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Nanotech 2005 Program - Tuesday May 10

Home Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Authors Keywords
8:00 Tuesday Keynotes - Nanotechnology for CancerGrand Ballroom F
 Session chair: Sri Sridhar and Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern, US
8:00 Addressing Challenges in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy in the 21st Century
T. Kipps, University of California, San Diego, US
(speaker biography)
8:40 New Nanocrystal Assemblies for us in Cancer Research
P. Alivisatos, University of California, Berkeley, US
(speaker biography)
9:20 Cell Adhesion & Extracellular Matrix Biology
E. Ruoslahti, Burnham Institute, US
(speaker biography)
8:30 Tuesday Keynotes - Government Nanotechnology Forum (Session 1)Grand Ballroom E
 Session chair: Brent Segal, Nantero and Lou Lome, Vialogy, Inc., US
8:30 The National Nanotechnology Initiative from a Policy Perspective: Where are we and where are we going?
C. Merzbacher, Office of Science and Technology Policy, US
(speaker biography)
9:15 National, DOD, Navy - Nanotechnology Program Perspectives
J. Murday, Office of Naval Research, US
(speaker biography)
8:30 WCM Opening Remarks and KeynotesSalon 5
 Session chair: Xing Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, SG
8:40 A History of MOS Transistor Compact Modeling
C-T Sah, University of Florida, US
(speaker biography)
9:30 WCM - 1Salon 5
 Session chair: Jamal Deen, McMaster University, CA
9:30 Advances in Charge-Based Compact MOSFET Modelling
M. Bucher, Technical University of Crete, GR
10:30 Nano Scale Electronics ProcessingSalon 3
 Session chair: Doug Resnick, Molecular Imprints, US
10:30 Nano Scale Electronics Processing - Overview
D. Resnick, Molecular Imprints, US
11:00 Dip Pen Nanolithography: Towards Industrial Nanoscale Processing
J. Fragala, NanoInk, Inc., US
11:30 Atomically Precise Manufacturing and the Role of Self-Assembly
J. Randall, Zyvex, US
10:30 Nanotechnology for Cancer - 1, Sponsored by National Cancer InstituteGrand Ballroom F
 Session chair: Sri Sridhar and Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern, US
10:30 NCI Cancer Nanotechnoogy Alliance
G. Downing, National Cancer Institute, US
(speaker biography)
11:00 Nanotechnology in Cancer
M. Ferrari, Ohio State University, US
(speaker biography)
11:30 Early Cancer Diagnosis
J. Frangioni, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University, US
10:30 Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 1: ApplicationsSalon 4
 Session chair: Fiona Case, Case Scientific, US
10:30 Soft Glasses and Gels - From Colloid Physics to Food Technology
P. Schurtenberger, University of Fribourg, CH
(speaker biography)
11:00 Application of Self-assembly Principles in Foods
M. Michel, P-A. Aichinger, E. Kolodziejczyk, L. Sagalowicz, E. Hughes, H.J. Watzke and M.E. Leser, NestlÈ Research Center, CH
11:30 Food Goes Nano -Novel Nano Sized Liquid Vehicles†and Technology for Solubilization of Nutraceuticals in Foods
N. Garti, Nutralease and Hebrew University, IL
10:30 Sensors and Networks: Systems of Microsystems -wireless sensor networksSalon J-K
 Session chair: Elena Gaura, Coventry University, UK
10:30 Instrumenting the World with Wireless Sensor Networks
D. Estrin, University of California, Los Angeles/CENS, US
(speaker biography)
11:15 Smart Dust: Concept > Macro > Micro > Nano
K. Pister, University of California, Berkeley, US
10:30 Nanofluidics and TransportSalon A-B
 Session chair: Achim Wixforth, University of Augsburg, Germany
10:30 Multiscale Modeling of Nanoflows
G. Drazer, A. Acrivos, B. Khusid and J. Koplik, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
10:50 Scaling of Electroosmotic Flow and Ionic Conductivity in Nanochannels
R. Qiao and N.R. Aluru, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, US
11:10 Characterization of a Solid State DNA Nanopore Sequencer using Multi-Scale (Nano-to-Device) Modeling
J.W. Jenkins, D. Sengupta and S. Sundaram, CFD Research Corporation, US
11:30 Understanding the Cytoplasmic Transport of Synthetic Gene Vectors
C. Pangarkar, A.-T. Dinh and S. Mitragotri, University of California Santa Barbara, US
11:50 Multiscale Computation of Fluid and Ion Transport in Nanochannels: The Effect of Partial Charges
S. Joseph, A.N. Chatterjee and N.R. Aluru, Beckman Institute of Advanced science and technology, US
10:30 Nano Composites - 1Salon C-D
 Session chair: Lutz Maedler, UCLA, US
10:30 Polymeric Nanocomposites Enabled by Controlled Architecture Materials
T.A. Shefelbine, R.E. Marx, J.M. Nelson, J.W. Longabach, M.L. Brostrom and M.I. Bucket, 3M Corporate Research, US
10:50 Effect of Nanoclay Content on Mechanical Behaviour of TGDDM Epoxy Nanocomposites
N.T.P. Huong, A. Crosky, B. Qi, D. Kelly and D.C. Li, The University of New South Wales, AU
11:10 The Impact of Nano-Materials on Coating Technologies
R.H. Cayton and T. Sawitowski, Nanophase Technologies Corporation, US
11:30 Investigation of Thermal and Mechanical Response of Nylon-6 Filaments with the Infusion of Acicular and Spherical Nanoparticles
H. Mahfuz, M.M. Hasan, V.K. Rangari and S. Jeelani, Tuskegee University, US
10:30 WCM - 1Salon 5
 Session chair: Jamal Deen, McMaster University, CA
10:30 Comparison of Surface Potential and Charge-based MOSFET Core Models
C. Galup-Montoro, M. Schneider, V.C. Pahim and R. Rios, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, BR
11:00 Introduction to PSP MOSFET Model
G. Gildenblat, X. Li, H. Wang, W. Wu, R. van Langevelde, A.J. Scholten, G.D.J. Smit and D.B.M. Klaassen, Pennsylvania State University, US
11:30 Unified Regional Charge-based Versus Surface-potential-based Compact Modeling Approaches
X. Zhou, S.B. Chiah, K. Chandrasekaran, G.H. See, W.Z. Shangguan, S.M. Pandey, M. Cheng, S. Chu and L.-C. Hsia, Nanyang Technological University, SG
10:30 Nanotechnology in the Aerospace IndustrySalon 1-2
 Session chair: Lynn Foster, Greenberg Traurig, US
- C.H. Volk, Northrop Grumman, US
- T. Hylton, SAIC, US
- A. Quintero, The Aerospace Corporation, US
- D. Hyman, XCom Wireless, Inc., US
10:30 Industry Perspectives: Best Pratices, Standards and Commercialization of Nanotechnologies - SEMI SponsoredSalon G-H
 Session chair: Ed Rashba, IEEE and Dan Gamota, Motorola
- J. Von Ehr, Zyvex, US
- D. Bishop, Lucent, US
- J. Tucker, Keithley Instruments, US
- T. Francis, SEMI, US
12:00 Exhibit and Lunch
1:30 Nano Scale Electronics ProcessingSalon 3
 Session chair: Doug Resnick, Molecular Imprints, US
1:30 Resolution Enhancement in Nanoimprinting by Surface Energy Engineering
G.Y. Jung, W. Wu, Z. Li, S.Y. Wang, W.M. Tong and R.S. Williams, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, US
1:50 Wafer Scale Aligned Sub-25nm Metal Nanowires on Silicon (110) using PEDAL Lift-off Process
S.R. Sonkusale, C.J. Amsinck, D.P. Nackashi, N.H. Di Spigna, D. Barlage, M. Johnson and P.D. Franzon, North Carolina State University, US
2:10 Self-Assembled Cluster Nanostructures and Nanodevices
S.A. Brown, J. Partridge, S. Scott, R. Reichel, A. Ayesh and K.C. Tee, Nano Cluster Devices Ltd, NZ
2:30 An Additive Soft-Lithography for Sub-Micron Patterning of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Resists on Electronic Materials
H. Ahn, K.J. Lee, W.R. Childs, A. Shim and R.G. Nuzzo, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
