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Conference Proceedings

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Nanoscale Characterization

Symposium Chairs

Pierre Panine Pierre Panine
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Soft condensed matter group, Grenoble, France
Greg Haugstad Greg Haugstad
Characterization Facility, University of Minnesota, MiNTeC node of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, US

Confirmed Speakers

Jens Rieger Nanoparticles and Nanostructuring in Soft Condensed Matter - Small Angle Scattering and X-ray Microscopy
Jens Rieger, BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Polymer Physics, DE, (speaker biography)
Peter Schurtenberger Colloids — From Model Atoms to Nanostructured Functional Materials
Peter Schurtenberger, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Fribourg, CH (speaker biography)
Klaus Wormuth Drug Eluting Coatings for Medical Devices: Multi-Method Characterization
Klaus Wormuth, Characterization Sciences
SurModics Inc.
Eden Prairie, MN US
, (speaker biography)
Jamie Hobbs Real-time Structural Analysis for Soft Nanotechnology
Jamie Hobbs, Depts. of Chemistry & Physics & Astronomy, University of Sheffield, UK
(speaker biography)
Sunil K. Sinha Characterization of Nanostructured Materials
Sunil K. Sinha
University of San Diego, US
(speaker biography)

Symposium Sessions


Monday May 8

1:30 Nanoscale Tool Development
6:00 Poster Session 1 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Advance Nanotech, booth #903

Tuesday May 9

8:30 Keynote - Soft Nanotechnology: Characterization
10:30 Characterization: Imaging & Profiling: ''applications to nano-objects''
1:30 Soft Nanotech: Characterization: Characterizing Soft Nanostructured Materials
4:00 NanoFab: How to bring emerging nanotechnology to volume production - Sponsored by ASML
4:00 Poster Session 2 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Feinstein Kean Healthcare, booth #716
6:00 Characterization: Mechanics and Adhesion: ''push, pull, bend''

Wednesday May 10

8:30 Keynote - Nanotech Materials and Chemistry: NanoFab: Nano Electronics
10:30 Characterization: Spectroscopy and Electric: ''electronics & bonding''
1:30 Characterization: Indirect Space Methods: ''towards non-destructive & non-invasive observation techniques''
4:00 Characterization: Drug Delivery
6:00 Poster Session 3 and Reception
 Characterization: Imaging & Profiling
 Characterization: Indirect Space Methods
 Characterization: Spectroscopy and Electric
 Characterization: Mechanics and Adhesion
 Characterization: Soft Nanotechnology
 Characterization: Drug Delivery

Thursday May 11

8:30 Medical Imaging through Nanotechnology
10:00 Coffee Break

Symposium Program


Monday May 8

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1:30 Nanoscale Tool DevelopmentRoom 209
 Session chair: John Tucker, Keithley Instruments, US
1:30 Pulse Testing for Better Measurements of Nanodevices (invited)
J. Tucker, Keithley Instruments, US (speaker biography)
1:50 Visualizing and manipulating the building blocks of nanotechnology with the Atomic Force Microscope (invited)
J. Thornton, Veeco, US
2:10 Protein TomographyTM for Studying Disease Mechanisms at a Molecular Level (invited)
J. Elands, FEI, US (speaker biography)
2:30 Advances in Nanoscale Probing: Semiconductor, Bio, and Beyond (invited)
T. Cavanah, Zyvex, US
2:50 Three-Dimensional Atom Mapping for Nanotechnology Applications with Atom Probe Tomography (invited)
T. Kelly, Imago Scientific, US (speaker biography)
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6:00 Poster Session 1 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Advance Nanotech, booth #903Expo Hall

