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Conference Proceedings

Conference Technical Proceedings

2006 International Conference on

Nanofabrication Technologies, Devices and Applications

NanoFab 2006

May 7 - 11, 2006
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A


An Interdisciplinary Integrative Forum on
manufacturability in nanofabrication processes and technologies
for current and novel devices and applications.

Chairs Program Announcement Topics Organization

Symposium Sponsor


Conference Chairs

Warren Y. Lai, Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories and New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium
Leonidas E. Ocola, Argonne National Laboratory
Stanley Pau, University of Arizona


David J. Eaglesham Nanomanufacturing Challenges
David J. Eaglesham
Applied Materials, US
(speaker biography)
Morinobu Endo Carbon Nanotubes
Morinobu Endo
Shinshu University, JP
(speaker biography)
Franco Cerrina Nanotechnology from the bottom up: Light-directed Synthesis of DNA molecules
Franco Cerrina, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US, (speaker biography)
Nils Petersen Integrating Soft and Hard Materials in Nanoscale Based Devices
N. Petersen
National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA (speaker biography)

Confirmed Speakers

Bennett B. Goldberg An Overview of Advancements in Nano Photonics
Bennett B. Goldberg, Boston University, US, (speaker biography)

Symposium Sessions


Monday May 8

1:30 NanoFab: Bottom Up I - Nanowires & Nanodots
1:30 Nanoscale Tool Development
4:00 NanoFab: Bottom Up I- Nanowires & Nanodots - 2
6:00 Poster Session 1 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Advance Nanotech, booth #903
 NanoFab: Top Down
 NanoFab: Electronic and Microsystem Processes

Tuesday May 9

10:30 NanoFab: Top Down I - Projection
10:30 NanoFab: Bottom Up II - Self Assembly
1:30 NanoFab: Top Down II - Direct Write - Sponsored by ASML
1:30 NanoFab: Bottom Up III - Thin Film Science
4:00 NanoFab: How to bring emerging nanotechnology to volume production - Sponsored by ASML
4:00 Poster Session 2 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Feinstein Kean Healthcare, booth #716
 NanoFab: Bottom Up
6:00 NanoFab: Top Down III - Replication

Wednesday May 10

8:30 Keynote - Nanotech Materials and Chemistry: NanoFab: Nano Electronics
10:30 Characterization: Spectroscopy and Electric: ''electronics & bonding''
4:00 Nano Photonics
6:00 Poster Session 3 and Reception
 Nanoscale Electronic Devices

Thursday May 11

8:30 Keynotes - NanoFab: Nano Electronics
10:30 NanoFab: Metrology and Characterization
1:30 NanoFab: Interfacing Top Down with Bottom-up
1:50 NanoFab: Design and Architecture