2:50 Aspect Ratio Improvement using the 2-step NERIME FIB Top Surface Imaging Process for Nano-lithography Applications
K. Arshak, S.F. Gilmartin, D. Collins, O. Korostynska and A. Arshak, University of Limerick and Analog Devices, IE
1:30 Nano Composites - 2Salon C-D
 Session chair: Lutz Maedler, UCLA, US
1:30 Electromagnetic Containerless Processing of Single-walled Nanotube Reinforced Metal-Matrix Composites
K. Wilson, Q. Zeng, E. Barrera and Y. Bayazitoglu, Rice University, US
1:50 Ultra High Strength Nanotube Based Composites: the Mechanism of Strength Increase
S. Giordani, M. Cadek, R. Blake, Y.K. Guníko, A. Dalton, J.M. Razal, R.H. Baughman, J.B. Nagy, W.J. Blau and J.N. Coleman, Trinity College Dublin, IE
2:10 Synthesis and Characterization of Perovskite Ca0.5Sr0.5MnO3 Nanoparticles in w/o-Microemulsions
A. LÛpez-Trosell and R. Schom‰cker, TU Berlin, DE
1:30 Nanotechnology for Cancer - 2, Sponsored by National Cancer InstituteGrand Ballroom F
 Session chair: Sri Sridhar and Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern, US
1:30 Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery
V. Torchilin, Northeastern University, US
2:00 Semiconductor Nanocrystal Probes for Human Chromosomes
P. Barker, NIST, US
1:30 Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 2: ApplicationsSalon 4
 Session chair: Fiona Case, Case Scientific, US
1:30 Self-Assembly and Directed Assembly of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers for Formulation of Nanostructured Fluids and Synthesis of Nanomaterials
P. Alexandridis, University at Buffalo - The State University of New York, US
(speaker biography)
2:00 Application of Polymer Self Assembly to Semiconductor Microelectronics
C. Black, IBM, US
(speaker biography)
2:30 Control Synthesis of Functional Nanoassemblies using Langmuir-Blodgett Method
H.-L. Wang, Z. Tang, Y. Gao, R.J. Magyar, S. Tretiak, A.P. Shreve, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
1:30 Sensors and Networks: Sensor Networks - applicationsSalon J-K
 Session chair: Deborah Estrin, University of California at Los Angeles, US
1:30 Speckled Computing
D.K. Arvind, University of Edinburgh, UK
2:00 Data Centric Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Dulman and P. Havinga, Twente University, NL
2:30 In Situ Atmospheric Profiling Using Mobile Ad-hoc Sensor Networks
M.L. Adams, J. Manobianco, J. Bickford and D.M. Manobianco, ENSCO, Inc., US
1:30 WCM - 2Salon 5
 Session chair: Dirk Klaassen, Philips Research Laboratories, NE
1:30 Mobility Extraction and Compact Modeling for FETs Using High-K Gate Materials
R.W. Dutton, Y. Liu, C.-H. Choi and T.W. Chen, Stanford University, US
2:00 The Effects of the Gate Tunneling Current on the High Frequency Noise Parameters of MOSFETs
J. Deen, J.C. Ranu·rez and C-H. Chen, McMaster University, CA
2:30 Correlated Noise Modeling and Simulation
C. McAndrew, G. Coram, A. Blaum and O. Pilloud, Freescale Semiconductor, US
1:30 Government Nanotechnology Forum (Session 2)Salon 1-2
 Session chair: Lou Lome, Vialogy, Inc., US
1:30 Funding of Nano-electronics Companies in the SBIR Program at the National Science Foundation
T.J. Rudd, National Science Foundation - Small Business Innovation Research Program, US
2:00 NNI Activities at the Department of Energy
K. Bennett, Department of Energy, US
2:30 TBA
K. Gardner, U.S. Department of Commerce, US
1:30 Tools for MEMS and NanotechnologySalon G-H
 Session chair: Joe Brown, Suss and Johannes Frˆhling, Jenoptik
- Hot Embossing for realizing Bio-MEMS and MOEMS applications
J. Frˆhling, Jenoptik Mikrotechnik GmbH, DE
- Nanotechnology Tool OverviewJ. Brown, Suss, US
- J. Evans, DARPA, US
- S. Jakeway, Micralyne, CA
- L.L. Sheet, SEMI, US
- D. Liepmann, UC Berkeley BSAC, US
- J. Dumas, SUSS Microtech, US
2:30 Exhibit and BreakMarquis Ballroom
3:00 Nanotechnology for Cancer - Panel, Sponsored by National Cancer InstituteGrand Ballroom F
 Session chair: Sri Sridhar and Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern, US
- G. Downing, National Cancer Institute, US
- E. Ruoslahti, Burnham Institute, US
- P. Alivisatos, University of California, Berkeley, US
- T. Kipps, University of California, San Diego, US
4:00 NEMS and MEMS FabricationSalon 3
 Session chair: Doug Resnick, Molecular Imprints, US
4:00 Wafer Scale Fabrication of Nano Probes for Atomic Force Microscopy
Q.L. Ye, H. Liu, A.M. Cassell, K-J Chao and J. Han, NASA Ames Research Center, US
4:20 Effect of Etchant Composition and Silicon Crystal Orientation on Etch Rate
D. Yellowaga, J. Starzynski, B. Palmer, J. McFarland and S. Drews, Honeywell, US
4:40 Fabrication of Complex Diffractive Structures in an Organic-Inorganic Hybrid and Incorporation of Silver Nanoparticles
F.H. Scholes, F.L. Smith and S.A. Furman, CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology, AU
5:00 Fabrication of Nanochannels with Microfluidic Interface using PDMS Casting on Si/Ti Nanomold
M.J. Rust, S. Subramaniam and C.H. Ahn, University of Cincinnati, US
5:20 Direct Patterning of Functional Materials via Atmospheric-Pressure Ion Deposition
T.E. Hamedinger, T. Steindl, J. Albering, S. Rentenberger and R. Saf, Graz University of Technology, AU
4:00 Government Nanotechnology Forum (Session 3)Salon 1-2
 Session chair: Brent Segal, Nantero and Louis Lome, IDA, US
4:00 Nanotechnology in the NIST Advanced Technology Program
D.A. Bansleben, NIST, US
4:30 National Cancer Institute Nanotechnology Initiative
G. Downing, NCI, US
5:00 Government Nanotechnology Forum (Session 4)Salon 1-2
 Session chair: Brent Segal, Nantero, US
- J. Murday, Office of Naval Research, US
- C. Merzbacher, Office of Science and Technology Policy, US
- T.J. Rudd, National Science Foundation - Small Business Innovation Research Program, US
- K. Bennett, Department of Energy, US
- J. Thompson, Commerce Department, US
- D.A. Bansleben, NIST, US
- G. Downing, National Cancer Institute, US
- C. Teague, NNCO, US
4:00 Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 3: ApplicationsSalon 4
 Session chair: Fiona Case, Case Scientific, US
4:00 Cubosome Formation Processes - Kinetic Effects and Consumer Product Implications
P. Spicer, Procter & Gamble, US
(speaker biography)
4:30 Nanostructured Fluids - Summary
F. Case, Case Scientific, US
4:00 Sensors and Networks: MEMS Sensors - design and integration for performanceSalon J-K
 Session chair: Kris Pister, Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center, US
4:00 Higher Order Sigma-Delta Modulator Interfaces for MEMS Capacitive Sensors
M. Kraft and Y. Dong, Southampton University, UK
4:30 Integrated Resonant Microstructures for Sensor and Timing Applications
A.A. Seshia, University of Cambridge, UK
5:00 MEMS Reliability Assessment ProgramMicro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Reliability Assessment Program for Department of Defense Activities
J.L. Zunino III, D. Skelton and R. Mason, U.S. Army Corrosion Office, US
4:00 Microfluidics: Electrokinetic TransportLa Jolla - Los Angeles
 Session chair: Friedhelm Schoenfeld, Institute of Microtechnology Mainz, Germany
4:00 Electrokinetic Instabilities and Sample Stacking
H. Lin, M.H. Oddy and J.G. Santiago, Stanford University, US
4:30 High Sensitivity, Microfluidic Immunoassays utilizing DNA-conjugated Antibodies to Accelerate the Electrophoretic Separation of Antigen-Antibody Complexes.
