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Nanotech 2006 Program - Tuesday May 9

Sessions Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Authors Keywords
8:30 Keynote - Sensors & Systems: MEMS & NEMS, MSMRoom 112
 Session chair: Elena Gaura, Coventry University, UK
8:30 Nano Electromechanical Devices: Opportunities and Challenges (invited)
R.T. Howe, Stanford University, US (speaker biography)
9:15 A Designerís Guide to CMOS MEMS (invited)
G.K. Fedder, S. Simone and N. Sarkar, Carnegie Mellon University, US (speaker biography)
8:30 Keynote - Soft Nanotechnology: CharacterizationRoom 210
 Session chair: Fiona Case, Case Scientific, US
8:30 Colloidal Delivery Systems for Functional Food Design (invited)
K. Velikov, Unilever R&D, UK (speaker biography)
9:15 Characterization of Nanostructured Materials (invited)
S.K. Sinha, University of San Diego, US (speaker biography)
8:30 Keynote - Nanotechnology for Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and TreatmentHall D
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University
8:30 Challenges in Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Therapy (invited)
J. Folkman, Childrenís Hospital Boston, US (speaker biography)
9:15 Delivery of Nano-medicine to Solid Tumors: Role of Tumor Physiology (invited)
R.K. Jain, MGH, Harvard Medical School, US (speaker biography)
8:30 WCM 1 - Bulk MOS intrinsic modelsRoom 202
 Session chair: Xing Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
8:30 Carrier Generation and Recombination Currents At Interface Traps in Surface-Potential-Based MOS Transistor Compact Models (invited)
C-T Sah and B.B. Jie, University of Florida, US
9:00 Symbolic charge-based MOSFET model (invited)
C. Galup-Montoro and M.C. Schneider, Federal University of Santa Catarina, BR
9:30 Theory and Modeling Techniques used in PSP Model (invited)
G. Gildenblat, X. Li, H. Wang, W. Wu, A. Jha, R. van Langevelde, A.J. Scholten, G.D.J. Smit and D.B.M. Klaassen, Pennsylvania State University, US
8:30 Clean and Controlled Environments - A4Room 204
 Session chair: Paul Nesdore, Controlled Environments, US
8:30 Why Choose a Design/Build Contractor?
D. Kirkpatrick, Western Environmental, US
9:15 The Green Clean Laboratory
R.K. Schneider, Clemson University, US
8:30 Clean and Controlled Environments - B4Room 205
 Session chair: Patrice Galvin, Controlled Environments, US
8:30 Critical Cleaning Using CO2 Snow
R. Sherman, Applied Surface Technologies, US
9:15 Chemical Filtration Strategies for the Control of Airborne Molecular Contamination
B. Stanley, Purafil, US
8:30 TechConnect Corporate Models and NeedsRoom 306
 Session chair: Allen Dines, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
8:30 BASF - Technology Interest (invited)
M. Gomez, BASF, DE (speaker biography)
8:50 Cisco Systems - Technology Interests (invited)
T. O'Donnell, Cisco Systems, US (speaker biography)
9:10 Merck - Technology Interests (invited)
R. Leonard, Merck, US (speaker biography)
9:30 Goodrich - Technology Interests (invited)
T. Wiegele, Goodrich, US (speaker biography)
10:00 EXPO Coffee Break and Booth VisitExpo Hall
10:30 Sensors & Systems: MEMS SensorsRoom 112
 Session chair: Mehran Mehregany, Case Western Reserve University, USA
10:30 A Novel Optical Waveguide Based Accelerometer
F. Chen, Z. Salcic and J. Wang, The University of Auckland, NZ
10:50 Optical Micro-Spectrometer with Sub-Nanometer Resolution
I. Avrutsky, K. Chaganti, I. Salakhutdinov and G. Auner, Wayne State University, US
10:30 Sensors & Systems: Optical MEMS SystemsRoom 105
 Session chair: Skandar Basrour, TIMA, Micro and Nano Systems Group, France
10:30 Silicon MEMS for Photonic Bandgap Devices (invited)
E.M. Yeatman and A. Lipson, Imperial College London, UK (speaker biography)
11:00 Improvement of dynamic features of an adaptive optical system for detection and correction of ophthalmic distortions (invited)
D.W. de Lima Monteiro, A.S.O. Furtado, O. Soloviev, A.I. Ferreira Jr, F.B. Teixeira, J.G.M. Melo and G. Vdovin, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, BR (speaker biography)
11:20 A Multi-Purpose Optical MEMS Sensor for Harsh Environments
P. Nieva, N. McGruer, G. Adams, University of Waterloo, CA
10:30 MSM: Numerics and MethodsRoom 106
 Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
10:30 Influence of the Casimir force on the static and dynamic behavior of electrostatically driven micromechanical resonators
S. Stoffels, L.J. Fern·ndez, R. Puers and H.A.C. Tilmans, IMEC, BE
10:50 Wall Functions for Incorporation of Atomistic Physics into Continuum Modeling of Electrokinetic Flow
R.H. Nilson and S.K. Griffiths, Sandia National Laboratories, US
11:10 Parametric Simulation of MEMS Based on Automatic Differentiation of Finite Element Codes
V.A. Kolchuzhin, J.E. Mehner, T. Gessner and W. Doetzel, Chemnitz University of Technology, DE
11:30 A Nystrˆm-Like Approach to Integral Equations with Singular Kernels
S.-H. Kuo and J.K. White, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
10:30 NanoFab: Top Down I - ProjectionRoom 200
 Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
10:30 Overview of Top Down Nanoscale Fab (invited)
A. Scherer, Caltech, US
11:00 Low cost PMMA based photo-masks for 3D grey scale micro-structuring applications
S. Lewis, R. Wheeler-Jones, R. Perks and V. Haynes, Cardiff university, UK
11:20 Use of Nanocrystalline Ceria in EUV Lithography Optics Polishing
P.G. Murray, T. Bˆhm and H. Maltor, Nanophase Technologies Corporation, US
11:40 Fabrication of 3D carbon microelectrodes for Li-Ion battery applications
G. Turon Teixidor, C. Wang and M.J. Madou, University of California, Irvine, US
10:30 NanoFab: Bottom Up II - Self AssemblyRoom 203
 Session chair: Greg Bogart, Sandia National Labs, US
10:30 Feasibility Study of Directed Self-Assembly of Semiconductor Quantum Dots
L.H. Friedman and J. Xu, Pennsylvania State University, US
10:50 Facile Assembly of Nanoparticles into 2D Micro-structured Films by a Polymer-aided Self-organization Process
M.H. Nurmawati, P.K. Ajikumar, R. Renu and S. Valiyaveettil, National University of Singapore, SG
11:10 Reliability of Self-assembled Hydropobic Coatings: Chemical Resistance and Mechanical Durability
B. Kobrin, T. Zhang, M.T. Grimes, K. Chong, R. Nowak and J. Chinn, Applied Microstructures, US
10:30 WCM 2 - Bulk MOS intrinsic modelsRoom 202
 Session chair: Gennady Gildenblat, Pennsylvania State University, USA
10:30 An Improved MOS Transistor Model with an Integrated Mobility Model (invited)
J.R. Hauser, N.C. State University, US
11:00 Benchmark Tests on Conventional Surface Potential Based Charge-Sheet Models And the Advanced PUNSIM Development (invited)
J. He, Y. Song, X. Niu, G. Zhang, X. Zhang, R. Huang, M. Chan and Y. Wang, Peking university, CN
11:30 Accuracy of Surface-Potential-Based Long-Wide-Channel MOS Transistor Compact Models (invited)
B.B. Jie and C-T Sah, University of Florida, US
10:30 Carbon Nanotubes OverviewRoom 207
 Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
10:30 Diagnostics of carbon nanotube composites by Raman spectroscopy (invited overview presentation)
P. Puech, A. Bassil, S. Barrau, P. Demont, R.R. Bacsa, E. Flahaut and W.S. Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
11:00 CNT Synthesis and ProcessesRoom 207
 Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
11:00 Diameter controlled synthesis of carbon nanotubes by CVD using steric-stabilized iron nanoparticle catalysts
K.S. Mayya, S. Lee, I-S Yeo, U-I Chung, J-T Moon, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., KR
11:20 Plasma-Enhanced CVD Growth of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Using Dendrimer-Stabilized Fe Nanoparticles
P.B. Amama, M.R. Maschmann, T.S. Fisher and T.D. Sands, Purdue University, US
11:40 Chopping SWNTs into pieces: New Strategies for Cutting Carbon Nanotubes
U. Rauwald, K.J. Ziegler, H.K. Schmidt, R.H. Hauge and R.E. Smalley, Rice University, US
10:30 Fluidics: Two-Phase Micro Fluidics: Sponsored by KodakRoom 104
 Session chair: Ed Furlani, Kodak, US
10:30 Simulation of filling of microfluidic devices using a coarse-grained continuum contact angle model
C. Narayanan and D. Lakehal, ASCOMP, CH
10:50 On the Motion of a Bubble through Microchannel Contractions
H. Chio, M-J Jensen, X. Wang, H. Bruus and D. Attinger, Columbia University, US
11:10 Superhydrophobic Nanowire Surfaces for Drop Movement Using Magnetic Fields
A. Egatz-Gomez, S. Melle, A.A. GarcÌa, S. Lindsay, M.A. Rubio, P. DomÌnguez, T. Picraux, J. Taraci, T. Clement, M. Hayes and D. Gust, Arizona State University, US
11:30 Electrophoretic Transport of Proteins in Microchannels Filled with Immiscible Aqueous Phases
G. Muenchow, S. Hardt, K.S. Drese, J.P. Kutter, Darmstadt University of Technology, DE
10:30 Soft Nanotech: Nanoparticles: Nanoparticles in Softmaterials - ColloidsRoom 210
 Session chair: Hans Fraaije, Leiden University, NL
10:30 Overview: Colloids - From Model Atoms to Nanostructured Functional Materials (invited overview presentation)
P. Schurtenberger, University of Fribourg, CH (speaker biography)
11:00 Directed Assembly of Colloidal Films, Granules, and 3D Periodic Structures (invited)