Symposium Program


Monday May 8

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1:30 NanoFab: Bottom Up I - Nanowires & NanodotsRoom 200
 Session chair: Leo Ocola, Argonne National Laboratory, US
1:30 Transport and Optical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
V. Perebeinos, J. Tersoff and Ph. Avouris, IBM Watson Research Division, US
1:50 Study of field emission of multiwalled C nanotubes from arc discharge
S. Bellucci, C. Balasubramanian, G. Giannini, M. Marchetti, F. Micciulla and M. Regi, INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, IT
2:10 Nanotube in a periodic potential: A conveyer belt for electrons
D.S. Novikov, Princeton University, US
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1:30 Nanoscale Tool DevelopmentRoom 209
 Session chair: John Tucker, Keithley Instruments, US
1:30 Pulse Testing for Better Measurements of Nanodevices (invited)
J. Tucker, Keithley Instruments, US (speaker biography)
1:50 Visualizing and manipulating the building blocks of nanotechnology with the Atomic Force Microscope (invited)
J. Thornton, Veeco, US
2:10 Protein TomographyTM for Studying Disease Mechanisms at a Molecular Level (invited)
J. Elands, FEI, US (speaker biography)
2:30 Advances in Nanoscale Probing: Semiconductor, Bio, and Beyond (invited)
T. Cavanah, Zyvex, US
2:50 Three-Dimensional Atom Mapping for Nanotechnology Applications with Atom Probe Tomography (invited)
T. Kelly, Imago Scientific, US (speaker biography)
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4:00 NanoFab: Bottom Up I- Nanowires & Nanodots - 2Room 200
 Session chair: Leo Ocola, Argonne National Laboratory, US
4:00 Formation of 3-dimensional SiGe quantum dot crystals
C. Dais, P. Käser, H. Solak, Y. Ekinci, E. Deckhardt, E. Müller, J. Stangl, G. Bauer and D. Grützmacher, Paul Scherrer Institut, CH
4:20 III-V semiconductor nanowires grown on silicon for vertical devices
A. Helman, M. Borgström, O. Wunnicke, W. van den Einden, M.A. Verheijen, A.L. Roest and E.P.A.M. Bakkers, Philips Research Laboratories, NL
4:40 ZnCdSe-ZnSe Cladded Quantum Dots using Photoassisted Microwave Plasma (PMP) Enhanced Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition for Lasers and Electroluminescent Phosphors
A. Rodriguez, R. Li, P. Yarlagadda, F. Papadimitrakopoulos, W. Huang, J. Ayers and F. Jain, University of Connecticut, US
5:00 Growth of Ge nanowires by chemical vapour deposition technique
A.R. Phani, V. Grossi, M. Passacantando, L. Ottaviano and S. Santucci, National Institute of Nuclear Physic, IT
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6:00 Poster Session 1 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Advance Nanotech, booth #903Expo Hall
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NanoFab: Top DownExpo Hall
- Empirical analysis of metrological data fusion for dose control on nano scale lithography
M.M. Chu and J.H. Chou, National Cheng Kung University, TW
- Scalable Fabrication of Polymeric and Organic Nanomaterials using Particle Replication in Non-wetting Templates (PRINT) and Imprint Lithography
B.W. Maynor, G.M. Denison, J.P. Rolland, J.M. DeSimone, Liquidia Technologies, US
- Fabrication of Periodic Sub-100nm Patterns in SiO2 Template by Electron-beam Lithography
A. Chen, S.J. Chua and P. Chen, Singapore-MIT Alliance, National University of Singapore (NUS), SG
- High-density Optical Disk Mastering Using Electron Beam Lithography with Modified LIGA Demolding Mechanism
C.H. Chao and C.T. Pan, National Sun Yat-Sen University, TW
- Nanopatterning and conductivity studies of the polymer film using atomic force microscopy
S. Sindhu, R.C. Advincula and S. Valiyaveettil, National university of singapore, SG
- Novel PDMS stamp for imprint lithography
I.S. Maeng, Samsung Electro-mechanics Co. Ltd., KR
- Microcontact Printing of AgX Nanoparticle Arrays
Z.Y. Zhang and C.Y. Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
- Design and Fabrication of Flexible OTFT Array by using Nanocontact Printing
J. Jo, K-Y Kim, E-S Lee and M. Esashi, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials(KIMM), KR
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NanoFab: Electronic and Microsystem ProcessesExpo Hall
- Programmable Three-Dimensional Microfluidic Fabrication by Direct-Write Assembly
E. Ghafar-Zadeh, D. Therriault and M. Sawan, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, CA
- Experimental Study of Micro-feeding of Fine Powders by a Vibrating Capillary Tube
J. Shi, M. Mahinfalah and B. Jang, North Dakota State University, US
- Multiple Wafer Bonding Offers Increased Throughput of High Brightness LEDs
D.N. Pascual, SUSS MicroTec, US
- Solid-State, On-demand Gas Generators as “Pneumatic Batteries” for Micro-Electronic Actuators and Fluid Delivery
W.N. Sawka, Digital Solid State Propulsion LLC, US
- The Pulsation Reactor Process - Large Scale Production of Nano-Sized Metal Oxide Powders in a Single Step
G. Fischer, L. Leidolph and U. Weitz, IBU-tec, DE