H.G. Wada, T. Kawabata, I. Kazakova, A. Simeonov, C. Park, P. Kechagia, M. Spaid, M. Watanabe and S. Satomura, Wako Pure Chemical Industries Ltd., US
4:50 Microfluidic Injector Models Based on Neural Networks
R. Magargle, J.F. Hoburg and T. Mukherjee, Carnegie Mellon University, US
4:00 Nano Devices and SystemsNewport Beach - Rancho Las Palmas
 Session chair: Narayan Aluru, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
4:00 Frequency Stability and Noise Characteristics of Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Nanoelectromechanical Resonators
X.L. Feng and M.L. Roukes, California Institute of Technology, US
4:20 Flame Made Nanoparticles for Gas Sensors
L. M‰dler, S.E. Pratsinis, T. Sahm, A. Gurlo, N. Barsan and U. Weimar, University of California, Los Angeles, CH
4:40 Nanomechanical Sensor Platform Based On Piezo-Resistive Cantilevers
J. Thaysen, M. Havsteen Jacobsen and L. Kildemark Nielsen, Cantion A/S, DK
5:00 Nanostructured Gas Microsensor Platform
D. Routkevitch, O. Polyakov, D. Deininger and C. Kostelecky, Synkera Technologies, Inc., US
5:20 RuO2 and Ru Nanoparticles for MISiC-FET Gas Sensors
A. Salomonsson, S. Roy, C. Aulin, L. Ojam‰e, P.-O. K‰ll, M. Strand, M. Sanati, A. Lloyd Spetz, IFM, SE
3:30 WCM - ForumSalon 5
 Session chair: Colin McAndrew, Freescale Semiconductor, US
3:30 Advanced Compact Models for MOSFETs
J. Watts, C. McAndrew, C. Enz, C. Galup-Montoro, G. Gildenblat, C. Hu, R. van Langevelde, M. Miura-Mattausch, R. Rios and C-T. Sah, Joint Paper, UN
4:00 WCM - Forum, Surface-potential Versus Charge Based Approaches to MOSFET Compact ModelingSalon 5
4:00 M. Bucher, Technical University of Crete, GR
4:12 C. Galup-Montoro, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, BR
4:24 G. Gildenblat, Pennsylvania State University, US
4:36 C. Hu, University of California at Berkeley, US
4:48 R. van Langevelde, Philips Research Laboratories, NE
5:00 M. Miura-Mattausch, Hiroshima University, JP
5:12 R. Rios, Intel, US
5:24 Y. Taur, University of California at San Diego, US
3:30 European Nanotechnology InitativesSalon G-H
 Session chair: Helge Hardacker, Lˆsung h2
- Nanotech Initiatives: Turbos for Business?H. Hardacker, Lˆsung h2, DE
- The Austrian NANO Initiative: Small Country with Strong Expertise
M. Haas and E. Glenck, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), AT
- The German NANO Initiative: Networking of Competence CentersG. Bachmann, ZT-Consulting, DE
- The Swiss NANO Initiative: After Inventing the STM ÖK. Knop, CSEM, CH
5:00 Nanotech Ventures - 6 (Biotech)Salon B
 Session chair: Rick Trecartin, Sponsored and Chaired by Dorsey and Whitney
5:00 D.E. Ackley, Nanotrope, Inc., US
5:15 D. Hill, Midatech Limited, UK
5:30 C.V. Herst, NanoTechLogic Corporation, US
5:45 M. Weiner, Biophan Technologies, Inc., US
6:00 P. Hastwell, Raustech Pty.Ltd., AU
5:00 Nanotech Ventures - 7 (Instrumentation and Tools)Salon C
 Session chair: Bill Prendergast, Sponsored and Chaired by Brinks Hofer Gilson and Lione
5:00 I.A. White, Focal Point Microsystems, US
5:15 B. Allman, Iatia Ltd, AU
5:30 N. Freedman, ionscope limited, UK
5:45 M. Watts, Molecular Imprints, US
6:00 T. Magnussen, Atomistix A/S, DK
6:15 S. Africk, Prodyne Corp., US
6:30 M.T. Michalewicz, Quantum Precision Instruments, Pty Ltd, AU
5:00 Nanotech Ventures - 8 (Sensors)Salon D
 Session chair: Darrell Brookstein, The Nanotech Company, US
5:00 J. Stroh, Applied Standard, Inc., US
5:15 N. Scharadin, BioNano Systems, Inc., US
5:30 C. Kjaer, Cantion A/S, DK
5:45 S. Kaye, CENTICE Corporation, US
6:00 J. Bindler, MET Tech, US
6:15 P. Banda, SENSIA, ES
6:15 Invest Australia - Business and Investment ReceptionVeranda
 Session chair: Australian Wine Tasting, 6-8pm
7:30 WCM - Panel, How to engage a diversified model developer community towards the same ultimate goal?Salon 5
 Session chair: Narain Arora, Cadence Design Systems, US, Moderator: Josef Watts, IBM, US
- M. Bucher, Technical University of Crete, GR
- G. Gildenblat, Pennsylvania State University, US
- K. Green, Texas Instruments, US
- C. Hu, University of California at Berkeley, US
- S-W. Lee, Intel, US
- M. Miura-Mattausch, Hiroshima University, JP
- S. Saha, Silicon Storage Technology, US
6:30 Poster Session - 1Grand Ballroom E-F
Drug Delivery
- Feasibility of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery to the Inner Ear
K. Dormer, N. Mamedova, R. Kopke, J. Liu, K. Chen, D. Gibson, R. Jackson, M. Costello and F. Mondalek, NanoBioMagnetics, Inc, US
- Polymeric Hybrid Microstructures for Smart Targeting and Drug Delivery
A. Dudia, J.S. Kanger and V. Subramaniam, University of Twente, NL
- Nano-Structured Vaccine Delivery
Y-W Yang and C-A Wu, National Taiwan University, TW
- Carbon Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Local Drug Delivery using Magnetic Implants
R. Fern·ndez-Pacheco, M.R. Ibarra, J.G. Valdivia, C. Marquina, D. Serrate, M.S. Romero, M. GutiÈrrez and J. Arbiol, Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon, ES
- pH-Responsive Hydrogel with Controlled Swelling and Degradation Rate
M. Trujillo-Lemon, C.N. Bowman and J.W. Stansbury, University of Colorado Denver and Health Sciences Center, US
- Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Multiple Biomedical Applications
H. Hofmann, A. Petri-Fink, B. Steitz, B. von Rechenberg, M. Hofmann and J. Juillerat, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, CH
- New Highly Efficient Non-invasive Nanoparticulate Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases
F.M. Sinner, Institute of Medical Technologies and Health Management, Joanneum Research, AT
- Multi-scale Drug Release Modeling for Targeted Oral Drug Delivery (TODD)
B.N. Haddish, C. Nyquist, K. Haghighi, H-A Wu, C. Corvalan, J. Rickus and A. Keshavarzian, Purdue University, US
- Nano-structured Chitosan Self-Aggregates as a Drug Delivery Carrier
M.S. Bae, I.C. Kwon, S.Y. Jeong and K.Y. Lee, Hanyang University, KR
- Enhanced Gene Delivery Efficiency in Resonant Acoustic Fields
Y-H Lee and C-A Peng, University of Southern California, US
- Protein Nanoparticles
T.P. Castor, Aphios Corporation, US
Nanotechnology for Cancer
- SERS Nanotags ñ a Highly Multiplexed Nanoparticulate Optical Detection Label for Biological Assays
S.G. Penn, R.G. Freeman, M. Sha, W. Doering and M.J. Natan, Nanoplex Technologies, US
- Maxitarg-A Novel Targeting Approach for Hepatic Cancer
G.S. Sonavane and P.V. Devarajan, Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology, IN
- Chemotaxis of Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells in Parallel Gradient Microfluidic Chambers
W. Saadi, S-J Wang, F. Lin and N.L. Jeon, University of California, Irvine, US
