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696 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Ste. 423
Danville, CA 94526
Ph: (925) 353-5004
Fx: (925) 886-8461

Symposium on

Nanostructured Fluids, Soft Materials, and Self-Assembly

Nanostructured Fluids | Soft Condensed Matter | Complex Fluids | Colloids | Mesoscale Phenomena

Symposium Chairs: Fiona Case, Case Scientific, US

Confirmed Speakers

Nanostructured Fluids, Soft Materials, and Self-Assembly Tim Lodge, University of Minnesota, US (speaker biography)
Patrick T. SpicerCubosome Formation Processes - Kinetic Effects and Consumer Product Implications Patrick T. Spicer, Procter & Gamble, US (speaker biography)
Self-Assembly and Directed Assembly of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers for Formulation of Nanostructured Fluids and Synthesis of Nanomaterials
Paschalis Alexandridis, State University of New York at Buffalo, US (speaker biography)
Simulation of Nanostructured Fluids, Soft Materials, and Self-Assembly
Toshihiro Kawakatsu, Tohoku University, JP
Multi-scale simulations of Personal Care Products
Fiona Case, Case Scientific, US and Hans Fraaije, University of Leiden, NL
Application of Polymer Self Assembly to Semiconductor Microelectronics
Charles T. Black, IBM, York Town, US (speaker biography)
Food Goes Nano -Novel Nano Sized Liquid Vehicles and Technology for Solubilization of Nutraceuticals in Foods
Nissim Garti, Nutralease and the Hebrew University, IL
Soft Glasses and Gels - From Colloid Physics to Food Technology
Peter Schurtenberger, Department of Physics of the University of Fribourg, CH
(speaker biography)
Recent Applications of Mesoscale Modeling to Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery
Amitesh Maiti, Accelrys, San Diego, US (speaker biography)

Symposium Program


Tuesday May 10

10:30 am Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 1: Applications
1:30 pm Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 2: Applications
4:00 pm Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 3: Applications

Wednesday May 11

8:00 am Overview of Nanostructured Fluids, Soft Materials, and Self Assembly
10:30 am Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 4: Modeling
1:30 pm Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 5: Hard Nano Particles in Soft Nanostructured Materials
4:00 pm Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly 6: Characterization of Nanostructured Fluids
7:00 pm Poster Session: Nanostructured Fluids, Soft Materials, and Self Assembly

Impacted Industries

  • Drug Delivery
  • Food
  • Coatings
  • Cosmetics
  • Oil
  • Personal Care
  • Paints
  • Polymers
  • Synopsis

    Many soft or fluid consumer products, such as foods, paint, detergents, personal care products, and cosmetics, contain nanometer to micron scale structures. These structures (such as micelles, vesicles, emulsions and lamella) are formed by the spontaneous self-assembly of natural or synthetic surfactants or block copolymers. In many cases complex mixtures of different surfactants and polymers are required to create the desired structure and performance. These complex materials are difficult to design, and challenging to characterize; but scientists in these industries, and in the academic groups focusing on this area, have developed considerable expertise in this area.

    Members of the broadly defined nanotechnology community are also increasingly interested in self-assembly and nanostructured fluids, which have the potential to provide robust and inexpensive strategies for creating nanoscale materials. For example, IBM recently highlighted the potential for block-copolymer self-assembly to create nanometer size structures for electronics applications. The growth in nanotechnology has lead to new methods for analyzing and characterizing structure at this length scale - some of which may be applicable to studying soft complex materials and self-assembly.

    The Nanotech conferences have a tradition of bringing together disparate groups to discover their common interests and shared challenges in fabricating, characterizing, and utilizing materials with nanometer to micron scale structure. This symposium will continue the tradition by bringing a wide range of people from industry, academia, and the broader nanotechnology community, with interests in self-assembly, nanometer to micron scale structured fluids and soft materials.

    The symposium will start with an overview, followed by three technical sessions featuring speakers from both industry and academia. The first session will focus on applications (and potential applications) of self-assembled complex soft materials. The second session will highlight methods for analyzing and characterizing these materials. Presentations in the final session (a joint session with the Fifth International Conference on Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) will describe recent developments in computer modeling and simulation of soft nanostructured materials. The symposium will also include a poster session.

    For more information, please contact Fiona Case

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