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Nanoporous Zr-based media for removal of Arsenic in Water

H. Chen, D.A. Clifford, G. Samanta, M. Wang and P. Swaminathan
Inframat Corporation, US

zirconia, zirconium hydroxide, lead, heavy metal ions, filtration, adsorption

Lead is rarely found in source water, but enters tap water through corrosion of plumbing materials in household and water service lines. Homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead plumbing. However, new homes are also at risk: even legally “lead-free” plumbing may contain up to 8 percent lead. This can leach significant amounts of lead into the water for the first several months after their installation. Lead contamination in drinking water is really a distribution problem. One of the treatments is to add corrosion inhibitor to the drinking water, such as orthophosphate, to control corrosion. It works by forming a protective coating inside pipes, so that lead leaches from service lines and customer’ plumbing systems will be reduced. However, side effects from additives is always a concern. Another choice is to install point-of-use device at the end of tap. Inframat’s nanostructued Zr-based media is highly porous and possesses very high specific surface area. The materials were made into filter cartridges and evaluated dynamically by Omnipure Filter Company. The results showed that Inframat’s Zr-media is highly effective for removal of Pb(II) from drinking water. We are currently working toward commercialization of the media for point-of-use applications.

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