- (Salen)Mn(III) Compound as a Nonpeptidyl Mimic of Catalase: Theoretical Study of the Reaction Mechanism and Comparison with (Salen)Mn Catalyzed Epoxidation Activities
Y.G. Abashkin and S.K. Burt, National Cancer Institute, US
- Effect of High AC Magnetic Field on Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Hyperthermia and Radiation/Chemotherapy Applications
D. Belc, C. Chen, R. Roberts, M. Bettge, R. Arora and V. Mohite, Florida State University, US
- Reconstruction of Load-Bearing Defects in Oncology by Using Nanomodification of Implants
V.I. Chissov, I.V. Reshetov, E.A. Levashov, D.V. Shtansky, M.M. Filushin, S.S. Sukharev and I.A. Bashkova, Moscow Research Oncological Institute, RU
- The Evolution of Vievs of in vivo Use of Nanoparticles for Tumor Treatment
V.I. Chissov, I.V. Reshetov, P.N. Luskinovich, A.A Shepelev, G.D. Efremov, O.V. Matorin and S.S. Sukharev, P.A.Hertsen Moscow Research Oncological Institute (MROI), RU
- Photo-Enhanced Luminescence in Bio-conjugated Quantum Dots for Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers
M. Dybiec, N.E. Korsunska, P. Zhukov, S. Ostapenko, T. Sellers, A. Zajac and T. Zhukov, University of South Florida, US
- Optimal Design of Laser Surgery for Cancer Treatment Through Nanoshell-Mediated Hyperthermia Therapy
Y. Feng, N. Rylander, J. Bass, J.T. Oden and K. Diller, The University of Texas at Austin, US
- Electronic Sensing of Antibodies using Carbon Nanotube Devices
K. Teker, K. Sivakumar, E. Wickstrom and B. Panchapakesan, University of Delaware, US
Environmental and Health Studies
- Cellular Response to Nanoparticle Exposure
G.W. Erdos, D. Moraga, M. Palazuelos and K. Powers, University of Florida, US
- Nanomagnetic Immunoassay for Rapid Detection of Escherichia coli
Y. Haik, A. Qablan and C-J Chen, Center for Nanomagnetics and Biotechnology, US
- Size-Selective Active Compartmentalisation of Quantum Dots in Living Human Phagocytic Cells
S. Mitchell, D. Kelleher, Y. Guníko, Y. Rakovich, J.F. Donegan, N. Gaponik, A. Rogach and Y. Volkov, Trinity College, Dublin, IE
- Nanobiotechnology: Responsible Action on Issues in Society and Ethics
D.J. Bennett and D. Schuurbiers, European Federation of Biotechnology, NL
Bio Sensors
- Plasmon-enhanced Fluorescence Detection of Blood Metabolites in Biosensors
S. Klitgaard, T. Rasmussen, M.T. Neves Petersen and S.B. Petersen, Aalborg University, DK
- Ferromagnetic Ring-Shaped Biosensors
T. Mitrelias, J. Llandro, T. Hayward, F. van Belle, J. Ziling, W.S. Lew, Z. Wang and J. Pulfreyman, University of Cambridge, UK
- Synthesis of new Metal Complex - Biomolecule Hybrids as Redox Sensors for Specific Nucleobases
G. Gasser, A.M. Bond, B. Graham, Z. Kosowski and L. Spiccia, Monash University, AU
- Signal Amplification of Surface Plasmon Resonance based on Gold Nanoparticle-Antibody Conjugate and its Application to Protein Array
W. Lee, D-B Lee, Y-W Kim and J-W Choi, Sogang University, KR
- Microcantilever Array Sensor for DNA and RNA Detection
S. Cherian, M. Natesan, E. Macis, R. Cain, L. Tedeschi, L. Citti, I. Palchetti, S. Tombelli and R. Raiteri, University of Genova, IT
- The Use of Quartz Crystal Microbalance in Cell Differentiation Detection
C-J Shih, W-W Ke and C-H Lieu, Industrial Technology Research Institute/Electronics Research & Service Organization, TW
- Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as Platforms for the Design of Biosensors
E. Mendoza, E. Borowiak-Palen, K. Sharpe, S.G.M. de Silva, N. Mureau and S.R.P Silva, University of Surrey, UK
- Electrochemical Detection of Single-Nucleotide Mismatches: Application of M-DNA
E. Abu-Irhayem, Y-T. Long, T. Sutherland, C-Z Li, H-B Kraatz and J.S. Lee, University of Saskatchewan, CA
- A Novel Electrochemical Nitric Oxide Sensor: Aligned RuO2 Nanowires Deposited on Pt filament
C.Y. Wang, J. Liu, C.A. Piantadosi and B.W. Allen, Duke University, US
Computational Biology
- Applications of Parameterized Computation in Computational Biology
X. Huang, Arkansas State University, US
- Modeling of Cellular Communication by Means of Petrinets
I. Barjis, S. Berri and J. Barjis, New York City College of Technology, The City University of New Tork, US
- Computational Principles of Primer Design for Site Directed Mutagenesis
A. Novoradovsky, V. Zhang, M. Ghosh, H. Hogrefe, J.A. Sorge and T. Gaasterland, The Rockefeller University, US
- Modeling and Simulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism using Petri Net
I. Barjis, J.W Yoel, J. Barjis, S. Berri and Y.S. Ru, Polytechnic University, US
- Interaction of Coupled Particles Based on Lennard-Jones and Spring Forces in Brownian Ratchet Devices
R. Retkute and J.P. Gleeson, University College Cork, IE
- Application of Grid Focusing Methodology to Transport Monte Carlo Model for Ion Channel Simulations
G.A. Kathawala, T. van der Straaten and U. Ravaioli, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
- Classification and Analysis of Bursting Response of Neurons
N. Aslam and A.K. Sunol, University of South Florida, US
- A Multi-scale, Integrative Model of Cellular Electrophysiological Response Incorporating Intra/Extra-cellular Transport & Dynamics
J.J. Feng, S. Krishnamoorthy and S. Sundaram, CFD Research Corporation, US
- Systems Biology Conceptual Modeling by Means of Discrete-event Simulation (DNA-RNA-Protein)
J.W. Yeol, I. Barjis, J. Barjis, S. Berri and Y. Ryu, Polytechnic University, US
- Ion Channel Simulations by the TR-PNP Model and the Excess Chemical Potential Approach
S. Hu and K. Hess, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
- Johnson-Kendall-Roberts Theory Applied to Living Cells
Y-S Chu, S. Dufour, J.-P. Thiery, E. Perez and F. Pincet, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique de l'ENS, FR
- Bioinspired Miniaturization - Stretching Information from Coherence to Dissipation for Nano-to-Micro Integrated Intelligent Systems
S. Santoli, International Nanobiological Testbed Ltd., IT
Nano Fluidics and Transport
- Nanofilament Directional Control within a Hybrid Microelectronic Actin-Myosin Motility Assay via Integrated Electric Field Addressing
P. Famouri, H. Takatsuki, L.A. Hornak, K. Brown, R. Chilakamarri, A. Timperman, J. Lenke, P. Gannett and K. Kohama, West Virginia University, US
- Hyperselective and Targeted Separation of Analytes Using Multiple Dynamic Equilibrium Gradients Approach
Y. Markushin, A. Dawoud and R. Jankowiak, Ames Laboratory USDOE, US
Micro Fluidics and Lab-on-Chip
- An Analytical Model for the Prediction of Microdrop Extraction and Splitting in Digital Microfluidics Systems
J. Berthier, O. Raccurt, Ph. Clementz, D. Jary, P. Claustre, C. Peponnet and Y. Fouillet, CEA-LETI, FR
- Thermal Modulation and Instability of Viscous Microjets