J.A. Lewis, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, US (speaker biography)
11:20 Viscoelastic Properties of a Mixed Surfactant System and Interactions with Colloidal Nanoparticles (invited)
P. Pimenta and E.E. Pashkovski, Colgate Palmolive Company, US
10:30 Polymer Nanotech: Synthesizing Polymers for Novel Nanotech ApplicationsRoom 206
 Session chair: Dan Savin, University of Vermont, US
10:30 Production of Conducting Polymer Nanowires for Use as Intravascular Neural Recording Electrodes
B. Ruddy, H. Watanabe, I. Hunter and R.R. Llin·s, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
10:50 Polymer Nanofibers from Multiple Jets Produced on a Porous Surface by Electrospinning
O.O. Dosunmu, G.G. Chase, J.S. Varabhas, W. Kataphinan and D.H. Reneker, Microscale Physiochemical Engineering Center, US
11:10 Electrochemical Synthesis of Polyaniline Nanoparticles and Nanofibers
M.G. Xavier, F.L. Leite, E.R. Leite, E.C. Venancio, A.G. MacDiarmid and L.H.C. Mattoso, ARS-USDA, US
10:30 Characterization: Imaging & Profiling: ''applications to nano-objects''Room 201
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, E.S.R.F., FR and Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
10:30 NanoDAC/fibDAC - Nanodeformation Measurement Techniques for Reliability Analysis of MEMS and NEMS
J. Keller, D. Vogel and B. Michel, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), DE
10:50 Exploring the Limits of Spatial Resolution in Electron and Ion Beam Analysis of Nanostructures
E. Lifshin and K. Dunn, University at Albany, US
11:10 Laser Postionization Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry for Analysis on the Nanometer-Scale
I.V. Veryovkin, W.F. Calaway, C.E. Tripa and M.J. Pellin, Argonne National Laboratory, US
11:30 An Introduction to Helium Ion Microscopy and its Nanotechnology Applications
J.A. Notte, L. Farkas, R. Hill and B. Ward, ALIS Corporation, US
10:30 Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment through NanotechHall D
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University
10:30 Cancer Challenges and the Role of Nanotechnology (invited)
M. Seiden, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, US
11:00 Nanodelivery: Materializing the Potential of Cancer Molecular Medicine (invited)
E. Chang, Georgetown University, US (speaker biography)
11:30 Novel Nanostructures for Tumor-Targeted Delivery (invited)
D.E. Discher, University of Pennsylvania, US (speaker biography)
10:30 Initiatives and Standards in Nanotech: Sponsored by SEMIRoom 209
 Session chair: James Clements, Nanosciences, US
10:30 Enabling Commercialization in Nanotechnology -An Introduction to SEMI's Nanotechnology Standards Initiative (invited)
B. Weiss, SEMI, US
10:50 ''IEEE Nanoelectronics Standards Roadmap'' - Identifying the hurdles and enablers to the commercialization of nanoelectronics (invited)
E. Rashba, IEEE, US
11:10 The Accelrys NanoBiology Initiative: Multiscale modeling for nanoscale medicine (invited)
D. Singh, Accelrys, US
11:30 Applications of Nanotechnology Research (invited)
E. Mobley, INSPEC, US
10:30 Government Nanotechnology ForumRoom 208
 Session chair: Lou Lome, IDA, Brent Segal, Nantero, US
10:30 Office of Science and Technology Policy (invited)
C. Merzbacher, OSTP, US (speaker biography)
11:00 Naval Research Lab (invited)
R. Colton, NRL, US (speaker biography)
11:30 National Science Foundation- Nanotechnology Innovation and Industrial Liason/SBIR (invited)
T.J. Rudd, NSF, US (speaker biography)
10:30 Clean and Controlled Environments - A5Room 204
 Session chair: Paul Nesdore, Controlled Environments, US
10:30 Using CFD Modeling to Minimize Contaminant Migration in Controlled Environments
K. Kibbee, CH2MHILL, US
11:15 Building a Clean Lab for Research
S.L. Yellin and D. Acker, CH2M HILL Lockwood Greene, US
10:30 Clean and Controlled Environments - B5Room 205
 Session chair: Patrice Galvin, Controlled Environments, US
10:30 Surface Cleaning, Particle Adhesion, in Nanotechnology
A. Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
11:15 Monitoring and Controlling Microorganisms in the Manufacture of Medical Products
G.A. Mosley, Biotest Laboratories, Inc., US
10:30 TechConnect IP Forum - Telecommunications & DevicesRoom 306
 Session chair: Pawitter Mangat, Motorola : Amy Skrobis, Intel - Naoki Chiba, Sanyo - Kitu Bindra, Buchanan Ingersoll
10:30 Analog Devices - MEMS and Nanotechnology Interest (invited)
B. Sulouff, Analog Devices, US (speaker biography)
10:50 Flexible Potentiometer
T. Danielson, Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc., US
11:00 Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones, Speakers, and High Temperature Sensors
C. Menzel, MonoDrive, Inc., US
11:10 Laser Direct Machining of Waveguides
D. Leconte, Gestion Univalor, Limited Partnership, CA
11:20 Acoustic Bandwidth Compression Algorithm
N. Virmalwar, National University of Singapore, SG
11:30 Duality Modulation (DM)
S. Mirell, Quantum Wave Technologies, US
11:40 Process for Fabricating Organic Semiconductor Crystalline Thin Films
T. Keiller, University of Vermont, US
10:30 TechConnect IP Forum - Pharma & BiotechRoom 305
 Session chair: Abi Barrow, MTTC : Rick Trecartin, Dorsey & Whitney - Victor Otley, Intellicare
10:30 Detection of S-nitrosylated and Glutathionylated Proteins
T. Keiller, University of Vermont, US
10:40 First Principles Nano-mechanical Assembly Line for Rational Materials & Drug Design
A. Laaksonen, Stockholm University, SE
10:50 Leptin Peptide Antagonists for cancer, endometriosis, preeclampsia and fertility regulation
T. Keiller, Boston Biomedical Research Institute, US
11:00 Immunologic Activity Measure(s) for T ëHelperí One Diseases
R. Clark, Boston University, US
11:10 Phoqus electrostatic dry powder deposition system
M. Mallon, Phoqus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., US
11:20 Enzymatic Synthesis of Heparin and Heparan Sulfate
K. Fredericks, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
11:30 Targeted Stealth Chemotherapy
S. Keyes, Northeastern University, US
12:00 Nanotech Lunch - (on own, Expo Hall) : TechConnect Lunch (304 TechConnect only)
1:30 Sensors & Systems: Smart SystemsRoom 112
 Session chair: Gary K Fedder, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
1:30 Evolution of Chip-Scale Gyroscopes: From Solid-State to Atomic (invited)
A.M. Shkel, University of California Irvine, US (speaker biography)
2:00 Validation for Micro- and Nano-Sensors (invited)
M. Henry, Oxford University, UK (speaker biography)
2:30 ìSmartî Holograms ñ A Novel Diagnostics Platform (invited)
S. Kabilan, A.J. Marshall, A. Horgan, C.D. Creasey, S.J. Kew, K.E.S. Dean, S.F. Terrell, L.J. Affleck, Smart holograms, UK (speaker biography)
3:00 Silicon Carbide Micro/Nano Systems for Harsh Environment and Demanding Applications (invited)
M. Mehregany, X-A Fu and L. Chen, Case Western Reserve Univesity, US (speaker biography)
3:30 Nanotechnology Enabled Research at the North Dakota's Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering: Novel Approaches to Sensing (invited)
D.B. Chrisey, North Dakota State University, US (speaker biography)
1:30 MSM: MEMS Device ModelingRoom 106
 Session chair: Bob Newman, Coventry University, UK
1:30 Mechanical Properties Measurements of 0.35-µm BiCMOS MEMS Structures
J. Liu, G.K. Fedder, S. Sassolini and N. Sarkar, Carnegie Mellon University, US
1:50 MEMS Process Characterization with an on-Chip Device
D. Garmire, H. Choo, R.S. Muller, S. Govindjee and J. Demmel, UC Berkeley, US
2:10 Analytic Damping Model for a Square Perforation Cell
T. Veijola, Helsinki University of Technology, FI
2:30 Simulations of the Anchor Losses in MEM Disk Resonators
D. Paci, S. Stoffels and H.A.C. Tilmans, IMEC, BE
2:50 Adaptive Control for Reducing the Effect of Damping on the Output Signal of Microgyroscopes
R. Khalilyulin, T. Hauck and G. Wachutka, Munich University of Technology, DE
3:10 Microcantilever Sensor via Second Order Sliding Mode Control
J. English, Y. Shtessel, M. Yegnaraman and M. George, University of Alabama in Huntsville, US
1:30 NanoFab: Top Down II - Direct Write - Sponsored by ASMLRoom 200
 Session chair: Joe Consolini, ASML, US
1:30 Nanogaps for fabrication of Molecular Devices
M.S. Kabir and P. Enokson, Chalmers University of Technology, SE
1:50 Femtosecond Inscription of the First Order Bragg Gratings in Pure Fused Silica
M. Dubov, V. Mezentsev and I. Bennion, Aston University, UK
2:10 Fabricating Nanoscale Features Using the 2-Step NERIME TSI Nanolithography Process
S.F. Gilmartin, K. Arshak, D. Collins, O. Korostynska and A. Arshak, Analog Devices, IE
2:30 Carbon nanostructures grown with electron and ion beam methods
P. Lemoine, S.S. Roy, P.D. Maguire and J.A.D. McLaughlin, University of Ulster, UK
2:50 10 Minute Break
3:00 Real-Time Drift Correction of a Focused Ion Beam Milling System
D. Freeman, B. Luther-Davies and S. Madden, Australian National University, AU
3:20 Dip Pen NanolithographyTM: Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Assembly ñ Top Down Nanostructures and Bottom Up Nanobio
J. Haaheim, NanoInk, Inc., US
3:40 Addressing the manufacturing gap for emerging nanotechnologies (invited)