Tuesday May 9

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10:30 NanoFab: Top Down I - ProjectionRoom 200
 Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
10:30 Overview of Top Down Nanoscale Fab (invited)
A. Scherer, Caltech, US
11:00 Low cost PMMA based photo-masks for 3D grey scale micro-structuring applications
S. Lewis, R. Wheeler-Jones, R. Perks and V. Haynes, Cardiff university, UK
11:20 Use of Nanocrystalline Ceria in EUV Lithography Optics Polishing
P.G. Murray, T. Böhm and H. Maltor, Nanophase Technologies Corporation, US
11:40 Fabrication of 3D carbon microelectrodes for Li-Ion battery applications
G. Turon Teixidor, C. Wang and M.J. Madou, University of California, Irvine, US
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10:30 NanoFab: Bottom Up II - Self AssemblyRoom 203
 Session chair: Greg Bogart, Sandia National Labs, US
10:30 Feasibility Study of Directed Self-Assembly of Semiconductor Quantum Dots
L.H. Friedman and J. Xu, Pennsylvania State University, US
10:50 Facile Assembly of Nanoparticles into 2D Micro-structured Films by a Polymer-aided Self-organization Process
M.H. Nurmawati, P.K. Ajikumar, R. Renu and S. Valiyaveettil, National University of Singapore, SG
11:10 Reliability of Self-assembled Hydropobic Coatings: Chemical Resistance and Mechanical Durability
B. Kobrin, T. Zhang, M.T. Grimes, K. Chong, R. Nowak and J. Chinn, Applied Microstructures, US
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1:30 NanoFab: Top Down II - Direct Write - Sponsored by ASMLRoom 200
 Session chair: Joe Consolini, ASML, US
1:30 Nanogaps for fabrication of Molecular Devices
M.S. Kabir and P. Enokson, Chalmers University of Technology, SE
1:50 Femtosecond Inscription of the First Order Bragg Gratings in Pure Fused Silica
M. Dubov, V. Mezentsev and I. Bennion, Aston University, UK
2:10 Fabricating Nanoscale Features Using the 2-Step NERIME TSI Nanolithography Process
S.F. Gilmartin, K. Arshak, D. Collins, O. Korostynska and A. Arshak, Analog Devices, IE
2:30 Carbon nanostructures grown with electron and ion beam methods
P. Lemoine, S.S. Roy, P.D. Maguire and J.A.D. McLaughlin, University of Ulster, UK
2:50 10 Minute Break
3:00 Real-Time Drift Correction of a Focused Ion Beam Milling System
D. Freeman, B. Luther-Davies and S. Madden, Australian National University, AU
3:20 Dip Pen NanolithographyTM: Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Assembly – Top Down Nanostructures and Bottom Up Nanobio
J. Haaheim, NanoInk, Inc., US
3:40 Addressing the manufacturing gap for emerging nanotechnologies (invited)
K. Best, ASML, NL
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1:30 NanoFab: Bottom Up III - Thin Film ScienceRoom 203
 Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
1:30 Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles for Thin-Film Synthesis in Complex Microscale Geometries (invited)
H. Qiu, Y.-F. Su, J. H. Lee and W. Y. Lee, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
2:00 Superhydrophobic ZnO nanotowers
N. Saleema, D.K. Sarkar, M. Farzaneh and E. Sacher, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, CA
2:20 Focussed ion beam etching of the interfacial region of lead zirconate titanate thin film after laser-release from sapphire fabrication substrate
T. Chakraborty, B. Xu, J. Harrington, S. Chakraborty, Q. Zhang, R.E. Miles and S.J. Milne, University of Leeds, UK
2:40 Lotus effect on Al-surfaces
D.K. Sarkar, M. Farzaneh, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, CA
3:00 Nano-Composite Barrier Anodic Aluminum Oxide for ICD Capacitors
A.C. Geiculescu, J.L. Stevens and T.F. Strange, St. Jude Medical, US
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4:00 NanoFab: How to bring emerging nanotechnology to volume production - Sponsored by ASMLRoom 203
 Session chair: Rob van der Werf, ASML, NL
- K. Best, ASML, US
- B. Segal, Nantero, US
- J. Brown, SiTime, US
- J. Fragala, Nanoink, US
- J. Consolini, ASML, US
- A. Mirza, Suss, US
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4:00 Poster Session 2 and Nanotech Exhibit Reception hosted by Feinstein Kean Healthcare, booth #716Expo Hall
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NanoFab: Bottom UpExpo Hall
- Production of Nanodots by Ion Sputtering on Mechanical Polished (110) Si-Substrates
C. Ballesteros, A. Rodríguez and T. Rodríguez, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, ES
- Controlled Growth of Aligned ZnO Nanowires
S.H. Dalal, D.L. Baptista, K.B.K. Teo and W.I. Milne, Cambridge University, UK
- Arrays of Cu2+-Complexed Organic Clusters Grown on Gold Nano Dots
A. de Picciotto, A.D. Wissner-Gross, G. Lavallee and P.S. Weiss, Montclair State University, US
- Interpretation of Anomalous Photoluminescence Peak in GaAs1-xNx Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
W.J. Fan, W.K. Cheah, S.F. Yoon, D.H. Zhang, R. Liu and A.T.S. Wee, Nanyang Technological University, SG
- Large scale synthesis of ordered silver nanoparticles for superhydrophobic and anti-icing application
A. Safaee, D.K. Sarkar and M. Farzaneh, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, CA
- Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline GaP
S.L. Pyshkin, J. Ballato, G. Chumanov, J. DiMaio and A.K. Saha, Academy of Sciences, Kishinev, Moldova and Clemson University, SC, US
- Customization of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Pads: Nanotechnology in Action
P.K. Roy, J.Y. Jendricks and M. Deopura, Neopad Technologies Corporation, US
- Broadcast Photonic Curing of Metallic Nanoparticle Films
K.A. Schroder, S.C. McCool and W.R. Furlan, Nanotechnologies, Inc., US
- Novel Design of Molecular Integrated Circuits and Molecular Nanoarchitectronics
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
- Electrophotographic Direct-Write for Electronics
C. Wagner, R. Patwardhan, B. Jang and M. Mahinfalah, North Dakota State University, US
- Rare Earth-Substituted BI 4Ti3O12 Nanocrystalline Thin Films: Synthesis and Ferroelectric Characterization
M.S. Tomar, S. Dussan- Devia, R.S. Katiyar and O. Perales-Perez, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus, PR
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6:00 NanoFab: Top Down III - ReplicationRoom 203
 Session chair: Greg Bogart, Sandia National Labs & Stanley Pau, University of Arizona, US
6:00 Nanostructure Engineering  –– from fabrication to device applications (invited)
J. Guo, University of Michigan, US
6:30 Replication of Highly-Hydrophobic Surface with Micro/Nano Combined Structures from Nature
S.M. Lee and T.H. Kwon, Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR

