attending next year’s Summit in Santa Clara.
Jose Gutman, The Solaire Company
The TechConnect process allows only polished and relevant presentations to go forward, enhancing the effectiveness of the conference for ‘receiving’ parties. The growth of the conference over the past few years certainly speaks to its success.
Len McNally, Honeywell
It was a real pleasure to participate at the TechConnect Summit at Boston. Thank you very much for making this a successful event.
Marcos Gomez, BASF Venture Capital
I wanted to congratulate all on a great show! Both Nanotech and TechConnect Summit were really successful, and I look forward to being of help in the future.
Pascal Marmier, SHARE Boston, Consulate of Switzerland
Please do forward!!!! This is the best service I've ever gotten from anyone running a conference ever - especially one as huge as this. Look forward to meeting you in May too.
Robin Johnston, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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