Tuesday May 9

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8:30 Keynote - Soft Nanotechnology: CharacterizationRoom 210
 Session chair: Fiona Case, Case Scientific, US
8:30 Colloidal Delivery Systems for Functional Food Design (invited)
K. Velikov, Unilever R&D, UK (speaker biography)
9:15 Characterization of Nanostructured Materials (invited)
S.K. Sinha, University of San Diego, US (speaker biography)
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10:30 Characterization: Imaging & Profiling: ''applications to nano-objects''Room 201
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, E.S.R.F., FR and Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
10:30 NanoDAC/fibDAC - Nanodeformation Measurement Techniques for Reliability Analysis of MEMS and NEMS
J. Keller, D. Vogel and B. Michel, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), DE
10:50 Exploring the Limits of Spatial Resolution in Electron and Ion Beam Analysis of Nanostructures
E. Lifshin and K. Dunn, University at Albany, US
11:10 Laser Postionization Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry for Analysis on the Nanometer-Scale
I.V. Veryovkin, W.F. Calaway, C.E. Tripa and M.J. Pellin, Argonne National Laboratory, US
11:30 An Introduction to Helium Ion Microscopy and its Nanotechnology Applications
J.A. Notte, L. Farkas, R. Hill and B. Ward, ALIS Corporation, US
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1:30 Soft Nanotech: Characterization: Characterizing Soft Nanostructured MaterialsRoom 210
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, E.S.R.F., FR and Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
1:30 Building from bottom up: Fabrication of materials using peptide motifs (invited)
S. Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US (speaker biography)
2:00 New Trends in Light Scattering (invited)
P. Schurtenberger, University of Fribourg, CH
2:30 Real-Time Structural Analysis for Soft Nanotechnology (invited)
J.K. Hobbs, C. Vasilev, J.P. Eddleston, A.J. Ryan, J.P. Howard-Knight, A.D.L. Humphris, A.E. Terry and S. Rastogi, University of Sheffield, UK (speaker biography)
3:00 Nanoscale Mapping of Chemical Heterogeneity in Polymeric Materials by the Use of Phase Imaging AFM and Humidity
T. Nguyen, X. Gu, L. Chen, M. Fasolka and J. Martin, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
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4:00 NanoFab: How to bring emerging nanotechnology to volume production - Sponsored by ASMLRoom 203
 Session chair: Rob van der Werf, ASML, NL
- K. Best, ASML, US
- B. Segal, Nantero, US
- J. Brown, SiTime, US
- J. Fragala, Nanoink, US
- J. Consolini, ASML, US
- A. Mirza, Suss, US
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4:00 Poster Session 2 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Feinstein Kean Healthcare, booth #716Expo Hall
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6:00 Characterization: Mechanics and Adhesion: ''push, pull, bend''Room 208
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, E.S.R.F., FR and Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
6:00 Investigation of the Deformation Mechanics in Nanoindenter Deflected Freestanding Submicron Gold Thin Films
L. Wang and B.C. Prorok, Auburn University, US
6:20 Mechanical property measurements of one-dimensional nanomaterials
X. Li and H. Ni, University of South Carolina, US
6:40 New reference standards and artifacts for nanoscale property characterization
J.R. Pratt, J.A. Kramar, G. Shaw, R. Gates, P. Rice and J. Moreland, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US