K. Best, ASML, NL
1:30 NanoFab: Bottom Up III - Thin Film ScienceRoom 203
 Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
1:30 Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles for Thin-Film Synthesis in Complex Microscale Geometries (invited)
H. Qiu, Y.-F. Su, J. H. Lee and W. Y. Lee, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
2:00 Superhydrophobic ZnO nanotowers
N. Saleema, D.K. Sarkar, M. Farzaneh and E. Sacher, UniversitÈ du QuÈbec ‡ Chicoutimi, CA
2:20 Focussed ion beam etching of the interfacial region of lead zirconate titanate thin film after laser-release from sapphire fabrication substrate
T. Chakraborty, B. Xu, J. Harrington, S. Chakraborty, Q. Zhang, R.E. Miles and S.J. Milne, University of Leeds, UK
2:40 Lotus effect on Al-surfaces
D.K. Sarkar, M. Farzaneh, UniversitÈ du QuÈbec ‡ Chicoutimi, CA
3:00 Nano-Composite Barrier Anodic Aluminum Oxide for ICD Capacitors
A.C. Geiculescu, J.L. Stevens and T.F. Strange, St. Jude Medical, US
1:30 WCM 3 - Bulk MOS intrinsic modelsRoom 202
 Session chair: Christian Enz, Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology, Switzerland
1:30 Advanced Compact MOSFET Model HiSIM2 Based on Surface Potentials with a Minimum Number of Approximation (invited)
M. Miura-Mattausch, D. Navarro, N. Sadachika, G. Suzuki, Y. Takeda, M. Miyake, T. Warabino, K. Machida, T. Ezaki, H.J. Mattausch, T. Ohguro, T. Iizuka, M. Taguchi, S. Kumashiro, R. Inagaki and S. Miyamoto, Hiroshima University, JP
2:00 Halo Doping: Physical Effects and Compact Modeling (invited)
S. Mudanai, R. Rios, W-K Shih, P. Packan and S-W Lee, Intel Corp., US
2:30 Compact Iterative Field Effect Transistor Model (invited)
M.S. Shur, V. Turin and D. Veksler, T. Ytterdal, B. IÒiguez and W. Jackson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
3:00 Unified Approach to Bulk/SOI/UTB/s-DG MOSFET Compact Modeling (invited)
X. Zhou, K. Chandrasekaran, S.B. Chiah, W. Shangguan, Z. Zhu, G.H. See, S. Mani Pandey, G.H. Lim, S. Rustagi, M. Cheng, S. Chu and L-C Hsia, Nanyang Technological University, SG
1:30 CNT Synthesis and ProcessesRoom 207
 Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
1:30 Carbon Nanotubes (invited)
M. Endo, Shinshu University, JP (speaker biography)
2:00 Separating Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Length
U. Rauwald, D.J. Schmidt, R.H. Hauge, R.E. Smalley and K.J. Ziegler, University of Florida, US
2:20 Gated Chemical Transport and Enhance Flow through Carbon Nanotube Membranes
M. Majumder, N. Chopra, B.J. Hinds, University of KY, US
2:40 Determination of relative concentrations of metallic and semi-conducting SWNTs in suspension via dielectrophoresis
N. Mureau, E. Mendoza, K.F. Hoettges, S.R.P. Silva and M.P. Hughes, University of Surrey, UK
3:00 10 Minute Break
3:10 CNT - Vertically OrientedRoom 207
 Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
3:10 Millimeter long vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes by an ultra long lifetime of catalysts
T. Iwasaki, G. Zhong, T. Yoshida, T. Aikawa, R. Morikane and H. Kawarada, Waseda University, JP
3:30 Tunable Growth of Vertically Aligned Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes on Flat Surface: from Surface Morphology of Catalyst to Reaction Parameters
L. Zhang and D.E. Resasco, University of Oklahoma, US
4:10 CNT - Electronic Properties and Electronic EmissionRoom 207
 Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
4:10 Carbon nanotube Josephson junctions
H.I. J¯rgensen, K. Grove-Rasmussen, P.E. Lindelof, NanoScience Center, DK
4:30 ZnO Nanoparticles Beaded Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
Y. Zhu, H.I. Elim, Y.L. Foo, S. Triparthy, W.T. Quek, W. Ji, J. Thong and C.H. Sow, National University of Singapore, SG
1:30 Fluidics: Micro & Nano Flow Modeling & Fundamentals: Sponsored by KodakRoom 104
 Session chair: James Gleeson, University College Cork, UK
1:30 Simulation of Electrokinetic Flow and Analyte Transport in Nano Channels
J.J. Feng, S. Krishnamoorthy, G.W. Wang and S. Sundaram, CFD Research Corporation, US
1:50 Infinitely fast reactions in micromixers
J.P. Gleeson, University College Cork, Ireland, IE
2:10 Electric Field Driven Motion of Flexible Polyelectrolytes ñ A Molecular Dynamics Study
T.S. Lo, B. Khusid, A. Acrivos and J. Koplik, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
2:30 Macromodeling for Microfluidic Channels
C-W Kuo, C-M Chein and Y-J Yang, National Taiwan University, TW
2:50 Capillary filling speed in silicon dioxide nano-channels
S.E. Jarlgaard, M.B.L. Mikkelsen, P. Skafte-Pedersen, H. Bruus and A. Kristensen, Technical University of Denmark, DK
3:10 Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Complex Flow Generation in Microchannel
D.S. Kim and T.H. Kwon, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), KR
3:30 Analysis of the Droplet Ejection for Piezoelectric-driven Industrial Inkjet Head
S. Sim, S-J Park, C. Park, Y. Yoo, Y. Kim, J. Joung and Y. Oh, Samsung Electro Mechanics Co., KR
1:30 ICCN: Computational BiosciencesRoom 105
 Session chair: Xavier Avula, Washington University, US
1:30 Structural Prediction of the Carbon Terminal End of Human Intestinal Mucin (MUC2) Using Molecular Modeling
V.D. Sadasivan, D.E. Budil, A. Sacco Jr and R.L. Carrier, Northeastern University, US
1:50 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Single Stranded (ss) DNA
S. Chatterjee, B. Gersten, S. Thakur and A. Burin, Queens College, CUNY, US
2:10 Computational Proof-of-Concept of Next-Generation NucleotideñTunneling-Current-Based Nanopore Sequencing Devices
D. Sengupta, J. Jenkins, Z. Sikorski and S. Sundaram, CFD Research Corporation, US
2:30 Molecular modeling for nanobiology: Multiscale modeling of cyclic peptide nanotubes
C.M. Venkatachalam, S. Wilke and D. Singh, Accelrys, Inc, US
2:50 Modeling of DNA Transcription and Gene Regulation
I. Barjis, I. Augustine and F. Ali, New York City College of Technology, US
1:30 Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment through NanotechHall D
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University
1:30 Early Cancer Detection Using Nanowires (invited)
F. Patolsky, Harvard Medical School, US
2:00 Molecular Imaging in Cancer (invited)
J. Basilion, Case Western Reserve Univesity, US
2:30 Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer (invited)
V. Torchilin, Northeastern University, US
1:30 Soft Nanotech: Characterization: Characterizing Soft Nanostructured MaterialsRoom 210
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, E.S.R.F., FR and Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
1:30 Building from bottom up: Fabrication of materials using peptide motifs (invited)
S. Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US (speaker biography)
2:00 New Trends in Light Scattering (invited)
P. Schurtenberger, University of Fribourg, CH
2:30 Real-Time Structural Analysis for Soft Nanotechnology (invited)
J.K. Hobbs, C. Vasilev, J.P. Eddleston, A.J. Ryan, J.P. Howard-Knight, A.D.L. Humphris, A.E. Terry and S. Rastogi, University of Sheffield, UK (speaker biography)
3:00 Nanoscale Mapping of Chemical Heterogeneity in Polymeric Materials by the Use of Phase Imaging AFM and Humidity
T. Nguyen, X. Gu, L. Chen, M. Fasolka and J. Martin, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
1:30 Nanoparticles: Material and ApplicationsRoom 206
1:30 Development of Stab Resistant Body Armor using Fumed SiO2 Nanoparticles Dispersed into Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) through Sonic Cavitation
H. Mahfuz, F.E. Clements and J. Stewart, Florida Atlantic University, US
1:50 Pushing the Limits of Mercury Sensors with Gold Nanorods
F.E. Hernandez, M. Rexand and A.D. Campiglia, University of Central Florida, US
2:10 Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetorheological Fluids with Super Paramagnetic Nanomaterials in Polymeric Matrix
V. Kancharla, A. Fahmi, Q. Liu and N. Gindy, University of Nottingham, UK
2:30 Tailoring the Surface Chemistry of Nanoparticles in Ceramic Processing
A.R. Studart, U.T. Gonzenbach, E. Amstad, E. Tervoort, L.J. Gauckler, ETH Zurich, CH
1:30 Nano Manufacturing: PanelRoom 209
 Session chair: Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
- D. McGahn, Konarka, US
- R. Smith, Nantero, US
- R. Grace, Rodger Grace Associates, US
- S-R. Lee, CNMM, KR
- H.E. Stephanou, University of Texas at Arlington, US
1:00 Government Nanotechnology ForumRoom 208
 Session chair: Lou Lome, IDA, Brent Segal, Nantero, US
1:00 National Cancer Institute (invited)
P. Grodzinski, NCI, US (speaker biography)
1:30 Nanoscience Activities at the U.S. Department of Energy (invited)
K. Bennett, DOE, US
2:00 Safe Nanotechnology (invited)
V. Murashov, NIOSH, US
2:30 Discussion
1:30 Clean and Controlled Environments - A6Room 204
 Session chair: Paul Nesdore, Controlled Environments, US
1:30 Uses of Gloveboxes in Containment Applications
C. Fink, CTL Corporation, US
2:15 Selecting the RIGHT Sterilizing Agent for the Sterilization/Decontamination of Clean Rooms
M. Czarneski, ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc, US
3:00 Whatís inside your IPA Bottle?