Wednesday May 10

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8:30 Keynote - Nanotech Materials and Chemistry: NanoFab: Nano ElectronicsRoom 210
 Session chair: Leo Ocola, Argonne National Lab, US
8:30 Integrating soft and hard materials in nanoscale based devices (invited)
N. Petersen, NRC-CNRC, CA (speaker biography)
9:15 Nanotechnology and Energy, the Smalley Vision: Be a Scientist-- Save the World (invited)
W. Adams, Amy Jaffe and Richard Smalley(deceased), Smalley Institute, Rice University, US (speaker biography)
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10:30 Characterization: Spectroscopy and Electric: ''electronics & bonding''Room 210
 Session chair: Stanley Pau, University of Arizona, US
10:30 Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Palladium Nanoparticle Reinforced Fluoropolymer Composites
J. Spicer, K. See, Y. Katsumi, D. Zhang, J. Brupbacher and T. Vargo, Johns Hopkins University, US
10:50 Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy: Measuring Optical Properties at the Nanometre Scale
V. Keast and M. Bosman, University of Sydney, AU
11:10 Evidence of surface defects in ultrathin tetrahedral amorphous carbon films probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
S.S. Roy, R. McCann, P. Papakonstantinou, G.A. Abbas and J.A. McLaughlin, University of Ulster, UK
11:30 Investigation of the Piezoresistive Properties of Nano Structured Amorphous Carbon for Force Sensor Applications
H. Lüthje, S. Biehl, R. Bandorf, J.-H. Sick, E. Peiner and A. Tibrewala, Fraunhofer IST, DE
11:50 Experimental mechanical stress characterization of MEMS by using of confocal laser scanning microscope with a Raman spectroscopy interface
M. Yamaguchi, S. Ueno, I. Miura and W. Erikawa, Technical Research Institute Japan Society for the promotion of machine industry, JP
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4:00 Nano PhotonicsRoom 200
 Session chair: Stanley Pau, University of Arizona, US
4:00 An Overview of Advances in Nano Photonics (invited overview presentation)
B. Goldberg, Boston University, US (speaker biography)
4:30 Raman and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy Investigations of ZnO Nanostructures
B. Chen, H.T. Ng and C. Chen, NASA Ames Research Center, US
4:50 Numerical Modeling of Nanoscale Silicon Photodetectors that Use Electromagnetic Resonance Modes to Enhance Performance
D. Crouse and P. Keshavareddy, The City College of New York, US
5:10 Nanoparticle optical memory function
B.F. Soares, M.V. Bashevoy, K.F. MacDonald, F. Jonsson and N.I. Zheludev, University of Southampton, UK
5:30 Developing PbSe/PbS Core-Shell Nanocrystals Quantum Dots (NQDs) for Light Emitting NQD/Silicon Heterojunctions
J. Xu, D. Cui, S. Xu, G. Paradee, F. Zhang and T. Zhu, Pennsylvania State University, US
5:50 II-VI Semiconductor Quantum Wire Fabrication and Application to IR Detection
D.T. Crouse, M. Crouse, S. Mahapatra and A.A. Ikram, City College of New York, US
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6:00 Poster Session 3 and ReceptionHall D
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Nanoscale Electronic DevicesHall D
