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Detroit Regional Economic Partnership

Detroit Regional Economic Partnership

The Detroit Regional Economic Partnership is a business development organization representing the southeast Michigan region and its businesses. At Nanotech 2006, we are launching our innovation initiative. Through global B2B relationships, we unite creators of innovative technologies with companies seeking solutions, regardless of industry. Come to our booth and see what we mean.

In the booth will also be Oakland County’s Emerging Sectors® program which facilitates partnerships and collaborations between existing businesses in Oakland County and companies looking to expand into North America. It assists micro and nanotech companies to identify and promote new applications for their technologies and links R&D projects at universities with prospective companies. The program continues to identify and increase sources of venture capital and continues to attract and develop a highly-skilled workforce.

Michigan Small Tech Association’s (MISTA) goal is to foster interaction between business and research elements as it relates to MEMS, Microsystems, and nanotechnology innovation. MISTA works with researchers, startup producing and technology consuming companies on all aspects of small technology integration. MISTA is a state supported initiative providing knowledge and media presence for this emerging sector.

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