L. Soltis, ITW-Texwipe, US
1:30 Clean and Controlled Environments - B6Room 205
 Session chair: Patrice Galvin, Controlled Environments, US
1:30 Designing and Implementing an Effective Cleaning and Disinfection Program
J. Polarine, STERIS Corporation, US
2:15 Gravimetric Analysis of the Non-volatile Residue from an Evaporated Droplet, Using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance/Heat Conduction Calorimeter
A.L. Smith, Masscal, US
3:00 Health and Safety Aspects of Nanotechnology: How to Account for Potential Risks in Small Companiesí R&D
S. Friederichs, The Technology Partnership plc, UK
4:00 NanoFab: How to bring emerging nanotechnology to volume production - Sponsored by ASMLRoom 203
 Session chair: Rob van der Werf, ASML, NL
- K. Best, ASML, US
- B. Segal, Nantero, US
- J. Brown, SiTime, US
- J. Fragala, Nanoink, US
- J. Consolini, ASML, US
- A. Mirza, Suss, US
4:00 WCM 4 - Double/multiple-gate MOS modelsRoom 202
 Session chair: Mitiko Miura-Mattausch, Hiroshima University, Japan
4:00 BSIM4 and BSIM Multi-Gate Progress (invited)
M.V. Dunga, C.ñH. Lin, X. Xi, S. Chen, D.D. Lu, A.M. Niknejad and C. Hu, UC Berkeley, US
4:30 A Charge-Based Compact Model of Double Gate MOSFET (invited)
A.S. Roy, C.C. Enz and J.M. Sallese, CSEM, CH
5:00 Precise 2D Compact Modeling of Nanoscale DG MOSFETs Based on Conformal Mapping Techniques (invited)
T.A. Fjeldly, S. Kolberg and B. IÒÌguez, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO
5:30 Recent Upgrades and Applications of UFDG (invited)
J.G. Fossum, V.P. Trivedi, M.M. Chowdhury, S.H. Kim and W. Zhang, University of Florida, US
1:00 TechConnect IP Forum - Chemical, Food & Personal CareRoom 301
 Session chair: Marcos Gomez, BASF : Brian Johnston, Eastman Kodak - Pat Spicer, P&G
1:00 Method and Apparatus for Forming Multiple Emulsions
R. Benson, Harvard University, US
1:10 Pepfactants
K. Meetze, UniQuest Pty Ltd, AU
1:20 Nutritional Supplement To Improve Cognitive Function
J. Nock, Tufts University, US
1:30 Acrylic thickening for curable resin solutions
R. Guzauskas, Reinforced Polymers Inc, US
1:40 Solaire Packaging Technology
J. Gutman, The Solaire Company, LLC, US
1:50 Enzymatic Synthesis of Polymers
L. Petrovic, UMass Lowell, US
1:00 TechConnect IP Forum - Communication, Software & InstrumentationRoom 305
 Session chair: Mike Dziczkowski, ASML : Amy Skrobis, Intel - Stephen Fleming, Georgia Tech
1:00 Sanyo - Technology Interests (invited)
N. Chiba, Sanyo, JP (speaker biography)
1:10 Object Model Mapping and Runtime Engine US Patent 6,101,502
J. Flicek, Amphion Innovations plc, US
1:20 3D video tracking
C. Zuber, EPFL (Swiss federal institute of technology Lausanne), CH
1:30 Fast and Efficient Generalized Galois Field Fixed Field Constant Multiplier
S. Wong, UMass Lowell, US
1:40 SwathViewer Web Mapping Java Applet and Optimized Server
T. Heinrichs, University of Alaska Fairbanks, US
1:00 TechConnet - Russian Technology Opportunities : Sponsored by International Science and Technology Center, RURoom 303
 Session chair: Ben Schlatka, Nantero : Daniel Wolfe, Harris & Harris Group - Raf Romanowicz, NSTI
1:00 Commercialization and R&D Services in Russia/CIS (invited)
T. Toidze, A. Filchenko and A. Valiev, International Science and Technology Center, RU
1:30 Nano-Titanium
R. Valiev, Ufa State Technical University of Aviation (USATU), RU
2:00 International Technology and Venture ManagementRoom 306
 Session chair: Pascal Marmier, Swiss Technology Consulate
2:00 International IP Revenue Management
A. Preisig, Ernst & Young, US
2:30 Global Investment in Emerging TechnologiesRoom 306
 Session chair: Kitu Bindra, Buchanan Ingersoll, US & Pascal Marmier, Swiss Technology Consulate
- A. Sallin, Nanodimension, CH
- M. Moor, SAM Private Equity, CA
- A. Hanover, NTVEN, US
- M. Gomez, BASF Ventures, DE
3:30 Nanotechnology for Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and TreatmentHall D
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University
3:30 Multifunctional Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy (invited)
S. Bhatia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brigham & Womenís Hospital, US (speaker biography)
4:00 Combination Thermal Medicine and Drug Delivery in Cancer (invited)
S. Nahum Goldberg, Harvard Medical School, US
3:30 Ventures - 9: EnergyRoom 303
 Session chair: Michael Bain, Wilmer Hale : Paul Tu, MTDC - Syd Ulvick, In-Q-Tel - Pawitter Mangat, Motorola
3:30 Solexant Corp.
D. Reddy, Seed Level, US
3:45 OrionSolar Photovoltaics
D. Waimann, A-Round, IL
4:00 Prism Solar Technologies, Inc
R. Lewandowski, A-Round, US
4:15 Catalyzed Combustion Technologies
B. Ahern, Seed Level, US
3:30 Ventures - 10: Pharma & BiotechRoom 306
 Session chair: Reid Leonard, Merck : Ashley Stevens, Boston University - Mike Moradi, Atomic Venture Partners - Jennifer Bryant, Jackson Walker, LLP
3:30 3DM Nanofiber Hydrogels
Z. Chu, B-Round, US
3:45 Telomolecular
M. Sarad, A-Round, US
4:00 Nucleus Remodeling, Inc.
A. Sharda, A-Round, US
4:15 PolyMedix, inc.
D. Eringis, Public, US
3:30 Ventures - 12: UniquesRoom 301
 Session chair: Stephen Bart, BOSE : Bill Kung, General Catalyst Partners - David Grubman, Buchanan Ingersoll PC - Gregg Hershenson, Atomic Venture Partners
3:30 Nanogen
M.J. Heller, Seed Level, US
3:45 Block MEMS. LLC
D.J. Cavicchio, A-Round, US
4:00 Digital Solid State Propulsion LLC
W. Sawka, Seed Level, US
4:15 iMobile Access Technologies Corp (iMAT)
S. Foster, A-Round, US
4:30 Sequoia Pacific Research Company, L.L.C. (SPRC)
P. Clayson and T. Holmes, A-Round, US
5:00 Ventures - 13: Health & Medical DevicesRoom 306
 Session chair: Victor Otley, Intellicare : Paul Tu, MTDC - Aymeric Salin, Nanodimension
5:00 Argonide Corp
F. Tepper, Seed Level, US
5:15 NanoLambda
B. Choi, Seed Level, US
5:30 ICU DataSystems
E. Sander, A-Round, US
5:45 Medical Ink Jet technologies
O. Zinder, A-Round, IL
6:00 GEMIO Technologies, Inc.