E.P. Furlani, Eastman Kodak Company, US
- Development of Microfluidic Device for Heterogeneous Immunoassay on Polystyrene Platform with Electroosmotic Control
M. Pribyl, D. Snita and M. Marek, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, CZ
- Fast and Sensitive DNA Hybridization Through Micro- Fluidics
A.H. Marafie and M.J. Madou, University of California, Irvine, US
- Investigation of Volume of Fluids (VOF) Method and System Models for Design of Microfluidic Ink Delivery Apparatus for Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN)
D. Banerjee, Texas A&M University, US
- Modular Design Approaches for MicroFluidic Systems
M.J. Gilde, H. van den Vlekkert, H. Leeuwis and A. Prak, CapiliX BV, NL
- Mechanical Behavior of Micro-Drops in EWOD Systems: drop extraction, division, motion and constraining
J. Berthier, Ph. Clementz, D. Jary, O. Raccurt, P. Claustre, C. Peponnet and Y. Fouillet, CEA-LETI, FR
- The Manufacture and Preliminary Testing of a Novel Bio-MEMS Filtration Chip
P.T. Docker, M. Prince, P.K. Kinnell, M.C.L. Ward and X. Ma, Birmingham University, UK
- A Novel Microrheometer for Measuring Rheological Properties of Microquantities of Fluids
C.S. Lo, P.D. Prewett, M.C.L Ward and P.T. Docker, University of Birmingham, UK
- Design, Modelling and Simulation of a PZN-PT Actuated Micropump
D. Malleo, C. Haas and M. Kraft, University of Southampton, Microelectronics Group, UK
Catalysis Technologies, Fuel Cells and Physical Chemistry
- Effects of the Addition of TiO2 Nanoparticles for Polymer Electrolytes Based on Porous Poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene)/Poly(ethylene oxide-co-ethylene carbonate) Membranes
J-D Jeon, M-J Kim, J.W. Chung and S-Y Kwak, Seoul National University, KR
- Supported Mixed Metal Nanoparticles and PFA-Nafion Nanocomposite Membrane for Low Temperature Fuel Cells
K.Y. Chan, J.W. Ren, J. Liu, H.T. Wang, J. Ding, K.Y. Tsang and T.J. Lee, The University of Hong Kong, HK
- Nano Architecture MEA for Next Generation Fuel Cell
J. Schneider, G. Picard and M-F Seye, Nanometrix Inc., CA
- Viscoelastic Relaxation and Molecular Mobility of Hyperbranched Poly(epsilon-caprolactone)s in Their Melt State
H.J. Song, J. Choi and S-Y Kwak, Seoul National University, KR
- Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Star-Branched Poly(epsilon-caprolactone)s with Nanoscale Molecular Architectural Variation
J. Choi, H.J. Song and S-Y Kwak, Seoul National University, KR
Metallic Nano Structures
- Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles by Reduction of a Organometallic Precursor with Hydrogen
T.C. Golindano, S.I. MartÌnez, O.Z. Delgado and G.P. Rivas, Petroleos de Venezuela, VE
- Fabrication of Metal Oxide Coaxial Nanotubes using Atomic Layer Deposition
D-K Jeong, T-K Oh, H-J Shin, W.-G. Jung, J-G Lee, M-M Sung and J-Y Kim, Kookmin University, KR
- Bulk Nanostructured Metals by Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD)
M.J. Zehetbauer, M. Krystian and W. Lacom, Vienna University, AT
- Surface Plasmon Absorption of Metallic Nanostructures in an Amplifying Medium
A.Y. Smuk and N.M. Lawandy, Solaris Nanosciences Corporation, US
Nano Composites
- Plasma Manufacturing of Near-Net-Shape Large Scale Nanocomposite Structures ñ A Potential Bulk Nanofabrication Tool
P. Georgieva, V. Viswanathan, S.J. Hong, K. Rea and S. Seal, University of Central Florida, AMPAC, US
- Polymer Nanocomposite of Montmorillonite modified with Oligomeric Amine Derivatives
D-H Lee, H.D. Sung, S.K. Noh and W.S. Lyoo, Kyungpook National University, KR
- Imation Tera Angstromô Technology - Nanotechnology Applications
S.K. Kulkarni, Imation Corp., US
- Physical properties ZnO nanoparticle-filled Polyacrylonitrile
Y.H Cho, D.W. Chae, K.H. Lee, M.H Chang and B.C. Kim, Hanyang University, KR
- Effects of silver nanoparticle on rheological and other physical properties of syndiotactic polypropylene
K.H. Lee, D.W. Chae, Y.H. Cho, M.H. Chang and B.C. Kim, Hanyang University, KR
- Nano-Reinforcement of Epoxy Adhesives with POSS
W. Chian, C. Mallampalli and R.M. Winter, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
- Physical Properties of Ferrite Nanocomposites
M.H. Chang, D.W. Chae, Y.H. Cho, K.H. Lee and B.C. Kim, Hanyang University, KR
Nano Particles and Molecules
- Synthesis of Monodisperse Nanocrystals
W.W. Yu and V.L. Colvin, Rice University, US
- Characterization of Nanocrystalline PZT Synthesized via a Hydrothermal Method
S. Harada and S. Dunn, Cranfield University, UK
- Preparation of Functional LLDPE/LDPE/TiO2 Membranes
X. Wang, J-H Lee, X-Y Wang, C-E Hong, Chonbuk National University, KR
- Vibrating Nanotubeñbased Nano Powder Production System
I.S. Akhatov, B.Z. Jang, M. Rastgaar Aagaah, D.R. Schmidt, A.S. Mitlyng, M.B. Stewart and M. Mahinfalah, North Dakota State University, US
- Room-Temperature Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Monodisperse Transition Metal-Doped ZnO Nanocrystals
S.P. Singh, O. Perales-Perez, M.S. Tomar, A. Parra-Palomino and A. Ruiz-Mendoza, University of Puerto Rico, PR
- Low Temperature Synthesis of Nanosized Metal Oxides by a Supercritical Seed Enhanced Crystallization process (SSEC)
H. Jensen, K.D. Joensen, S.B. Iversen and E.G. S¯gaard, Aalborg University, DK
- Supercritical Hydrothermal Synthesis of Organic Inorganic Biomolecule Hybrid Nano Particles
T. Adschiri, S. Takami, M. Umetsu and S. Ohara, Tohoku University, JP
Surfaces and Films
- Durable Anti-Stiction Coatings by Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD)
B. Kobrin, J. Chinn and R.W. Ashurst, Applied Microstructures, Inc., US
- In-situ Quantitative Integrated Tribo-SPM Nano-Micro-Metrology
N. Gitis, A. Daugela and M. Vinogradov, CETR, US
- Field Emission of Nanostructured AlQ3 Amorphous Film and the Heat Treatment Effect
C-P Cho and T-P Perng, National Tsing Hua University, TW
- Surface Roughness as a Function of the DLC Thickness Coating
M.C. Salvadori, D.R. Martins and M. Cattani, University of Sao Paulo, BR
- A Novel Process for Flexible Nano Electronic Web Production
G. Picard, J. Schneider and M-F Seye, Nanometrix Inc., CA
- Transition Mechanisms and Phases of Hexane Physisorbed on Graphite
C.L. Pint, M.W. Roth and C. Wexler, University of Northern Iowa, US
- Fabrication of Hydrophobic Film using Plant Leaves from Nature
S.M. Lee, H.S. Lee and T.H. Kwon, Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR
- Cermet Ceramic Coating on Diamond Dresser for In-Situ Dressing of Chemical Mechanical Planarization
J.C-M Sung and K. Kan, Kinik Company, TW
Carbon Nano Structures
- Multi-Scale Modeling of Processing of Carbon Nanotubes
