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Great part of Veneto Nanotech’s mission is dedicated to support R&D activities, to strengthen the existing infrastructure (Nanofab and ECSIN)Nanotechnology research in Veneto is very advanced. More than 600 Professors, Researchers and PhD Candidates are employed in local Universities and Research Centers. Such concentration of competences can also count on a series of links and collaborations with international Universities and Research Institutes.

Veneto Nanotech intends to:

  • create an area of international excellence
  • develop and reinforce the existing competences aiming at attracting both Italian and foreign researchers;
  • establish high profile technological centres for applied-research projects;
  • foster and provide access to private investments in research;
  • divulge the opportunities offered by nanotechnology for both process and product innovation.

Research into Nanotech:

  1. Nanostructures for chemical and biochemical sensors
  2. Removal of layers with high tribological properties and resistance against corrosion
  3. Nanostructured material for protective or decorative coating
  4. Removal of thin films with nanometric dimensions and thick coating made of nanocomposites of organic, inorganic or hybrid type
  5. Construction of micro arrays aimed at studying genomics and proteomics
  6. Development of nanocomposited polymeric systems
  7. Development of light alloy nanostructured materials
  8. Nano-eco tox;
  9. Evaluation of potential toxicity of nanomaterials in all production life cycle (human and environmental aspects);
  10. Social and ethical aspects of nanotechnology impact (juridical framework)

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