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ReVase, Inc., a Subsidiary of Reveo, Inc.

What would be the implications of sequencing the entire human genome for under ten seconds, using a desktop instrument that is priced under $10,000? ReVase, Inc., a subsidiary of Reveo, Inc., is describing its invention based on nanotechnology and innovative physical rather than chemical methods. The company is presenting its concept to invite investors and strategic partners. If the above sounds far fetched, try to put these enabling technologies together:

  • making probes with super-nanometer sizes
  • optically enhanced analytic tunneling spectroscopy
  • sub-Angstrom motion control
  • the manipulation of DNA and RNA strands
  • sophisticated electronics for noise reduction

This breakthrough concept is invented by Dr. Sadeg Faris, who had previously invented the world’s fastest superconducting oscilloscope. This novel sequencing concept is analogous to the concepts that led to the introduction of the fastest oscilloscope. The difference between the two concepts is that one is based on temporal information; the other is based on spatial information. The underlying technology is protected with issued patents and patent applications.

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