H.S. Choi, K.H. Kim, K-H Hong, J. Kim, H.S. Lee, J.K. Shin, A.V. Vasenkov, A.I. Fedoseyev and V. Kolobov, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KR
- Single and Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Deposition using Dedicated Microwave CVD System
R Gat, M.M. Maschmann, A. Goyal, Z. Iqbal and T.S. Fisher, Sekitechnotron USA, US
- Role of Nanoscale Topography on the Hydrophobicity: A Study of Fluoro-Based Polymer Film on Carbon Nanotubes
A.R. Phani, L. Lozzi, M. Passacantando and S. Santucci, University of L'Aquila, IT
- Amorphous Diamond Electron Emission for Thermal Generation of Electricity
J.C-M Sung, K. Kan, M. Sung, J-L Huang, E. Sung, C-P Chen, K-H Hsu and M-F Tai, Kinik Company, TW
- Near-Field Electrodynamics of Atomically Doped Carbon Nanotubes
I.V. Bondarev and Ph. Lambin, The Belarusian State University, Minsk, BY
- Continuous Mass Production of Fullerenes and Fullerenic Nanoparticles by 3-Phase AC Plasma Processing
F. Fabry, T.M. Gruenberger, J. Gonzalez-Aguilar, H. Okuno, E. Grivei, N. Probst, L. Fulcheri, G. Flamant and J.-C. Charlier, TIMCAL BELGIUM S.A., BE
- Experimental Observation of Carbon and Carbon-Metal Nanotoroids and New Carbon-Metal Superstructures at Nanoscale
V. Kislov, B. Medvedev and I. Taranov, Russian Academy of Sciences, RU
- Effects of the Process Parameters on the Carbon Nanotubes Growth by Thermal CVD
C. Verissimo, S.A. Moshkalyov, A.C.S. Ramos, J.L. GonÁalves, O.L. Alves and J.W. Swart, CCS - UNICAMP, BR
- Structural Study of Amorphous Carbon using Adaptive Interatomic Reactive Empirical Bond-order Potential Model
M.T. Knippenberg, O. Kum and S.J. Stuart, Clemson University, US
- Hybrid Nanomaterials for Active Electronics and Bio-Nanotechnology
X. Wang, R.R. Pandey, R. Lake and C.S. Ozkan, University Of California, Riverside, US
- The Structure and Properties of ta-C Film with Dispersion of Incident Beam Energy
S.-H. Lee, T.-Y. Kim, S.-C. Lee, Y.-C. Chung, D.W. Brenner and K.-R. Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KR
- Computing Encapsulation of Non-metallic Molecules: N2@C60
Z. Slanina and S. Nagase, Institute for Molecular Science, JP
Micro and Nano Structuring and Assembly
- Reflow Microfabrication for Refractive Optical Components: Process and Materials
R.W. Johnstone and M. Parameswaran, Simon Fraser University, CA
- NEMS Mass Sensor by Focused Ion Beam Fabrication
B. Boonliang, P.D. Prewett, M.C.L. Ward and P.T. Docker, Birmingham University, UK
- Bio-assembly of Nanoparticles for Device Applications
K.V. Singh, K. Alim, X. Wang, A. Balandin, C.S. Ozkan and M. Ozkan, UC-Riverside, US
- Layer-by-layer Nano-assembled Polypyrrole Humidity Sensor
R. Nohria, R.K. Khillan, Y. Su, Y. Lvov and K. Varahramyan, Louisiana Tech University, US
- A Micromanipulation Method based on the Capillary Force by Phase Transition
O. Katsuda, S. Saito and K. Takahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP
- Evaluation of Manipulation Probes for Expanding the Range of Capillary Force
K.J. Obata, S. Saito and K. Takahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP
- Immobilization of Polydiacetylene Sensor on Solid Substrate
Y.B. Lee, J.M. Kim, K.H. Park, Y.G. Son, D.J. Ahn and J-M Kim, Hanyang University, KR
- Polymer-Controlled Growth of CdSe Nanoparticles into Micro- and Nanowires
A.W. Fahmi, U. Oertel, V. Steinert, P. Moriarty and M. Stamm, University of Nottingham, GB
- Adhesive and Conductive ñ Inkjettable Nano-filled Inks for use in Microelectronics and Microsystems Technology
E.M. Meyer, A. Arp, F. Calderone, J. Kolbe, W. Meyer, H. Schaefer and M. Stuve, Metalor Technologies SA, CH
- Development of a Scalelable Interconnection Technology for Nano Packaging
K.-F. Becker, T. Lˆher, B. Pahl, O. Wittler, R. Jordan, J. Bauer, R. Aschenbrenner, H. Reichl, Fraunhofer IZM, DE
- Investigation of Patterned Media Concept for Very High Magnetic Storage Density
B. Horton and J.L. Streator, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
- Nanostructured Bulk Solids by Field Activated Sintering
R. Vidu, D. Quach and J.R. Groza, University of California Davis, US
Nano Devices and Systems
- Gold Removal and Recovery using Mesoporous Silica Adsorbents
K.F. Lam, K.L. Yeung and G. McKay, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, CN
- Preparation of Zeolite Microspheres and their Application in Biology
L.W. Wong and K.L. Yeung, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, CN
- Nanoscale Devices, Sensors and Detectors
A. Vaseashta, Marshall University, US
- Polyaniline Nanofibers and Composite Materials for Chemical Detection
B.H. Weiller, S. Virji, C. Baker, J. Huang, D. Li and R.B. Kaner, The Aerospace Corporation, US
- Calculating Deflection of Micro-Cantilever with Self-Assembled Monolayer Molecules Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
H-C Kan, Y-T Wang and S-H Tsai, National Center for High-performance Computing, TW
- A New Nanostructured Polymer Film for Molecular Inmmovilization
A. Larena, D.A. C·ceres, M.S. MartÌn-Gonz·lez and E. BernabÈu, ETS Industrial Engineering, ES
- Preparation and Property of Novel CMC-tactile Sensors
X. Chen, S. Yang and S. Motojima, Gifu University, JP
- A Nanoelectronic Device Based on Endofullerene Peapod: Model Schematics and Molecular Dynamics Study
J.W. Kang, K.R. Byun, J.H. Lee, H.J. Lee and H.J. Hwang, Chung-Ang University, KR
- Enhanced Mass Sensing for Nanomechanical Resonators
I. De Vlaminck, K. De Greve, R. Naulaerts, V. Sivasubramaniam, L. Lagae, H.A.C. Tilmans and G. Borghs, IMEC, BE
- Micromachined Nanocrystalline Silver Doped Tin Oxide Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
J. Gong, Q. Chen, M-R Lian and N-C Liu, University of Central Florida, US
- Magnetoresistive La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Nanowires
C. Li, B. Lie, Z. Luo and C. Zhou, University of Southern California, US
- Simultaneous Determination of Heavy Metals Using Array Based Optical Chemical Sensor
Y. Choi, D. Ryoo, S.H. Park and S.Y. Park, Jeonju University, KR
Nano Scale Electronics Processing
- Low Voltage Electron Beam Lithography in PMMA
M. Bolorizadeh and D.C. Joy, University of Tennessee, US
- Au Nano-Wire Transferring onto HSQ by Nano Imprinting Technology
J.F. Liu, Y.J. Hsu, J.H. Chen, F.S. Huang and S.Z. Chen, National Tsing Hua University, TW
- Sub-100nm and Large Area Pattern Process using by Hybrid Nanocontact Printing (HnCP)
J. Jo, K-Y Kim, D-S Choi and E-S Lee, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials(KIMM), KR
- A Highly Reliable Pattern Transfer of Hydrogen Silsequioxane
J.F. Liu, S.Z. Chen, H.J.H. Chen and F.S. Huang, National Tsing Hua University, TW
- Nanoscale Reaction Analysis of Resist Materials for Nanolithography