Wednesday May 10

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8:30 Keynote - Nanotech Materials and Chemistry: NanoFab: Nano ElectronicsRoom 210
 Session chair: Leo Ocola, Argonne National Lab, US
8:30 Integrating soft and hard materials in nanoscale based devices (invited)
N. Petersen, NRC-CNRC, CA (speaker biography)
9:15 Nanotechnology and Energy, the Smalley Vision: Be a Scientist-- Save the World (invited)
W. Adams, Amy Jaffe and Richard Smalley(deceased), Smalley Institute, Rice University, US (speaker biography)
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10:30 Characterization: Spectroscopy and Electric: ''electronics & bonding''Room 210
 Session chair: Stanley Pau, University of Arizona, US
10:30 Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Palladium Nanoparticle Reinforced Fluoropolymer Composites
J. Spicer, K. See, Y. Katsumi, D. Zhang, J. Brupbacher and T. Vargo, Johns Hopkins University, US
10:50 Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy: Measuring Optical Properties at the Nanometre Scale
V. Keast and M. Bosman, University of Sydney, AU
11:10 Evidence of surface defects in ultrathin tetrahedral amorphous carbon films probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
S.S. Roy, R. McCann, P. Papakonstantinou, G.A. Abbas and J.A. McLaughlin, University of Ulster, UK
11:30 Investigation of the Piezoresistive Properties of Nano Structured Amorphous Carbon for Force Sensor Applications
H. Lüthje, S. Biehl, R. Bandorf, J.-H. Sick, E. Peiner and A. Tibrewala, Fraunhofer IST, DE
11:50 Experimental mechanical stress characterization of MEMS by using of confocal laser scanning microscope with a Raman spectroscopy interface
M. Yamaguchi, S. Ueno, I. Miura and W. Erikawa, Technical Research Institute Japan Society for the promotion of machine industry, JP
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1:30 Characterization: Indirect Space Methods: ''towards non-destructive & non-invasive observation techniques''Room 210
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, E.S.R.F., FR and Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
1:30 Nanoparticles and Nanostructuring in Soft Condensed Matter - Small Angle Scattering and X-ray Microscopy (invited)
J. Rieger, BASF Aktiengesellschaft, DE (speaker biography)
2:00 Statics and dynamics of field induced ordering in Ferrofluids
A. Wiedenmann, U. Keiderling, M. Kammel, A. Heinemann and R.P. May, Hahn-Meitner Institute Berlin GmbH, DE
2:20 Bidirectional Evanescent and Transmitted Light Scattering Profiles of CVD synthesized Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) for Ex-situ Characterization of Structural Formation
M.M. Aslan, I. Kunadian, R. Andrews and M.P. Menguc, University of Kentucky, US
2:40 The use of PDF analysis to investigate local structure and domains
G. Paglia, E.S. Bozin and S.J.L. Billinge, Michigan State University, US
3:00 Testing the validity of small angle and adsorption-based characterization techniques by atomic-scale simulation
R.J.M. Pellenq and B. Coasne, Centre de Recherche en Matičre Condensée et Nanosciences, CNRS, FR
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4:00 Characterization: Drug DeliveryRoom 210
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, E.S.R.F., FR and Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
4:00 Drug Eluting Coatings for Medical Devices: Multi-Method Characterization (invited)
K. Wormuth and G.D. Haugstad, SurModics Inc., US (speaker biography)
4:30 Sensing and Plotting Single Molecule Binding Events with the Atomic Force Microscope
W.T. Johnson, Molecular Imaging, US
4:50 Dicationic gemini surfactant gene delivery complexes contain cubic-lamellar mixed polymorphic phase
M. Foldvari, S. Wettig, I. Badea, R. Verrall and M. Bagonluri, University of Saskatchewan, CA
5:10 The micro and nano scale characterization of polymer coated drug delivery stents
M. Wu, M.C. Davies and C.J. Roberts, University of Nottingham & Guidant Corporation, UK
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6:00 Poster Session 3 and ReceptionHall D
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Characterization: Imaging & ProfilingHall D
- Automated Visual Characterization and Analysis of Nanotube Materials
V. Khvatkov, R. Kadushnikov, V. Nesh and I. Bleiweiss, Smart Imaging, US
- Lattice Fringe Fingerprinting in Two Dimensions with Database Support
P. Moeck, B. Seipel, R. Bjorge and P. Fraundorf, Portland State University, US
- Synthesis silica sphere and core-shell Gd2O3:Eu3+@SiO2 phosphor nanoparticles by sol-gel method
K.M. Lin, C.C. Lin and Y.Y. Li, National Chung Cheng University, TW
- The Analysis of Coatings Produced by Accelerated Nanoparticles
A.H. Kean and L. Allers, Mantis Deposition Ltd, UK
- A Novel Approach of Sample Preparation for SCM Inspection in the DRAM Device Structures
J.L. Lue, H.W Liu, E. Wu, B. Pai, S. Fan and T. Wang, ProMOS Technologies Inc, TW
- Microfabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Suspended Carbon Microstructures
K. Malladi, C. Wang, M.J. Madou, W. Xue and T. Cui, University of California, Irvine, US
- Nanoscale Characterization using DPI
J. Maltby, Farfield Sensors, US
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Characterization: Indirect Space MethodsHall D
- Nano-Diamond compressibility at pressures up to 85 GPa
C. Pantea, J. Zhang, J. Qian, Y. Zhao, A. Migliori, E. Grzanka, B. Palosz, Y. Wang, T.W. Zerda, H. Liu, Y. Ding, P.W. Stephens and C.E. Botez, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
