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Polysaccharide based Nanoparticles and Nanoporous matrices

P. Fojan, K. Schwach-Abdellaoui, K. Tommeraas, L. Gurevich and S.B. Petersen
Aalborg University, DK

nanoparticles, polysaccharide nano particles, nano structured polysaccharide matrices, nano porous biopolymers

We have successfully obtained good quality SPM images of the gel state of selected polysaccharides. The images reveal a surprisingly flat surface richly decorated with 30-50 nm deep pores. This type of insight we believe will be essential for the design of efficient coatings capable of e.g. masking and thus reducing the prevalent toxicity that many inorganic nanoparticles exhibit.
The study of the formation, stability and the key factors responsible for the formation and stability of polysaccharide derived nano particles and nano structured surfaces will enable us in the future to improve bio compatibilisation of cell toxic material, together with new immobilisation approaches, which are currently in development will allow for novel bio nanoparticles derived pharmaceutical formulations. The unique properties of polysaccharide derived nano porous surfaces will not only allow for size selection of nano particles by fitting into these pores, but their ability to withold substantial amounts of not only water, but also in the case of tissue engineering approaches also other essential factors necessary for cell growth, will largely improve our abilities to not only grow cells ex vivo, but also to engineer surfaces where cells can attach to similar to their arrangement in tissue.

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