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2005 Exhibitor & Sponsor Testimonials

In our experience, NSTI is one of the premier conferences for the nanotech industry. The show provides an ideal venue for industrial, academic and governmental organizations to share common technology objectives and drive the commercialization of nanotechnology discoveries. Advance Nanotech will definitely be attending 2006.
Magnus Gittins, CEO, Advance Nanotech, Inc.
We were swamped at the booth for the two full days...I actually got a bruised hand from handshaking.
Alan Rae, VP for Business Development and Marketing, Nanodynamics., Inc.
NSTI Nanotech 2005 was key to helping our company understand the nanotech landscape from technology and business perspectives. As nanotechnology grows and diversifies, this world-class event will remain a key focal point for interdisciplinary interactions for years to come. Looking forward to Nanotech 2006 in Boston!
Sean Dingman, Ph.D., Product Manager, Materials Science Group, Sigma-Aldrich
The attendees (Nanotech) are of a caliber where they can make technical and commercial decisions to select appropriate technologies. They are our buyers.
Alan Feinstein, President, Nanomotion, Inc.
Part of the attraction was the diversity. This nano thing really works the linkages between chemistry, physics and the life sciences.
Many of our customers also exhibit at NSTI Nanotech, the quality of leads generated far exceeds other conventions, and new business has been generated from the show.
Alan Feinstein, President, Nanomotion, Inc.
Boy has it grown.
Having just returned from NSTI (Nanotech), I want to congratulate Matt Laudon and his NSTI team on a fabulous event.
Vincent Caprio, Event Director, Nano Business Alliance
I came away with over 100 business cards and talked real applications for our products in areas as diverse as cosmetics, building products, composites, space flight and electronics ranging from TVs to cell phones.
Boston next year should be even better.
The NSTI Nanotech Conference provides an exceptional forum to demonstrate our high precision products to a focused audience with real needs for our products.
We actually far exceeded our marketing objectives for this event-the nano space is becoming very important for us and NSTI Nanotech is the premiere event.
I really enjoyed the meeting.  It was the most highly concentrated example of good people I have seen.  Too often meeting organizers tend to "staple together" contributions without actively assembling the very best speakers they can.  Not so for NSTI
Both of my interactions with NSTI have served as excellent examples that clearly demonstrate an attention to detail on your part that I admire a lot.  You all deserve a lot of credit for the good work and I was simply pleased to be a part of such a fun program.
Patrick T. Spicer, Procter and Gamble Company
My business associate Roger Smith and I attended the Summit in Alexandria and wanted to express to NSTI that we learned a tremendous amount of information from the classes and speakers at the Summit. I especially want to thank Wofgang Bacsa, Daneil Resasco, and Meyya Meyyappan for the course on Carbon Nanotubes. Originally we were concerned that the information might be presented at too high an academic level and found that both the pace and content were excellent. Personally, I recommend that companies, academic organizations, and government organizations that need to have a better understanding of this exciting field start with your format.
Thanks again for the great experience.

Wayne Whitt — President, Idaho Space Materials, Inc
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