- Three-dimensional Structure of Nanoparticles from High-energy X-ray Diffraction and Atomic Pair Distribution Function Analysis
V. Petkov, Central Michigan University, US
- A Novel Ultrasonic Method for Characterizing Suspensions of Nanoparticles
S. Africk and C.K. Colton, Prodyne Corp. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
- Morphology effect dependent on the synthesis method of KxIr1-xO2 system
E. Ramírez, E. Chavira, L. Bańos, A.B. Soto Guzmán, J. Guzmán and C. Flores, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, MX
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Characterization: Spectroscopy and ElectricHall D
- Sol-gel synthesis and photoluminescent characteristics of Eu doped Gd2O3 nanophosphors
C.C. Lin, K.M. Lin and Y.Y. Li, National Chung Cheng University, TW
- Instability in flatband votlage of SiO2 embedded with silicon nanocrystals
C.Y. Ng, J.I. Wong, M. Yang and T.P. Chen, Nanyang Technological University, SG
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Characterization: Mechanics and AdhesionHall D
- A phenomenological cohesive model of ferroelectric fatigue
I. Arias, S. Serebrinsky and M. Ortiz, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, ES
- The Relationship Between Nanoscale AFM Adhesive Force Measurements using Calcite Crystals with Macroscale contact angle and Scaling Characteristics
R.D. Boyd, S. Bargir, S. Dunn and B. Jefferson, Cranfield University, UK
- Abrasive Wear Studies on Cobalt Electrodeposited Surfaces with Tio2 Dispersions
- Sample size effect on nanoindentation of micro/nanostructures
Z-H Xu and X. Li, University of South Carolina, US
- Comparison between Nanoindentation and Scratch Test Hardness (Scratch Hardness) Values of Copper Thin Films on Oxidised Silicon Substrates
S. Chowdhury, D. Beegan and M.T. Laugier, University of Alabama at Birmingham, US
- Size-Dependent Elastic Moduli of Nanofilms
I-L Chang and J-C Huang, National Chung Cheng University, TW
- Mechanical Properties Measurement of Nanowires Anisotropic Conductive Film by Nanoindentation Technique
Y-Y Hsu, R-J Lin, T-Y Kuo, Y-Y Su, R-H Uang and H-C Cheng, Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
- A New High Precision Procedure for AFM Probe Spring Constant Measurement using a Microfabricated Calibrated Reference Cantilever Array (CRCA)
M.G. Reitsma and R.S. Gates, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
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Characterization: Soft NanotechnologyHall D
- Analysis of Surface Interaction between TiO2 Fine Particles with Different Surface Modification in Isoparaffin by Using Colloid Probe AFM
H. Kamiya, M. Suzuki, M. Kikuchi, M. Iijima and M. Tsukada, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, JP
- Transmission Spectrum of PDMS in 4-7µm Mid-IR Range for Characterization of Protein Structure
K-C Chen, A.M. Wo and Y-F Chen, National Taiwan University, TW
- SAXSess – A Tool for Nanostructured Materials
H. Schnablegger, P. Worsch, G. Langenbucher and O. Glatter, Anton Paar GmbH, AT
- Thermodynamic Characterization of Nanoscale Materials
A.L. Smith, Masscal Corporation, US
- Characterisation of Drug Nanoparticles by Atomic Force Microscopy
N.A. Bailey, J. Booth and B.C. Clark, AstraZeneca, UK
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Characterization: Drug DeliveryHall D
- Interaction between PEO-PPO-PEO Block Copolymer and Bovine Serum Albumin by FTIR Spectroscopy
C. Guo, J. Wang and H. Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
- Interaction between Artificial Mucin Layer and Stimuli-Responsive Nanogel Particles for the Oral Peptide Delivery Observed in Simulated Intestinal Solutions by Using Colloid Probe AFM Method
H. Kamiya, M. Yoshimura, M. Tsukada, H. Ichikawa and Y. Fukumori, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, JP
- Formulation Parameters and Characterization of Drug-loaded Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles
B.J. Nehilla and T.A. Desai, Boston University, US
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ImagingHall D
- A highly sensitive fluorescent immunoassay based on avidin labeled nanocrystals
K-K Sin, C.P-Y Chan, T-H Pang, M. Seydack and R. Renneberg, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
- Change of 7Be decay rate in exohedral and endohedral C60 fullerene
A. Ray, P. Das, S.K. Saha, J.J. Das and N. Madhavan, Variable Energy Cyclotron Center, IN
- CdSe Nanoparticles Modified with Water-soluble Terpolymers and their Application to Biomarkers
H. Tsutsumi, M. Yamada and M. Yasui, Yamaguchi University, JP
- New Applications of Nanoparticles in Cardiovascular Imaging
R.R. Sharma, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, US
- Surface Plasmon Spectral Shifts of Functionalized Gold Nano particles for the Use in Biosensors
S. Chatterjee, G. Moriarty and B. Gersten, Queens College, CUNY, US
- The Interaction of Protein-Modified Nanodiamond with Bacterial Cells
E.V. Perevedentseva, J.-S. Tu, C.-Y. Cheng, P.-H. Chung, H.-H. Chang and C.-L. Cheng, National Dong-Hwa University, TW
- Rapid Isolation of AMI Markers using Nanomagnetic Particles
Y. Haik, R. Sista, A. Qablan, C-J. Chen and S. Palanki, United Arab Emirates university, AE
- Polymeric Magnetomicelles As a Probe for MRI Imaging: Characterization and Mri Properties
R.M. Sawant, D. Nagesha, S. Sridhar and V.P. Torchilin, Northeastern University, US

