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HEPA Corporation

HEPA Corporation’s advanced engineering and manufacturing constantly elevate the state-of-the-art in air filtration performance.

HEPA Corporation manufactures high efficiency particulate air filters and related products including, but not limited to, fan filter modules, ducted modules, roomside replaceable modules, and gridless cleanroom ceilings. Filters are of the hepa and ulpa type with efficiencies ranging from 95% @ 0.3 microns to 99.99999+% @ 0.12 microns. Filters are manufactured for disk drive, cleanroom, medical device, nuclear, semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical and other industries requiring contamination control. Also manufactured are special type filters for hospital applications such as vector filters, as well as ceiling filters for surgical and patient environments.

As a company dedicated to energy conservation, we promote the slogan “DISCOVER THE POWER OF THE ENERGY SAVER®” to describe our filters’ ability to save energy costs of 50-60%, reduce equipment costs and payback as soon as 12 months.

Furthermore, HEPA ENERGY SAVER® filters offer higher efficiencies and longer life without sacrificing our commitment to highest quality.

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