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Atomistix 2006 Workshop

Conference Proceedings

Conference Technical Proceedings

2006 NSTI Nano Industrial Impact Workshop
May 7, 5.00-8.00 pm
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The 2006 Workshop on Atomic Scale Modeling will provide participants of Nanotech 2006 and the NanoImpact Workshop with free access to a series of presentations focusing on in silico approaches for tackling nanoscale research.

Theoreticians will find a forum for discussing state-of-the-art advances in atomistic modeling and hot areas where available methods can find applications.

Experimentalists will be introduced to the Atomistix Virtual Nanolab designed specifically to allow quick, easy access to powerful numerical methods by lab researchers.

Free attendance
Free registration
to receive the
*for participants in Nanotech 2006 and the NanoImpact Workshop
Mark Reed Amitesh MAITI, PhD,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Mark Reed Mark RATNER, Professor
of Chemistry, Northwestern
Chemistry Department
Mark Reed Kurt STOKBRO, PhD,
VP Business Development, Atomistix A/S
Mark Reed Anders BLOM, PhD, VP Technical Support, Atomistix A/S
Mark Reed Jean-Luc BREDAS, Professor of Chemistry
and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mark Reed Hiroshi MIZUSEKI, Associate Professor, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University

Who Should Attend

  • Theoreticians interested in atomic scale modeling.
  • Experimentalists interested in experiments involving nanoscale transport. Of particular relevance for molecular electronics, organic electronics, spintronics.
  • Organizations interested in potential partnerships with Atomistix


  • Free entry for the attendees of Nanotech 2006
  • If you cannot attend you may register to receive the proceedings
  • Contact us for more info or to express interest

Workshop schedule

5.00 Molecular Transport Structures: Elastic Scattering and Beyond
Mark Ratner
5.30 Transport Properties through Ferrocene Molecules by First-principles Calculations and Nonequilibrium Green’s Function Formalism
Hiroshi Mizuseki
6.00 Virtual NanoLab™
Anders Blom
6.30 Coffee break
6.45 Organic Electronics: A Molecular View of Charge Transport in π-Conjugated Materials
Jean-Luc Bredas
7.15 Carbon nanotube electronics quantum chemical and transport modeling
Amitesh Maiti
7.45 First principles modelling of spin-polarised electron transport
Kurt Stokbro
About Atomistix
Atomistix A/S is a leading provider of software
solutions for the development of nanotechnology. It
has developed a system of integrated software
modules based on quantum theory - the
Atomistix Virtual NanoLab™.
Headquartered in Copenhagen, Atomistix has sold
and distributed its software solutions on five
About NSTI
The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) was created in 1997 and chartered with the promotion and integration of small technologies through education, technology and business development. The NSTI is the founder and manager of the world's most comprehensive small technology scientific and business event, the annual Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show (Nanotech).
The NSTI provides technical, informational and business services to industrial and governmental organizations worldwide.

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