- Numerical Simulation of Drain-Current Transients and Current Compression in GaN MESFETs
H. Takayanagi, K. Itagaki and K. Horio, Shibaura Institute of Technology, JP
- Novel FD SOI Devices Structure for Low Standby Power Applications
M-W Ma, T-S Chao, K-S Kao, J-S Huang and T-F Lei, National Chiao Tung University, TW
- Modeling strained SiGe buried channel p-MOSFETs: Band-structure and Detailed Quantum Effects
S. Krishnan, D. Vasileska and M.V. Fischetti, Arizona State University, US
- Audio Signal Processing Using Mixed Hardware-Software Approach
A. Rominski, Z. Ciota and A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
- Electrical and Optical Nanosensors
A. Koeck, R. Hainberger, R. Heer, M. Kast, T. Maier and C. Stepper, ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH, AT
- Phenyl–Terminated Self Assembled Monolayers on Si(100) for Low Voltage Transistor Applications
A. Sim, J. Harper, H. Zareie, M. James and N.K. Singh, The University of New South Wales, AU
- Solar-Blind Dual-Band UV/IR Photodetectors Integrated on a Single Chip
D. Starikov, C. Boney, R. Pillai and A. Bensaoula, Integrated Micro Sensors Inc., US
- Thermal Noise and Bit Error Rate Limits in Nanoscale Memories
L. Forbes, M. Mudrow and W. Wanalertlak, oregon state university, US
- Towards self-assembled capacitor structures for memory-like devices
X. Zhu, P. Evans, W.R. Hendren, D. O’Connor, R.J. Pollard, J.M. Gregg, R.M. Bowman, F.D. Morrison and J.F. Scott, Queen’s University of Belfast, UK
- Adhesion Properties, Interfacial Evolution between OSP, Electroplated Nickel Gold, Electroless Nickel Gold (ENIG) Substrates and Sn-Ag-Cu-xCNT, Sn-Ag-Cu-x Nano particles (x= 0 to 1wt %) Solder Spheres
K. Mohan Kumar, V. Kripesh, A.A.O. Tay, National University of Singapore, SG
- Debunking an Urban Legend: Uniformity in Edge-Lit Frustrated TIR Displays
M.G. Selbrede, Uni-Pixel Displays, Inc., US
- Three-Dimensional Simulation of Polysilicon Thin Film Transistors with Single-, Double-, and Surrounding-Gate Structures
Y. Li and B-S Lee, National Chiao Tung University, TW
- FPGA-based Neutron Radiation Tolerant Microcontroller
D. Makowski, G. Jablonski, M. Grecki, J. Mielczarek and A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
- Research of Fault-Tolerant Computing Using COTS Elements
B. Swiercz, D. Makowski and A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
- Kinetics in two Phase-Observe Interaction and Identify the Binding Parameters
V. Yadav and A. Pandey, University Grant Commission, IN
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NanoPhotonicsHall D
- Nanostructured Metal as Optical Magnetic Wall
A.S. Schwanecke, Y. Chen, V.A. Fedotov, A.V. Rogacheva, P.L. Mladyonov, S.L. Prosvirnin and N.I. Zheludev, University of Southampton, UK
- Modelling post-aligned bi-stable nematic liquid crystal display
M. Zyskin, University of Bristol, UK
- Influence of Hole size on Extraordinary Transmission through Periodic Perforated Hole Arrays
M-W Tsai, T-H Chuang and S-C Lee, Electronic Engineering, TW
- Highly Photo-Stable Type-I PbSe/SnSe and PbSe/SnS Colloidal Core/Shell Quantum Dots
J. Shan, F.C.J.M. van Veggel, M. Raudsepp, A.G. Pattantyus-Abraham and J.F. Young, University of Victoria, CA

