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Stéphane Robert

Stéphane Robert

Chairman and CEO, Raymor Industries


Mr. Robert graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the University of Laval in 1987. An expert in geophysics, Mr. Robert worked on different exploration project in Canada and in western Africa. He participated in the financing and acquisition of mining properties and other industrial projects for several public and private companies. Mr. Robert implemented the refinancing of Raymor Industries in 1996. He became President of Raymor in 1997. Since becoming CEO of Raymor, he has forged a team of leading experts and has gathered the necessary financing ($26M) for the acquisition and the development of technologies for the production of advanced materials and nanomaterials for value-added applications. As well, he has negotiated several partnerships, including agreements with SOQUEM (1998), McGill University (1999) and IRNS (2005). Mr. Robert is the founding president of AP&C Advanced Powders & Coatings Inc, Raymor Nanotech Inc., and Raymor Aerospace Inc.

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