2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

The Future of Nanotech Business

Nanotech Ventures

Tuesday, May 22nd, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Executive Sponsor



University of California Santa Cruz / NASA
Bio-Info-Nano Research and Development Institute (BIN-RDI)

Symposium Chair

Scott Mize
Scott Mize
Symposium Chair

Confirmed Speakers

Sharon L. Smith
Sharon L. Smith
Director, Advanced Technology
Lockheed Martin
B.J. Stanbery
B.J. Stanbery
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
HelioVolt Corporation
Kevin M. McGovern
Kevin M. McGovern
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
McGovern Capital LLC
R. Stanley Williams
R. Stanley Williams
Senior HP Fellow, Director, Quantum Science Research group
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Mikko A. Uusitalo
Mikko A. Uusitalo
Principal Scientist
Nokia Research Center, Finland
Andrew T. Hunt
Andrew T. Hunt
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Founder


This year we are adding a new and exciting track to Nanotech 2007 called the The Future of Nanotech Business. This series of presentations will be of special interest to the business and investment community, as well as those scientists and engineers who have an interest in how the business side of the nanotechnology equation is likely to unfold. These six sessions, covering energy & cleantech, water purification, healthcare, electronics, aerospace & transportation and advanced materials will provide the audience with expert opinion, perspective and understanding of how nanotechnologies will impact the business of each of these major industrial sectors. We have asked a leader from each of these key application areas to peer into their crystal ball and tell us how they see nanotechnology impacting their sector and evolving over time. These gurus will be to provide the audience with actionable information that will allow them to make more informed business and/or investment decisions in the sectors covered. The presentations will address anticipated disruptions, innovations, trends, market impacts and major challenges resulting from the development of nanotechnology-based products in the sector. The presentations will provide insights into what pathways and courses of action will be viable and which will not, and what issues will be significant as nanotechnology impacts these sectors. After the presentation, the floor will be opened to questions for our distinguished speakers on how they see the business future of nanotechnology. The sectors that will be addressed are:

Program At A Glance

8:30 am Nanotechnology at the Intersection of the Building and Power Industries
B.J. Stanbery, HelioVolt Corporation
9:15 am NanoWater: Past, Present and Future
Kevin M. McGovern, The Water Initiative
10:30 am The nano-Info Convergence:  Manufacturing Integrated nano-Photo-Electronic Systems
R. Stanley Williams, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
11:15 am Nokia's Nanotech Vision
Mikko UUsitalo,, Nokia
2:00 pm Traveling in the Future with Nanotechnology
Sharon L. Smith, Lockheed Martin
2:45 pm The Evolution of Nanotech’s Business Models
Andrew T. Hunt, nGimat
3:30 pm End


Nanotech Venture Presentations will immediately follow this special symposium.

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