A. Hieke, A-Round, US
6:15 GeneEx
J. Wilkens, Seed Level, US
5:00 Ventures - 14: ElectronicsRoom 303
 Session chair: Doug Jamison, Harris & Harris : Maciek Orczyk, Intel Capital - Mike Gagnon, Vista Ventures
5:00 Progressive Cooling Solutions
A. Shuja, Seed Level, US
5:15 IC Scope Research, Inc.
Q-D Qian, Seed Level, US
5:30 Smoltek AB
D. Brud, Seed Level, SE
5:45 BioMimetic Systems, Inc.
S. Deligeorges, A-Round, US
5:00 Ventures - 15: MaterialsRoom 305
 Session chair: Tom Wiegele, Goodrich : Mike Moradi, Atomic Ventures Partners - Kitu Bindra, Buchanan Ingersoll - Syd Ulvick, In-Q-Tel
5:00 ChemNova Technologies, Inc.
C-T Lin, A-Round, US
5:15 Anchor Science LLC
E. Kirkor, Seed Level, US
5:30 Chela Tech, Inc.
B. Varga, Seed Level, US
5:45 Delphi Laboratories, Inc.
S. Earnshaw, Seed Level, US
6:00 Nanox Inc.
P. Seegopaul, B-Round, CA
6:15 UDT, LLC
P. Bernegger, Seed Level, CA
6:00 NSTI - Museum of Science: Nanotech Education & NSTI Awards Presentations - Sponsored by Dorsey & Whitney LLPRoom 304
 Session chair: Sarah Wenning, NSTI, Jennifer Rocha, NSTI and Anne Cademenos, Museum of Science, US
6:00 NSTI Excellence Awards
S. Marsh, Doesey & Whitney, US
6:15 Museum of Science - Nanotechnology Education Outreach
L. Bell, Boston Museum of Science, US
6:30 Business, Venture and Investment Reception with Museum of Science Lightning ShowRoom 304
4:00 Poster Session 2 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Feinstein Kean Healthcare, booth #716Expo Hall
MEMS Device ModelingExpo Hall
- Parameterizable Library Components for SAW Devices
W.C. Wilson and G.M. Atkinson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
- Strong and Weak Inversion Mode of MOS in the Design of Direction Sensitivity Matrix
M. Husak, A. Boura and J. Jakovenko, Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ
- Two-To-One Internal Resonance in Microscanners
M.F. Daqaq, E.M. Abdel-Rahman and A.H. Nayfeh, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US
- Manipulation of Capillary force by Electrowetting for Micromanipulation
S. Chandra and C. Batur, University of Akron, US
- Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation for a MEMS Thermal-Mechanical Switch
W. Wang, R. Popuri, S. Onishi, J. Bumgarner and L. Langebrake, University of South Florida, US
- Smart Pressure Sensor on SOI optimized by Finite Element Analysis for Heatspreader Integration
B. Bercu, L. MontËs and P. Morfouli, INPG-MINATEC, FR
- Modelling of Torsional Micromirrors with Springs made of Multiple Rotational Serpentine Elements
J. You, M. Packirisamy and I. Stiharu, Concordia University, CA
- Application of a Design Methodology Using a 2D Micro Scanner
O. Anac and I. Basdogan, Koc University, TR
- Sensitivity to Shape and Membrane Thickness Variations in Capacitive Pressure Sensors
A. Sabet and X.J. Avula, Washington University in St. Louis, US
Numerical and Computational MethodsExpo Hall
- Systematic Approach on Modeling and Identification for Nanobattery Prototyping
P. Bhattacharya, Z. Ye, E. Walker, F. Lacy and M. Banerjee, Southern University, US
- Analytical Models for Quantized Sub-Band Energy Levels and Inversion Charge Centroid of MOS Structures Derived from Asymptotic and WKB Approximations
H. Abebe, E. Cumberbatch, H. Morris and V. Tyree, USC/ISI, US
- Stability of micro and nano devices actuated by Casimir forces
J. Hern·ndez and R. Esquivel-Sirvent, Instituto de Fisica, UNAM, MX
- A Generic Scientific Simulation Environment for Multidimensional Simulation in the Area of TCAD
R. Heinzl, M. Spevak, P. Schwaha and T. Grasser, Institute for Microelectronics, AT
- Numerical Capacitance Calculation for Mems Pressure Sensor by Method of Moments
- Adaptive temperature estimation in 3D single-cell dielectrophoretic traps using the boundary Element Method
C. Rosales, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR, SG
- Correlation of Experimental and Numerical Results on Electrostatically Actuated Micro-Beams
V. Rochus, D.J. Rixen and J.-C. Golinval, university of LiËge, BE
- Optimization of Piezoelectric Transformers Using Elite Genetic Algorithm
C-Y. Kang, C-K Lee and Y-J Yang, National Taiwan University, TW
Micro & Nano Fluidics - 2Expo Hall
- Microfluidic System for Assessing the Controllability of MC-1 Magnetotactic Bacteria as Carriers in Micro-channels
Z. Lu and S. Martel, NanoRobotics Laboratory, CA
- Microfluidics and Rheology of Carbon Black Dilute Suspensions: Modeling, Measurement, and Applications
C. Aramphongphun, O. Hemminger, J.M. Castro and L.J. Lee, The Ohio State University, US
- Synthesis of Shear Thickening Fluid Using Sonochemical Method
V.K. Rangari, T.A. Hassan, H. Mahfuz and S. Jeelani, Tuskegee University, US
- A Micromachined Sparse Cell Isolation Device: Application in Prenatal Diagnostics
H. Mohamed, J.N. Turner and M. Caggana, Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, US
- Chemically Robust Microfluidic Devices for Radiochemistry Platforms
J.P. Rolland, A. Elizarov, J. Brewster, J.R. Heath and J.M. DeSimone, Liquidia Technologies, US
- Chaotic flows in microchannels: A lattice Boltzmann study
F. Varnik and D. Raabe, Max-Planck Institut fuer Eisenforschung, DE
- Microfluidic T-Form Mixer Utilizing Pressure Disturbances
Y.B. Ma, M. Fields, C.P. Sun, F.Y. Zhang, J.C. Liao, Y. Li, B.M. Churchill and C.M. Ho, University of California at Los Angeles, US
- Thermal modeling of a PMMA microfluidic separation chip
Y. Zhu and A. Bui, CSIRO Australia, AU
- Cell and Particle Concentration on the Chip
D. Irimia and M. Toner, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, US
- Modeling multi-scale liquid dispersion phenomena in conjunction with Computational Fluid Dynamics
S. Mohan, A. Haidari and A. Mukopadhyay, Fluent, Inc., US
- Optical and impedance detection of DNA hybridisation on barcoded micro particles in a microfluidic device
D. Holmes, A. Whitton, G. Cavalli-Petraglia, G. Galitonov, S. Birtwell, S. Banu, N. Zheludev and H. Morgan, University of Southampton, UK
- Numerical Simulation of Microchannel Convection
L. Wang and F. Liu, The University of Hong Kong, HK
- Characterisation of thin film piezoelectric materials by differential interferometric techniques
M.G. Cain, M. Steward and M. Downs, National Physical Laboratory, UK
- Nano level study of superhydrophobic material with an acoustic multiresonance shear wave sensors
S.J. Kwoun, R.M. Lec, R.A. Cairncross, P. Shah and C.J. Brinker, Drexel University, US
- A Behavior of Protein Adsorption on Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-Modified Surfaces under Flow Conditions at Relatively Low Concentrations for Microfluidics Systems
C.J. Chun, K. Lenghaus, L. Riedel, A. Bhalkikar and J.J. Hickman, University of Central Florida, US
- Integrated Microfluidic Device with an Electroplated Palladium Decoupler for Electrochemical Detection of the 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OH-dG) DNA Adduct
A.A. Dawoud, T. Kawaguchi and R. Jankowiak, Iowa State University, US
- Analytical Model for Magnetic Particle Transport in a Magnetically Biased Microfluidic System
E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, US
Nanoscale Device ModelingExpo Hall
- Modeling microdrop motion between covered and open regions of EWOD microsystems
J. Berthier, Ph. Clementz, J-M Roux, Y. Fouillet and C. Peponnet, CEA/LETI, FR
- Minimized atomistic model (MAM) of BmIn cluster and the effect of Ge pre-amorphization implant (Ge-PAI) on boron diffusion
J-H Yoo, C-O Hwang, K-S Yoon, J-S Kim and T. Won, School of Engineering, National IT Research Center for Computational Electronics, Inha University, KR
- Virtual Reality approach for nanoparticles tracking using simulated forces
P.G. Ikonomov and M.K. Ghantasala, Western Michigan University, US
- Impacts of High-k Offset Spacer on 65-nm Node SOI Devices
M-W Ma, T-S Chao, K-S Kao, J-S Huang and T-F Lei, National Chiao Tung University, TW
- Solving Electric Field in Combined Conductor and Dielectric Devices
Z.J. Chen, A. Przekwas, M. Athavale and N. Zhou, CFD Research Coorporation, US
- FEA Simulation of Thin Film Coils to Power Wireless Neural Interfaces
S. Kim, O. Scholz, K. Zoschke, R. Harrison, F. Solzbacher, M. Klein and M. Toepper, Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering, DE
- A New Grounded Lamination Gate (GLG) SOI MOSFET for Diminished Fringe Capacitance Effects
M.J. Kumar, V. Venkataraman and S.K. Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology, IN
- Efficient Generation of Reduced-Order Circuit and Device Models for Wide Frequency Applications
S. Mijalkovic and H.C. Wu, Delft University of Technology, NL
- VHDL Simulation considering Single Event Upsets (SEUs)
M. Grecki, Technical University of Lodz, PL
- A Physically Based Quantum Correction Model for DG MOSFETs
M. Karner, M. Wagner, T. Grasser and H. Kosina, TU Wien, AT
- Determination of Frequency Dependent Fluid Damping of Micro and Nano Resonators for Different Cross-sections
W. Zhang, M. Requa and K. Turner, University of California at Santa Barbara, US
- A molecular communication system using a network of cytoskeletal filaments.