Thursday May 11

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8:30 Keynotes - NanoFab: Nano ElectronicsRoom 112
 Session chair: Leo Ocola, Argonne National Laboratory, US
8:30 Nanomanufacturing Challenges (invited)
D. Eaglesham, Applied Materials, US (speaker biography)
9:15 Nanotechnology from the bottom up: Light-directed Synthesis of DNA molecules (invited)
F. Cerrina, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US (speaker biography)
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10:30 NanoFab: Metrology and CharacterizationRoom 112
 Session chair: Warren Lai, Lucent, US
10:30 Local diffuse light scattering and surface inspection
M. Caumont and W.S. Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
10:50 Comparison of Roughness Measurements Between a Contact Stylus Instrument and an Optical Measurement Device Based on a Color Focus Sensor
R. Danzl, F. Helmli and S. Scherer, Alicona Imaging GmbH, AT
11:10 Tip-enhanced optical spectroscopy of single-walled carbon nanotubes
N. Anderson, A. Hartschuh and L. Novotny, University of Rochester, US
11:30 Field Enhancement and Work Function Difference of IrO2 Nano-Emitter Arrays using EFM and SKPM Spectroscopy
D.C.-S. Chiang, P.Z.-F. Lei, R. Barrowcliff and F. Zhang, Washington State University and Sharp Corporation, US
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1:30 NanoFab: Interfacing Top Down with Bottom-upRoom 112
 Session chair: Warren Lai, Lucent, US
1:30 Microsphere templating as means of enhancing the sensitivity of thin film metal-oxide gas sensors
A. Rothschild, I-D Kim, T. Hyodo and H.L. Tuller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
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1:50 NanoFab: Design and ArchitectureRoom 112
 Session chair: Warren Lai, Lucent, US
1:50 Self-Healing Wire-Streaming Processors on 2-D Semiconductor Nanowire Fabrics
T. Wang, M. Bennaser, Y. Guo and C.A. Moritz, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
2:10 Approximate Pattern Matching in Nanotechnology
V. Annampedu and M.D. Wagh, Agere Systems Inc., US
2:30 A Nano-Scale Module with Full Spin-Wave Interconnectivity for Integrated Circuits
M.M. Eshaghian-Wilner, A. Khitun, S. Navab and K.L. Wang, UCLA, US

Announcement and Call for Participation

About NanoFab

The largest gathering in the field worldwide, NanoFab is the premier technical forum for presenting the latest research and development in nanofabrication technologies, devices and applications.


Nanotechnology promises an unprecedented era of innovation across multiple disciplines and diverse applications. Its pursuits and activities are proliferating with different approaches, from top-down to bottom-up to converging techniques, and with varying degree of maturity from concept to commercialization. The key to realize nanotechnology's potential is still the ability to assemble and manufacture nano-scale devices, structures with dimensions smaller than 100nm. This conference will focus on all areas of nanofabrication that will accelerate nanotechnology's progress: innovative research to state-of-the-art development to cost-effective manufacturability in nanofabrication processes and technologies for current and novel devices and applications, including enabling and differentiating aspects in materials, metrology, characterization, and reliability.

Joint Meetings

The Nanotech 2006 Meeting, NanoFab & CCE Conferences, and the WCM workshop will be held at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Centrally located in Boston's popular Back Bay, this location is just steps from some of the city's most popular attractions. The convention center is connected to the conference headquarters Boston Sheraton Hotel, the Prudential Center and the upscale Copley Place Mall, offering more than 200 shops and restaurants, and is also just one block from famed Newbury Street, known for its designer boutiques.

The conference will start Sunday late afternoon with registration and reception, and adjourn Thursday afternoon. Technical sessions run Monday through Thursday. Exhibits are open Monday through Tuesday.

The conference Technical Proceedings, consisting of articles submitted by authors of both oral and poster presentations will, be distributed to participants at registration.

In addition to the Technical Program, an exciting series of Social Events are being prepared to allow attendees ample opportunity to interact socially and enjoy the sights and sounds of Boston.

Journal Submissions

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience

Selected Nanotech Proceedings papers will be reviewed and invited into a Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience.

For consideration into this Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, please select the "Submit to Journal of Experimental Nanoscience" button during the on-line submission procedure. Please note that you may only select a single journal during the submission process.

