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Mechanical Properties Measurement of Nanowires Anisotropic Conductive Film by Nanoindentation Technique

Y-Y Hsu, R-J Lin, T-Y Kuo, Y-Y Su, R-H Uang and H-C Cheng
Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW

nanowires, nano-indentation, mechanical properties, reduced-modules

In this investigation, a new type of anisotropic conductive film composed by nanowires and polymer was developed. Anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) film was uses as a template to obtain cobalt nanowires by electro-deposition. Low viscous polymer were spread over and filled into the gaps of pillar-like nanowires array after surface treatment by oil-acid. And then laser ablation was used to remove the excess polymer covering the tips of nanowires. Because the nanowires have to keep well anisotropic conductive property during electronic-packaging fabrication, the materials behaviors of nanowires such as modulus, CTE, and thermo-conductivity were important for understanding reliability issues and concerns. In this investigation, namowires anisotropic conductive film was fabricated with 30um in thickness and 200nm in diameter of each nanowire. Nano-indentation technique was then performed to determine themechanical properties of film in out of plane by indenting the surface of nanowires film. The tip of nano-indentation was 300nm in diameter and measured method was force-control. The surface roughness and indented shape performed by AFM-mode were also reported in this paper. The mean value of reduced-modulus is 14.471GPa and the standard deviation is 2.578GPa. These statistical results were based on 102 data points with high consistency.

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