A. Enomoto, M. Moore, T. Nakano, R. Egashira, T. Suda, A. Kayasuga, H. Kojima, H. Sakibara and K. Oiwa, University of California, Irvine, US
- Designing Laser Pulses to Control Molecular Motion
Q. Ren, G.G. Balint-kurti, F.R. Manby, M. Artamonov, T-S. Ho and H. Rabitz, University of Bristol, UK
NanoFab: Bottom UpExpo Hall
- Production of Nanodots by Ion Sputtering on Mechanical Polished (110) Si-Substrates
C. Ballesteros, A. RodrÌguez and T. RodrÌguez, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, ES
- Controlled Growth of Aligned ZnO Nanowires
S.H. Dalal, D.L. Baptista, K.B.K. Teo and W.I. Milne, Cambridge University, UK
- Arrays of Cu2+-Complexed Organic Clusters Grown on Gold Nano Dots
A. de Picciotto, A.D. Wissner-Gross, G. Lavallee and P.S. Weiss, Montclair State University, US
- Interpretation of Anomalous Photoluminescence Peak in GaAs1-xNx Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
W.J. Fan, W.K. Cheah, S.F. Yoon, D.H. Zhang, R. Liu and A.T.S. Wee, Nanyang Technological University, SG
- Large scale synthesis of ordered silver nanoparticles for superhydrophobic and anti-icing application
A. Safaee, D.K. Sarkar and M. Farzaneh, UniversitÈ du QuÈbec ‡ Chicoutimi, CA
- Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline GaP
S.L. Pyshkin, J. Ballato, G. Chumanov, J. DiMaio and A.K. Saha, Academy of Sciences, Kishinev, Moldova and Clemson University, SC, US
- Customization of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Pads: Nanotechnology in Action
P.K. Roy, J.Y. Jendricks and M. Deopura, Neopad Technologies Corporation, US
- Broadcast Photonic Curing of Metallic Nanoparticle Films
K.A. Schroder, S.C. McCool and W.R. Furlan, Nanotechnologies, Inc., US
- Novel Design of Molecular Integrated Circuits and Molecular Nanoarchitectronics
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
- Electrophotographic Direct-Write for Electronics
C. Wagner, R. Patwardhan, B. Jang and M. Mahinfalah, North Dakota State University, US
- Rare Earth-Substituted BI 4Ti3O12 Nanocrystalline Thin Films: Synthesis and Ferroelectric Characterization
M.S. Tomar, S. Dussan- Devia, R.S. Katiyar and O. Perales-Perez, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus, PR
Nano and Molecular ElectronicsExpo Hall
- Magnetic switch induced electron transport in a double quantum dot
V. Popsueva, M. F¯rre and J.P. Hansen, University of Bergen, NO
- Intersubband Transitions and Absorptions in NanoñScale Quantum Well structures
W. Liu, D.H. Zhang, X.H. Tang, W.J. Fan and S.F. Yoon, Nanyang technological University, SG
- Transport Properties through Individual Molecules by First Principles Calculations and Nonequilibrium Greenís Function Formalism
H. Mizuseki, R.V. Belosludov, A.A. Farajian, O.V. Pupysheva and Y. Kawazoe, Tohoku University, JP
- Crystalline Magnetotunnel Junctions: Fe-MgO-Fe, Fe-FeOMgO-Fe and Fe-AuMgOAu-Fe
M. Stilling, K. Stokbro and K. Flensberg, Copenhagen University, DK
- Etched Edge of Metal/Insulator/Metal Pattern for Molecular Scale Contacts
P. Tyagi, S.M. Holmes and B.J. Hinds, University of KY, US
- Quantum transport through carbon nanotubes near a conducting plate: Vacuum fluctuations and Decoherence
P.G. Gabrielli and S. Gabrielli, ENEA, IT
- Fluidic Nanoelectronics and Brownian Dyanmics
M.A. Lyshevski and S.E. Lyshevski, Microsystems and Nanotechnologies, US
- A Defect Model for Metallic Carbon Nanotubes in Cell-based Logic Circuits
H. Hashempour and F. Lombardi, Northeastern University, US
- Theoretical Model for the Nanobundle Network Transistors Below and Above Percolation Limit
N. Pimparkar, J. Guo and M.A. Alam, Purdue University, US
- A Better Method of Manufacturing Nanotubes for Use in Optical and Electronic Devices
F. Allen, Advance Nanotech Inc., US
Carbon Nanotubes - 1Expo Hall
- Preparation of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Films Using the Langmuir-Blodgett Technique
S.-K. Oh, S.-W. Choi, W.-S. Lee, B.-S. Choi, W.-S. Kang and J.-H. Kim, Ajou University, KR
- Electrical properties of aligned carbon nanotubes for gas sensing applications under ambient conditions
- Syntheses and Characterisation of Optoelectronically-Modified SWNTs
D.B. Adebimpe, M. Zgol, R.G. Wright and D. Hines, GMA Industries, Inc., US
- Novel, Industrial Scale Production of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Using Plasma
O. Smiljanic, F. Larouche and B.L. Stansfield, Raymor Industries, CA
- Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Mechanical Properties Using Atomistic-Continuum Mechanics Method
C-J Wu, C-Y Chou, C-N Han and K-N Chiang, Advanced Microsystem Packaging and Nano-Mechanics Research Laboratory, National Tsing Hua University, TW
- Self-Welded Metal-Catalyzed Carbon Nanotube Piezoresistors with Very Large Longitudinal Piezoresistivity of ~ 4x10-8 Pa-1
M. Tabib-Azar, R. Wang and Y. Xie, Case Western Reserve University, US
- Why nanotubes become resistive at high fields: Measurements of electron-phonon coupling strengths
Y. Yin, A. Walsh, S. Cronin, M.S. ‹nl¸, B.B. Goldberg and A.K. Swan, Boston University, US
- Field emission properties of carbon nanotubes on Ni islands created on tin oxide substrate
S.S. Roy, P.K. Yadav and J.A. McLaughlin, University of Ulster, UK
- In Situ Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Polymer Materials
C.W. Huang, L.C. Hsu and Y.Y. Li, CCU, TW
- Synthesis of Narrow Diameter Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs) By Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition For Mechanical Reinforcement Applications
N.M. Mohamed, Y.C. Tan and A.K. Kadir, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, MY
- CNT Composites for Aerospace Applications
S. Bellucci, C. Balasubramanian, P. Borin, F. Micciulla and G. Rinaldi, INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, IT
Nanoscale Structures and Devices - 2Expo Hall
- Layer-by-Layer Deposition of Chitosan/Polydiacetylene Vesicles for Convenient Preparation of Colorimetric Sensing Film
A. Potisatityuenyong, S.T. Dubas and M. Sukwattanasinitt, Chulalongkorn University, TH
- Zeolite Micropattern for Biological Applications
L.W. Wong, W. Sun, K.F. Lam and K.L. Yeung, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
- High Capacity Nano-optical Diffraction Bar-code Tagging for Biological and Chemical Applications
S. Banu, S. Birtwell, Y. Chen, G. Galitonov, H. Morgan and N. Zheludev, University of Southampton, UK
- Nanostructured Metals Synthesized in Swollen Liquid Crystals
G. Surendran, L. Ramos, E. Prouzet and H. Remita, CNRS, FR
- Nanoscale Material by Design: Correlating Process and Simulation
D. Bleau, E. Eisenbraun and J. Raynolds, US Army RDECOM ARDEC AETC, WS&T, US
- Euler Buckling of Individual SiGe/Si Microtubes
L. Zhang, L.X. Dong, D.J. Bell, B.J. Nelson, C. Schˆnenberger and D. Gr¸tzmacher, Paul Scherrer Institut, CH
- Molecules and Nanoparticles Transport through the Nanocapillary in Nanofluidic Devices
K. Fa, B. Flachsbart, J.M. Iannacone, N. Jin and P. Sannuti, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
- Nanoparticle polymer composite- Application to the emerging area of Inkjet media Coatings Technology
R.S. Renduchintala and S.R. Addala, e4Xchange Corporation, US
- Synthesis and characterization of WO3 nanorods
A. Olivas, E. Flores, G. Zambrano and S. Fuentes, CCMC-Universidad Nacional AutÛnoma de MÈxico, MX
- Design and Manufacturing Concepts of Nanoparticle-reinforced Aerospace Materials
M.V. Kireitseu, G.R. Tomlinson and V. Basenuk, Rolls-Royce Centre in Damping, the University of Sheffield, UK
- The Molecular Study on Size and Vacancy Density Effects of Cu Nanowires
I-L Chang, C-Y Tsai and Y-C Chen, National Chung Cheng University, TW
Nanoparticle Applications and Processes - 2Expo Hall
- Nanostructured perovskite-based oxidation catalysts for improved environmental emission control
P. Seegopaul, M. Bassir, H. Alamdari and A. Van Neste, Nanox Inc., CA