Topics and Application Areas


Nanofabrication techniques involving growth, patterning and assembly can cover:

  • lithography by e-beam, laser milling, STM, ion beam, imprint, emboss, EUV, or process enhancement
  • etching pushing the nano-limits for novel material and structure with unconventional shape and profile or high-aspect ratio
  • material growth and deposition by MBE, MOCVD, ALD, layer-by-layer, spin-on, 3D nanostructure engineering, selective growth, or colloidal-assembly
  • non-conventional patterning approaches, including self-assembly, direct laser writing, interference lithography, two-photon absorption, and combination of top-down and bottom-up techniques
  • new materials, nano-particles, organic and biofunctional structures, novel processes, and challenges
  • electrochemical synthesis, dynamics at solid-liquid interfaces, and superhydrophobic surfaces
  • design, simulation, systems, and architectures that enhance nanofabrication
  • metrology and characterization, electrochemical and time resolved metrology, AFM, and nano-analysis for homo- and hetero-interfaces
  • standards, reliability, cost-effectiveness and industrial implementation of nanofabrication technologies.

Nano-devices can encompass optical, electrical, chemical, fluidic, acoustic, magnetic, piezoelectric, and other technologies. Emphasis will be on development of novel design and fabrication for nanotechnology applications:

  • optical, electrical and Terahertz sensor devices and network
  • laser: novel types, materials, and application
  • waveguide: fiber and integrated
  • MOEMS, MEMS, and NEMS for nano-applications
  • resonators and switches
  • nano-structure, carbon nanotube, nano-wire, nano-bridges, nano-dots
  • molecular and nano-electronics, organic and chalcogenide devices
  • genomics and proteomics, and nano-scaffold for bio-applications
  • micro- and nano-fluidic devices, liquid devices for electronics and photonics, catalytic activity, chemical reactor, lab-on-a-chip application, fuel cells, and crystal growth chamber
  • mechanical, acoustic, magnetic, and piezoelectric devices
  • devices based on plasmonics and surface enhanced phenomena in Raman scattering, nonlinear spectroscopy, infrared absorption, and photochemistry
  • hybrid, multifunctional, and other technologies.

All papers on nano-applications in photonic, microelectronic, telecommunication, chemical, biotech, medical, pharmaceutical, homeland security, environmental, agricultural, consumer, and transportation are relevant. The primary focus is on innovative fabrication that significantly advances current application and enables novel nano-application.

Nanofabrication papers that have significant overlap with other Nanotechnology Conferences at NSTI Nanotech may be presented in joint sessions to enhance the synergism of the Nanotechnology Conferences.

Conference Organization


Conference Chairs

Warren Y. Lai, Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories and New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium
Leonidas E. Ocola, Argonne National Laboratory
Stanley Pau, University of Arizona

Program Committee

Adekunle Adeyeye, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Robert H. Austin, Princeton University
Ronald S. Besser, Stevens Institute of Technology
Gregory R. Bogart, Sandia National Labs
Dustin W. Carr, Sandia National Labs
Chorng-Ping Chang, Applied Materials, Inc.
Charles Kin P. Cheung, Rutgers University
Zhixiong Guo, Rutgers University
Takamaro Kikkawa, Hiroshima University (Japan) and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)
Dirk G. Kurth, Max-Planck-Institut fur Kolloid und Grenzflachenf (Germany)
Nicolaas F. de Rooij, Univ. de Neuchatel (Switzerland)
Vivian Ng, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Andres H. La Rosa, Portland State University
Sergey D. Lopatin, KLA-Tencor Corp.
Sergei Magonov, Veeco Instruments
Omkaram Nalamasu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
John A. Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gary Wiederrecht, Argonne National Laboratory
Guy A. DeRose, California Institute of Technology

Conference Operations Manager

Sarah Wenning, Nano Science and Technology Institute, USA

In Association with

ICCN 2006 2006 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show
Nanotech 2006
CCE 2006 2006 International Conference on Clean & Controlled Environments
CCE 2006
MSM 2006 Eighth International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems
MSM 2006
ICCN 2006 2006 International Conference on Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
ICCN 2006
WCM 2006 2006 Workshop on Compact Modeling
WCM 2006
BioNano 2006 2006 NSTI Bio Nano Conference and Trade Show
BioNano 2006
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