T. Kozawa, A. Saeki, K. Okamoto and S. Tagawa, Osaka University, JP
- Nano Tungsten Silicide Thin Film Deposition and its Integration with Poly-Silicon
M. Li and R. Suryanarayanan Iyer, Applied Materials Inc., US
NEMS and MEMS Fabrication
- A Gate Layout Technique for Area Reduction in Nano-Wire Circuit Design
H. Hashempour and F. Lombardi, LTX Corp., US
- Pressure Sensor Elements Integrated with CMOS
J. Kiiham‰ki, T. Vehmas, T. Suni, A. H‰‰r‰, M. Ylimaula and J. Ruohio, VTT Information Technology, FI
- Development of Self-Assembled Robust Microvalves with Electroform Fabricated Nano-Structured Nickel
B. Li and Q. Chen, University of Central Florida, US
- Diode Laser Welding of Planar Microfluidic Devices, BioMEMS, Diagnostic Chips & Microarrays
J-W Chen, J. Zybko and J.T. Clements, NanoSciences, Inc., US
- A Unified Compact Model for Electrostatic Discharge Protection Device Simulation
H-M Chou, Y-Y Cho, J-W Lee and Y. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW
- Direct Wafer Polishing with 5 nm Diamond
J.C-M Sung and M-F Tai, Kinik Company, TW
- Fabrication of Well-aligned and Mono-modal Germanium Dots on the Silicon Substrate with Trench-ridge Nano-structures
Y.J. Chen, Y.H. Peng, P.S. Chen and C.H. Kuan, National Taiwan University, TW
- Application of Magnetic Neutral Loop Discharge Plasma in Deep Quartz and Silicon Etching Process for MEMS/NEMS Devices Fabrication
Y. Morikawa, T. Hayashi, K. Suu and M. Ishikawa, ULVAC, Inc., JP
- Microfabricated Silicon Apertures for Ion Channel Measurement
S.J. Wilk, M. Goryll, L. Petrossian, G.M. Laws, S.M. Goodnick, T.J. Thornton, M. Saraniti, J.M. Tang and R.S. Eisenberg, Arizona State University, US
- A Novel Method of Fabricating Optical Gratings Using the One Step DRIE Process on SOI Wafers
A.W. Cooper, P.T. Docker and M.C. Ward, The University of Birmingham, UK
- Fabrication of Silicon Nanowires Using Atomic Layer Deposition
D. Gopireddy, C.G. Takoudis, D. Gamota, J. Zhang and P.W. Brazis, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
- Metal-oxide Nanowires for Toxic Gas Detection
D.P. Devineni, S. Stormo, W. Kempf, J. Schenkel, R. Behanan, S. Lea and D.W. Galipeau, South Dakota State University, US
- Microfabrication of 3D Structures Using Novel Thermoplastic Elastomers
A.P. Sudarsan, J. Wang and V.M. Ugaz, Texas A&M University, US
Inorganic Nanowires
- Solubility and Purification of Mo6S4.5I4.5 Nanowires in Common Solvents
V. Nicolosi, V. Vrbanic, A. Mrzel, D. Mihailovic, W.J. Blau and J.N. Coleman, Trinity College Dublin, IE
- Mo6S4.5I4.5 Nanowires: Structure Studies by High Resolution Transmission Microscopy and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
V. Nicolosi, P. Nellist, J. Sloan, D. Mihailovic, W.J. Blau and J.N. Coleman, Trinity College Dublin, IE
- First-Principles Studies of SnS2 Nanotubes
H. Chang, E. In, K-J Kong, J-O Lee, Y. Choi and B-H Ryu, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KR
- Novel Concept on Multilayer Nanocable Preparation
J.-R. Ku, R. Vidu, R. Talroze and P. Stroeve, University of California Davis, US
- Growth of 3C-SiC Nanowires on Nickel Coated Si(100) Substrate using Dichloromethylvinylsilane and Diethylmethylsilane by MOCVD Method
B.-C. Kang, J.S. Hyun and J.-H. Boo, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
- Acid Transformation of TiO2 Nanotubes to Nanoparticles
D.V. Bavykin, A.A. Lapkin, J.M. Friedrich and F.C. Walsh, University of Bath, UK
- Conductivity of the Crystalline Boron Nanowires Measured in TEM
O. Lourie, Gatan Inc., US
- Growth of Si Nanowires on Nano Catalyst Corners
C. Wang, K. Malladi and M. Madou, University Of California, Irvine, US
Nano Photonics and Optoelectronics
- Preparation of Sb Doped SnO2 SPM Tips and their Use as Transparent Probes in STM Induced Light Hybrid Microscopy
T. T‰tte, V. Jacobsen, M. Paalo, R. Branscheid, M. Kreiter, U. M‰eorg, K. Saal, A. Lıhmus and I. Kink, Tartu University, EE
- Visible Light Emission from Si-related Nanostructures and the Effect of Ambient Atmosphere on Photoluminescence
M.-Y. Tsai, C.-C. Chi and T.-P. Perng, National Tsing Hua University, TW
- UV Silicon Sensor Using Si Nanocrystals
D. Berman-Mendoza, M. Aceves-Mijares, L. Berriel-Valdos, C. DomÌnguez-Horna, J. Pedraza, C. Falcony, J. Carranza, INAOE, MX
- Enhancement of Silicon Photon Emission with Nanostructure Array
J.L. Li, C.H. Kuan, Y.H. Peng, H-C Lo and L-C Chen, National Taiwan University, TW
- Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering by 2D Photonic Crystals: Enhancement and Reproducibility
M.C. Netti, S. Mahnkopf, J.R. Lincoln, M.D.B. Charlton, S.J. Cox, P. Ayliffe, M.E. Zoorob, J.S. Wilkinson, J.J. Baumberg, N.M.B. Perney and S.L. Jaiswal, Mesophotonics Ltd., UK
- Demonstration of Pulsed Silicon Raman Laser
O. Boyraz and B. Jalali, University of California, Los Angeles, US
- Doping Polymer Light-emitting Diode with Inorganic Salt
W. Zhao and J.M. White, The University of Texas at Austin, US
- A Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Organic Light-Emitting Devices
Y. Li, B-S Lee, P. Chen, J-W Lee, C-S Lu and W-H Chen, National Chiao Tung University, TW
Nano and Molecular Electronics
- DNA-Based Nanotechnology: Highly Luminescent CdSe ñ DNA Nanoscale ñ Engineered Complexes
V. Kislov, M. Artemyev, G. Khomutov, Russian Academy of Sciences, RU
- Multilevel Memory Based on Nanowire / Molecule Heterostructures
C. Li, B. Lei, W. Fan, M. Meyyapan, J. Han and C. Zhou, University of Southern California, US
- XPS Studies of Silicon Nanoclusters/Nanocrystals Embedded in SiO2 Matrix
T.P. Chen and Y. Liu, Nanyang Technological University, SG
- Influence of Si Nanocrystal Distribution on Electrical Characteristics of MOS Structures
Y. Liu, T.P. Chen, C.Y. Ng and L. Ding, Nanyang Technological University, SG
- Study of Cutoff Frequency Calculation in the Subthreshold Regime of Operation of the SOI - MESFETs
K. Tarik, D. Vasileska and T.J. Thornton, Arizona state University, US
- Observation of Soft-Breakdown in Ultra-Thin SiO2 Films under Repetitive Ramped Voltage Stress by Using Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
Y-L Wu, S-T Lin and J-C Liao, National Chi-Nan University, TW
- A Nanocore/CMOS Hybrid System-on-Package (SoP) Architecture for Future Nanoelectronic Systems
R. Weerasekera, J. Liu, L-R Zheng and H. Tenhunen, LECS/IMIT/KTH, SE
- Quantum Information Processing with Nuclear Spin-Based Devices
T.F. Havel, P. Cappellaro, C. Ramanathan and D.G. Cory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Modules and Circuits
- Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation with new Reversible Gate
D.P. Vasudevan, P.K. Lala and J.P. Parkerson, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, US