- Nanostructured Surface Treatment Enables the Combination of Nano-particulate ZnO and TiO2 with Acrylate-based Polymers in Cosmetic Formulations
V. Andre and R.W. Brotzman Jr, Nanophase Technologies, US
- Solution Combustion Synthesis of Nano Materials
P. Dinka and A. Mukasyan, University of Notre Dame, US
- The effect of electric field on the surface of nanoparticles (TiO2 & SiO2) and its application to retardation of membrane fouling
S-E Park, D-Y Ry, J-W Kwak, S-W Lee and S-J Park, Associate Professor, Kyungwon University, KR
- Molecular Targeted Functional, Cellular and Molecular Imaging of Atherosclerosis with Antibody-conjugated Superparamagnetic Particles Using Magnetic Resonance
R. Sharma, J.K. Katz, Y. Haik and C.J. Chen, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, US
- Lipobeads as Drug Delivery Sysytems
S.V. Kazakov and K.M. Levon, Pace University, US
- Application of nanoparticle in photodynamic diagnosis for colorectal cancer
S.J. Yang, C.L. Peng, P.S. Lai, F.H. Lin and M.J. Shieh, National Taiwan University, TW
- Nanoemulsion Formulations for Improved Oral Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs
S.B. Tiwari, D.B. Shenoy and M.M. Amiji, Norheastern University, US
- Synthesis, Characterization and Manipulation of Cobalt Nanoparticles
G. Cheng and A.R. Hight Walker, NIST, US
- Simple Large-Scale Synthesis of Monolayer-Protected Silver Nanocrystal
K.J. Lee, B.H. Jun and J. Joung, Samsung Electron-Mechanics, KR
- Metal enhanced fluorescence in nanosilver oxide for optical read write memories
A. Subrahmanyam, P. Suman Kumar and M.K. Jain, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, IN
CompositesExpo Hall
- Gold Composite- and Macroporous Gold Nanoparticle Films by a Vertical Deposition Method
S. Badilescu, M. Kahrizi, P.V. Ashrit and V-V Truong, Concordia University, CA
- Supercritical CO2 Exfoliated Polymer Nanocomposites
S.E. Horsch, R.M. Kannan and E. Gulari, Wayne State University, US
- Enzymatic Treatment of Natural fibres ñ A novel approach in nanofibre production
S. Janardhnan and M. Sain, University of Toronto, CA
- Innovative PMMA/CaCO3 Nanocomposites
- High Orderly Arranged Nanowires-Polymer Composite Material by Electrodeposition
R-J Lin and R-H Uang, ERSO/ITRI, TW
Soft NanotechExpo Hall
- Nano-complexes of Liposome Encapsulated Nanocrystals
I. Mandelbaum, P. Yim, J. Hwang, A.R. Hight Walker, NIST, US
- Assembly of nanoparticles into one dimensional structures: wet chemical synthesis of nanotubes
M. Leon, L. Gonzalez, R. Irricary, M.E. Castro, The University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, US
- Synthesis and chracterization of Ag2S fluorescent nanoparticles in hard and soft medium
M. Leon, M. Morales, R. Irizary and M.E. Castro, The University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, US
- Molecular Communication among Nanomachines Using Vesicles
Y. Moritani, S. Hiyama and T. Suda, NTT DoCoMo Inc., JP
- Formulation and Validation of Iterative Method in Time Domain
G. Mohamed and H. el Amjed, University of Tunisia, TN
- Spontaneously Forming Unilamellar Nano-Sized Vesicles ñ Polydispersity, Size, Shape and Stability
M-P Nieh, V.A. Raghunathan, C-Y Huang, J. Pencer, T. Harroun and J. Katsaras, National Research Council at Canada, CA
- Quantum Dot Nanocrystals in Neurosciences
S. Pathak, E. Cao, M. Davidson, S. Jin and G. Silva, UCSD, US
- Interaction between polyether- poly (2-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate)copolymers and phospholipid model vesicles ñ implications for gene delivery efficiency
J.F. Tan, L. Bromberg, K.C. Tam, H.P. Too and T.A. Hatton, Singapore-MIT Alliance, SG
Cancer Nanotech -3Expo Hall
- The Nucleolus and Cellular Stress: Analysis by Coherent Phase Microscopy
V.P. Tychinsky, A.V. Kretyshev, I.V. Klemyashov, I.V. Reshetov, T.V. Vyshenskaya and A.A. Shtil, P.A.Hertsen Moscow Research Oncological Institute, RU
- Enhanced Accumulation of Long-Circulating Liposomes Modified with Nucleosome-Specific Monoclonal Antibody 2c5 in Various Tumors in Mice
T.A. ElBayoumi and V.P. Torchilin, Northeastern University, US
- Computer Model of Cancer Development
I. Barjis, M. Sayar, J. Barjis and W. Amarrai, New York City College of Technology, US
- Assessment of the dielectric properties of drug sensitive and resistant leukaemic cells before and after ion channel blockers using dielectrophoresis
L. Duncan, H. Shelmerdine, H.M. Coley and F.H. Labeed, University of Surrey, UK
- Rapid Detection of Multiple Myeloma using a microfluidic platform
G. Kaigala, J. VanDjinkin, B.J. Taylor, C.J. Backhouse and L.M. Pilarski, University of Alberta, CA
- A novel soluble nano dimension polyhemoglobin-tyrosinase retards the growth of Murine B16F10 Melanoma in mice
B. Yu and T.M.S. Chang, McGill University, CA
- Characterization and In Vivo Biodistribution Studies with Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-Modified Thiolated Gelatin Nanoparticles
S. Kommareddy and M.M. Amiji, Northeastern University, US
- Utilizing the Electronic Industryës Tricks for Transistor Fabrication for Development of New Delivery Vehicles for Nanomedicine Applications
L.E. Euliss, C.M. Welch, B.W. Maynor, S.E. Gratton, J-Y Park, A.A. Pandya, E. Enlow, R.L. Juliano, K.M. Hahn and J.M. DeSimone, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US
- Injection of Molecules into Cells using a pH-Triggered Molecular Nanosyringe
O.A. Andreev, S. Sandugu, D.M. Engelman and Y.K. Reshetnyak, University of Rhode Island, US
- Nano-structured Biodegradable Ceramics for the Prevention and Treatment of Bone Caner
G. Balasundaram and T.J. Webster, PURDUE UNIVERSITY, US
- Mathematical Modeling of Chemotherapy Strategies in Vascular Tumor Growth using Nanoparticles
S. Mishra, V.K. Katiyar and V. Arora, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, IN
- Tumour gene delivery -transfection efficiency and uptake process of Pegylated poly-L-lysine nanoparticles
M. Walsh, M. Tangney, J.O. Larkin, R. Darcy, G.C. OíSullivan and C.M. OíDriscoll, University College Cork, IE
- Application of Nanomagnetic Particles in Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment
S. Hayek, C-J Chen, Y. Haik and V. Hohite, Florida State University, US
- New manganite-based mediators for self-controlled magnetic hyperthermia
O.A. Shlyakhtin, Y-J Oh, V.G. Leontiev and A.A. Kuznetsov, Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, RU
- Laser Heating of Sulphuretted Carbon Nanoparticles Inhibits Tumor Growth
B.Ya. Kogan, R.I. Yakubovskaya, A.A. Pankratov, T.N. Andreeva, L.D. Kvacheva, A.A. Titov, V.A. Puchnova, R.A. Feysulova and G.N. Vorozhtsov, Organic Intermediates & Dyes Institute, RU
- Cu-Ni alloy magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia at prescribed temperature
A.A. Kuznetsov, V.G. Leontiev, V.A. Brukvin, B.Ya. Kogan, O.A. Kuznetsov and O.A. Shlyakhtin, Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, RU
- Functionalization of Magnetite (Fe3O4) Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment
A.P. Herrera, H.L. RodrÌguez, M. Torres-Lugo and C. Rinaldi, University of Puerto Rico-Mayag¸ez, US
- Radioactive Nanocomposite Mouse Tumor Treatment
M.K. Khan, S.S. Nigavekar, L. Minc, B.M. Nair, M.S.T. Kariapper, W.G. Lesniak and L.P. Balogh, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, US
- Magnetic nanoparticle vectors: A tool for diagnosis and therapy
D. Nagesha, R. Sawant, P. Parimi, E. Gultepe, R. Bindra, V. Torchilin and S. Sridhar, Northeastern University, US
Biological & Chemical Sensors - 2Expo Hall
- A Novel, Low Power Biosensor for Real Time Monitoring of Creatinine and Urea in Peritoneal Dialysis
B. Premanode and C. Toumazou, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, UK
- PCR-free DNA-based biosensing with polymeric optical hybridization transduction using micro- and submicron-magnetic bead captured on micro-electromagnetic traps
S. Dubus, B. Le Droggof, J-F. Gravel, D. Boudreau and T. Veres, Laval University, CA
- Development of Nanoprobes as Glucose Biosensors