Thursday May 11

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8:30 Medical Imaging through NanotechnologyRoom 106
 Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
8:30 Preparation of Aggregation Stable Block Copolymer Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Drug Delivery and Imaging
M.E. Gindy, R.K. Prud’homme, Princeton University, US
8:50 Visualization of quantum dot-electron donor conjugate uptake and processing by living cells
S.J. Clarke, C.A. Hollmann and J.L. Nadeau, McGill University, CA
9:10 Synthesis and differential uptake of drug-decorated fluorescent nanoparticles by live cancer cells
R.V. Rozhkov, G.M. Knudsen, J. Sturgis, A.E. Ribbe, J.P. Robinson and V.J. Davisson, Purdue University, US
9:30 Mounting proteins on metal nanoparticles: Statistical analysis of AFM images
L. Gurevich, P. Fojan, R.K. Saxena and S.B. Petersen, Aalborg University, DK
9:50 Labeling of Cells with Silver and Gold Host-Guest Nanocomposites
L.P. Balogh, W. Lesniak, V.A. Sinani, A.U. Bielinska, K. Sun, B.M. Nair, E. Waite, M.S.T. Kariapper and M.K. Khan, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, US
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10:00 Coffee BreakRoom 106

Special Symposium

Characterization is a cornerstone to nanoscale advancements, both in physical and life sciences. Consequently, NSTI is proud to announce the creation of a Special Conference and Community targeting the vast range of nanoscale characterization techniques including microscopy, scattering, spectroscopy/spectrometry and other tools, along with specimen preparation methods and handling. NSTI will use this event and community to promote the rapid education, dissemination, and commercialization of new characterization techniques into industries based in both physical and life sciences. This symposium seeks to elucidate methods that go well beyond novice understanding, yet are broadly accessible and useful to industrial engineers and technicians.

Critical to the rational design of nanotechnologies, advances in characterization include not only far-field probes such as beams of electrons, ions, neutrons or photons; and near-field proximal probes such as indentors, nanotips, fibers and nanotubes; but also a growing intellectual component whereby data are manipulated, analyzed, rendered and simulated to yield meaningful information. It is essential that this burgeoning knowledge base be collated and transparently presented to the broad nanotechnology community. An array of analytical techniques are more or less sensitive to surface versus bulk, morphology versus chemistry, high- versus low-energy states, fast versus slow dynamics, equilibrium versus perturbed response, elastic versus dissipative interactions, etc.; often a combination of methods is required to achieve the best goal, and we seek insight into these dichotomies to strengthen the base understanding of each technique such that interpretations are not problematic and insight is maximized.

We encourage your participation in this event and community, through your comments, suggestions and offers for assistance in review and organization. Please contact the symposium coordinator with your comments.

Topics & Application Areas

Online abstract submissions are now being accepted. Proposed topics include, but are not be limited to:

  • Direct space imaging methods
    TEM, SEM, AFM, near-field optical, X-ray microscopy, topography and tomography, spatially resolved ion mass spectrometry, depth profiling with ionsĂ–
  • Indirect space methods
    X-ray, neutron and light scattering...
  • Spectroscopy
    NMR, FTIR, Raman, acoustic, dielectric spectroscopy...
  • Mechanical properties
    Nanometrology, nanotribology, nanoindentation...
  • Rheology, solutions and processing
  • Microfluidics
    Coupled techniques with lab-on-a-chip
  • Sample preparation and control
    Thermalization, positioning, connecting...

A special joint session with the Soft Nanotechnology and Polymer Nanotechnology symposia will be devoted to Characterization of Soft Nanostructured Materials.

A special joint session with the Bio Sensors & Diagnostics symposium will be devoted to Characterization for Biomedical Applications.

Journal Submissions

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience

Selected Nanotech Proceedings papers will be reviewed and invited into a Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience.

For consideration into this Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, please select the "Submit to Journal of Experimental Nanoscience" button during the on-line submission procedure. Please note that you may only select a single journal during the submission process.

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