- Nano Scale Autonomous Error-Tolerant (AET) Cellular Network
J. Liu, R. Weerasekera, L-R Zheng and H. Tenhunen, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), SE
Characterization and Parameter Extraction
- Thermo-Mechanical Characterization and Integrity Checking of Packages and Movable-Structures
P. Szabo, G. Perlaky, Gy. Bognar, Gy. Horvath, S. Ress, A. Poppe, V. Szekely, M. Rencz and B. Courtois, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU
- Application of MCLC Method for Estimating the Parameters of MEMS Sensors
E. Colinet, J. Juillard and L. Nicu, SUPELEC, FR
- On the Determination of Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Thermal Oxide
C. Tsou, Y.S. Huang and H.C. Chang, Department of Automatic Control Engineering, Feng Chia University, TW
- The Modeling and Characterization of Nano-Scale MOSFET Resistance
J-H Lee, H-J Lee, W-H Lee, E-S Kang, J-Y Lee, K-R Byun, J-W Kang, H-J Hwang and O-K Kwon, Sangmyung University, KR
- In-plane and Out-Of-Plane Mechanical Characterization of Thin Polysilicon
F. Cacchione, B. De Masi, A. Corigliano, M. Ferrera and A. Vinay, Politecnico di Milano, IT
MEMS Design and Applications
- The Optimisation of a Resonant Gas Sensor by Using Nano-Tectured Surfaces
P.T. Docker, P.K. Kinnell and M.C.L. Ward, University of Birmingham, UK
- Control of Particles Using Multi-Frequency DEP
S. Loire, Y. Zhang, F. Bottausci, I. Mezic, N. McDonald, University of California Santa Barbara, US
- Zeolite Membrane Microreactors for Fine Chemical Synthesis
X. Zhang, S.M. Lai, K.F. Lam, K.L. Yeung and R. Martin-Aranda, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, CN
- Design Optimisation of an Electrostatic MEMS Actuator with Low Spring Constant for an ìAtom Chipî
H.A. Rouabah, C.O. Gollasch and M. Kraft, University of Southampton, UK
- Design Optimization of a Surface Micromachined Electro-Thermal Beam Flexure Polysilicon Actuator
A. Atre, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
- MEMS-Based MHz Integrated Ultrasonic Nozzles with Applications to Micro/Nano Technologies
S.C. Tsai, Y.L. Song, Y.F. Chou, G. Qiu, E. Degiovanni, N. Wang, J.S. Cheng and C.S. Tsai, University of California, Irvine, US
- The Design and Simulation of a Novel Out-of-plane Micro Electrostatic Actuator
C. Tsou, S.L. Huang, T.S. Lai and H.C. Li, Feng Chia University, TW
- Fabrication and Characterization of MOS Transistor Tip Integrated Micro Cantilever
S.H. Lee, G. Lim and W. Moon, Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR
- Computer-Based Process Design Support for MEMS
A. Wagener, J. Popp, T. Schmidt and K. Hahn, University of Siegen, DE
- Packaging Design with Thermal Analysis of LED on Silicon Substrate
C. Tsou, Y.S. Huang, H.C. Li and T.S. Lai, Feng Chia University, TW
- A Tunable Dispersive Optical System
K-W Shieh, J. Hsieh and H-Y Chou, Precsion Instrument Development Center, TW
- Microfabricated Heteroepitaxial Oxide Structures on Silicon for Bolometric Arrays
J-H Kim and A.M. Grishin, Condensed Matter Physics, Laboratory of Solid State Devices, Dept. Microelectronics and Information Technology, KTH, SE
- A Study on Alleviating Deformation of MEMS Structure and Prediction of Residual Stress in Surface Micromachining
S. Kweon, S. Hong, H. Shin and B. Jeon, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KR
- Design and Analysis of The CMOS Spatial Light Modulators with Flat Beam Profiles
C-P Hsu, C-T Shih, S-Y Wen, Y-H Chien, C-C Hu and H-W Lee, Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
- Improvements in the ìGî of LIGA: Galvanics
L. Derrig, Digital Matrix Corp, US
Nanoscale Characterization Tools
- Optimization of Nano-Machining with Focused IonBeams
L.A. Giannuzzi, P. Anzalone and D. Phifer, FEI Company, US
- Advanced Particle Beam Technologies for Nano-Characterization and Fabrication
J.J.L. Mulders and J. Greiser, FEI Company, NL
- In-Situ SAXS on Transformations of Porous and Nanostructured Solids
P. Laggner, P.M. Abuja and M. Kriechbaum, HECUS X-Ray Systems GmbH, AT
- An Evaluation of a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer with NIST-Traceable Particle Size Standards
J. Vasiliou, Duke Scientific Corporation, US
- Integrated Optical Profiler and AFM: a 3D Metrology System for Nanotechnology
M. Jobin, A. Du and R. Foschia, University of Applied Sciences, CH
- New Developments in Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Nano Sciences
J.-P. Piel, A. Darragon and C. Defranoux, SOPRA-SA, FR
- Novel Ion Beam Tools for Nanofabrication
Q. Ji, X. Jianga, L. Jia, Y. Chena, B. van der Akker and K.-N. Leung, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
- MEMS/NEMS Dynamics Measurement Tool Using The Stroboscopic Principle
H-H Liao and Y-J Yang, National Taiwan University, TW
Scanning Probe Microscopy
- Comparative Study of Fabrication Patterns of a Ferroelectric Polymer P(VDF-TrFE) on Gold Thin Film and Gold Ball via Dip-pen Nanolithography
Q. Tang, S.Q. Shi, L.M. Zhou and C.H. Xu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CN
- Theoretical and Experimental Study of Synthetic MFM Tips
Y.H. Wu, G. Han and Y.K. Zheng, National University of Singapore, SG
- Atomic Force Microscope as a Tool for Nanometer Scale Surface Patterning
S.V. Lemeshko, S.A. Saunin and V.A. Shevyakov, Nanotechnology Instruments Europe B.V., NL
- High Resolution Mapping of Compositional Differences at Electrode Interfaces by Electric Force Microscopy
G.A. Edwards, J.D. Driskell, A.J. Bergren, R.J. Lipert and M.D. Porter, Ames Laboratory - U.S. DOE, US
- Scanning-Probe Microscopy for Imaging of Polymer Nanocomposites
M.P. Mallamaci and H.R. Wilk, PolyInsight, LLC, US
Computational Methods and Numerics
- 3D Atomic Holographic Optical Storage Nanotechnology
M.E. Thomas, Colossal Storage Corporation, US
- High Accuracy Exponential Function Generator for Analog Signal Processing
C. Popa, University Politehnica of Bucharest, RO
- Modeling of Laser Assisted Direct Imprinting Process Based on Pulsed Laser Heating and Elastodynamic Theory
Y-C Lee, C-H Chuang, D-B Wang, C-P Liu and F-B Hsiao, National Cheng Kung University, TW
- Parameter Preserving Model Order Reduction of a Flow Meter
C. Moosmann, E.B. Rudnyi, A. Greiner, J.G. Korvink and M. Hornung, IMTEK, University of Freiburg, DE
- Multiscale Treatment of Thin-Film Lubrication
Z-B Wu, D.J. Diestler and X.C. Zeng, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
Education in Nanotechnology
- Virtual Probe Microscope
M. Heying, J. Oliver, S. Sundararajan, P. Shrotryia, Q. Zou and A. Sannier, Iowa State University, US
- NanoSPRINT: Intelligent Innovation Tools
F. Ciontu, NanoSPRINT, FR

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