M. Dweik and S. Grant, University of Missouri-Columbia, US
- Carbon Nanotube-based Labels for Sensitive Nucleic Acids Detection
A.C. Lee, J.S. Ye, S.N. Tan, D. Poenar, F.S. Sheu, C.K. Heng and T.M. Lim, National University of Singapore, SG
- Protease activity profiling in nanoliter-volume sample using the capillary microarrays
O.N. Burchak, L. Mugherli, F. Chatelain and M.Y. Balakirev, CEA, FR
- Fabrication of impedimetric sensors for label-free Point-of-Care immunoassay cardiac marker systems, with microfluidic blood flow delivery, and results telemetry to PDA
M. Tweedie, R. Subramanian, I. Craig, E.T. McAdams and J.A.D. McLaughlin, University of Ulster at Jordanstown, UK
- Assembly of DNA Rotaxanes for AFM Based DNA Sequencing
Q. Spadola, S. Qamar, L. Lin, B. Ashcroft, P. Zhang and S.M. Lindsay, The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, US
- Surface modification and characterization of a cyclic olefin copolymer for magnetic bead-based stop-flow microfluidic ELISA
M. Herrmann, T. Veres and M. Tabrizian, McGill University, CA
- Carbon Microstructures for Glucose Biosensor
H. Xu, K. Malladi, C. Wang and M.J. Madou, University of California, Irvine, US
- Microfluidic Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Surface Enhanced Poly(methyl methacrylate) Microchannels
Y. Bai, W-C Huang and S-T Yang, Ohio State University, US
- Biosensors Fabricated through Electrostatic Assembly of Enzymes/Polyelectrolyte Hybrid Layers on Carbon Nanotubes
Y. Lin, G. Liu and J. Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
- Magnetic Devices for Ultra High Throughput Biological Analysis
T. Mitrelias, Z. Jiang, J. Llandro and J.A.C. Bland, University of Cambridge, UK
- New Biosensor Technologies: Your Personal, Portable and Always On-call Physician
P. Gammel, Advance Nanotech Inc., US
- Direct-Write CMOS-Based Laboratory-On-Chip
E. Ghafar-Zadeh, M. Sawan and D. Therriault, …cole Polytechnique de MontrÈal, CA
Environmental Improvement through NanotechnologyExpo Hall
- Self-cleaning coating with the function of anti-fogging and decomposing pollutants
C-Y Liu and Y. Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
- Economic and Environmental Tradeoffs in SWNT Production
M.L. Healy, A. Tanwani and J.A. Isaacs, Northeastern University, US
- Environmental life cycle risks and benefits of nanotechnologies
O. Jolliet, Y. Wenger and M. Philbert, University of Michigan, Center for Risk Science and Communication, US
- Nanotechnology and the Water Market: Applications and Health Effects
F.S. Mowat and J. Tsuji, Exponent, US
Enviromental and Health Impacts of NanotechnologyExpo Hall
- Growth and Some Enzymatic Responses of E. coli to Photocatalytic TiO2
A. Erdem, D. Metzler, H.W. Chou, H.Y. Lin and C.P. Huang, University of Delaware, US
- New Guidelines for Selecting Best Extraction Methods of EPS Using Atomic Force Microscopy
S. Kang, Y. Ahn, H. Choi and M. Elimelech, Yale University, US
- Testing and Evaluation of Nanoparticle Efficacy on E. Coli, and Bacillus Anthracis Spores
M. Sloan and S. Farnsworth, Nanotechnologies, Inc., US
- Multi-scale, Mechano-biological Model of Nanoparticle Toxicity
J. Jenkins, K. Pant, J. Hood and S. Sundaram, CFD Research Corporation, US
- Aggregation and Fate of Fullerene Nanoparticles in Aquatic Environments
K.L. Chen and M. Elimelech, Yale University, US
- The Toxicity and Availability of Water Soluble Fullerenes to Environmental Bacteria
J.M. Barnes, H.W. Rollins, C. Rae and A.I. Stormberg, Idaho National Laboratory, US
- Pulmonary biocompatibility assessment of helical rosette nanotubes
W.S. Journeay, H. Fenniri and B. Singh, University of Saskatchewan, CA
- Use of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Tools to Facilitate Weight-of-Evidence Evaluation in Nanotechnology Risk Assessment
I. Linkov, K. Satterstrom, S. Zemba, J. Steevens, Cambridge Environmental Inc., US
Commercial Developments in NanotechExpo Hall
- Addressing 3rd-Party Patent Protection in the Product Development Process
S. Weseman, IP Focus Law Group, Ltd., US
- Nanotechnology Thriving on Patents
T. Winarski, Patent Attorney with Steptoe & Johnson LLP, US
- The Impact of Patent Reform on Nanotechnology: File Early and File Often
D.J. Featherstone, M. Messinger and M.D. Specht, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, US
6:00 NanoFab: Top Down III - ReplicationRoom 203
 Session chair: Greg Bogart, Sandia National Labs & Stanley Pau, University of Arizona, US
6:00 Nanostructure Engineering† ññ from fabrication to device applications (invited)
J. Guo, University of Michigan, US
6:30 Replication of Highly-Hydrophobic Surface with Micro/Nano Combined Structures from Nature
S.M. Lee and T.H. Kwon, Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR
6:00 CNT: Electronic Properties and Electronic EmissionRoom 207
 Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
6:00 Spin Glass Behaviour of Magnetic Carbon Nanoclusters
A.V. Rode, A.G. Christy, N.R. Madsen, E.G. Gamaly, B. Luther-Davies, D. Arcon, A. Zorko and Z. Jaglicic, The Australian National University, AU
6:20 Field emission characteristics of carbon nanofibers grown on the electroplated copper micro-tips
W-Y Sung, W-J Kim, S-M Lee, H-S Yoo, H-Y Lee, S-K Joo and Y-H Kim, Seoul National University, KR
6:00 Fluidics: Integrated Micro Fluidic Systems: Sponsored by KodakRoom 209
 Session chair: Boris Khusid, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
6:00 Thermally Induced Marangoni Instability of Liquid Microjets with Application to Continuous Inkjet Printing
E.P. Furlani, B.G. Price, G. Hawkins and A.G. Lopez, Eastman Kodak Co., US
6:20 Integrated microfluidic device to monitor the cells acidification rate in nanoliter volumes using microfabricated iridium oxide electrodes
I.A. Ges, B.L. Ivanov and F.J. Baudenbacher, Vanderbilt University, US
6:40 Coin-Shaped Reactor in Microfluidic Devices Used for Radiopharmaceutical Synthesis
A.M. Elizarov, H.C. Kolb, R.M. van Dam, J.R. Heath, H.C. Padgett, J. Huang, A. Daridon, California Institute of Technology, US
7:00 Mixed-Methodology-Based System-Level Simulation of Biochemical Assays in Integrated Microfluidic Systems
Y. Wang, A.S. Bedekar, S. Krishnamoorthy, S.S. Siddhaye and S. Sundaram, CFD Research Corporation, US
6:00 Soft Nanotech: Applications in Foods, Cosmetics and Personal CareRoom 210
 Session chair: Fiona Case, Case Scientific, US
6:00 Soft Nanotechnology in Europe: The SoftComp Network of Excellence (invited)
M. Noro, Unilever, UK (speaker biography)
6:30 From Helical Starch Inclusion Complexes to Supramolecular Starch Assemblies
B. Conde-Petit, J. Nuessli, C. Heinemann and F. Escher, ETH Zurich, CH
6:00 Characterization: Mechanics and Adhesion: ''push, pull, bend''Room 208
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, E.S.R.F., FR and Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
6:00 Investigation of the Deformation Mechanics in Nanoindenter Deflected Freestanding Submicron Gold Thin Films
L. Wang and B.C. Prorok, Auburn University, US
6:20 Mechanical property measurements of one-dimensional nanomaterials
X. Li and H. Ni, University of South Carolina, US
6:40 New reference standards and artifacts for nanoscale property characterization
J.R. Pratt, J.A. Kramar, G. Shaw, R. Gates, P. Rice and J. Moreland, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
6:00 Translation of Cancer Nanotechnology - From Bench to Bedside (Panel)Hall D
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University
- NCI Nanotechnology for Cancer AllianceP. Grodzinski, National Cancer Institute, US
- Role of Nanotechnology Characterization LaboratoryS. McNeil, National Cancer Institute, US
- Role of National Institute of Standards and TechnologyA. Plant, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
- Role of the Food and Drug AdministrationN. Sadrieh, Food and Drug Administration, US

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