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NaturalNano to Present at the 2005 Nano Science and Technology Institute Conference

Applications for Naturally Occurring Nanotubes to Be Explored in Depth and Scanning Electron Microscope Images Show
ROCHESTER, N.Y. May 6, 2005 — NaturalNano Inc., ananotechnology company whose primary business is discovering, refiningand commercializing naturally occurring nanomaterials, has announcedthat Michael Riedlinger, NaturalNano President, will present at the2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, in Anaheim, CA atthe Anaheim Marriott & Convention Center, Monday, May 9 at 11:30 am.

The presentation, entitled “Promising Possibilities for NaturallyOccurring Nanotubes, ” will focus on the characteristics andapplications of naturally occurring halloysite nanotubes. Mr.Riedlinger will discuss the use of these nanotubes in composites, electronics, cosmetics, and many other applications.

Mined at the Atlas Mining Dragon Mine in Utah, halloysite isreadily available in large quantities and does not require thefabrication infrastructure normally associated with manufacturing ofother types of nanotubes. Earlier this year, NaturalNano Inc. enteredinto a contract with Atlas Mining Company (OTC BB: ALMI) to acquire500 tons of processed halloysite.

NaturalNano’s team of scientists is developing commercialapplications for halloysite nanotubes as additives in polymers andplastics, electronic components, cosmetics, and absorbents.NaturalNano is making samples available to prospective customers inthese industries.

The Company has rights to pending patents that cover processes, compositions, and derivatives and its pending patents cover more than200 different commercial applications. It is also developingproprietary, patent-pending extraction, separation, and classificationtechnologies to enable production of more uniform material to meet thehigher standards required for advanced applications.


The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) was created in1997 and chartered with the promotion and integration of smalltechnologies through education, technology and business development.NSTI is the founder and manager of the world’s most comprehensivesmall technology scientific and business event, the annualNanotechnology Conference and Trade Show (Nanotech). NSTI providestechnical, informational and business services to industrial andgovernmental organizations worldwide. Through its knowledge network, NSTI offers high-value services powered by a unique network ofestablished high-level and long-term relationships with leaders in thenascent fields of nanotechnology. For more information about NSTI, please visit


The primary business of NaturalNano ( isprocessing, developing and commercializing naturally occurringnanomaterials. The company is developing state-of-the-art, proprietaryprocesses for extracting and separating nanotubes from halloysiteclay. The nanotubes are found in very large quantities in a uniqueform of clay called halloysite, available from a mine operated by theAtlas Mining Company (OTC BB: ALMI). NaturalNano has a collaborationagreement with Atlas Mining Company. It is also engaging in businessalliances with other organizations to bring its nanotechnologymaterials to market. The Company was incorporated in 2004 and isprivately held and privately funded.

For more information, please visit

     NaturalNano Inc.     Lisa Martin, 585-214-8005     or     Jennifer Gould, 212-843-8037
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