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NanoSPRINT Introduces Product Presentation and Demonstration Graphic Solutions for Technology Companies at Nanotech 2005

Presentation and Demonstration Software Minimizes the Need for Shipping Equipment to Remote Sites and Maintains Efficient Communication
ANAHEIM, Calif.--(nanoPRwire™)--May 9, 2005-- NanoSPRINT sarl, an innovative provider of virtual representation solutions for science and technology, introduced here today at NanoTech 2005 its Virtual Communication services for technology companies. Technology companies using NanoSPRINT’s solutions derive a double benefit: maximizing the impact of communicating product’s features and operation with minimal financial and time resources. The Virtual Communication suite introduced by NanoSPRINT includes Virtual Presentations for intuitive explanations of technical concepts and Virtual Demonstrators for realistic emulation of equipment using virtual reality techniques.

Virtual Presentations use multimedia animations to illustrate theoperation of a device, the fundamental principle of a technology, thepositioning of a solution in the global value chain and many otherconcepts. Usage of Virtual Presentations ranges from tradeshows andpost-event communication. In some cases Virtual Presentations focus onexplaining the technology of a specific company. In some others, Virtual Presentations are used to bring together and allow exploringin an intuitive way all relevant information from a technical domain.

Virtual Demonstrators recreate any piece of equipment, like alithography system or microscope, in a 3D space similar to a virtualexperimentation room. Equipment companies use Virtual Demonstrators tosubstitute the physical presence of their equipment. This in turneliminates costs associated with shipping, space, assembling anddisassembling equipment at tradeshows. Additional usage includescommercial presentations and demonstrations for clients in distantlocations. Overall, these use-cases bring the return-on-investmenttime to 3 months from the first usage in a tradeshow.

Mr. Florin Ciontu, NanoSPRINT’s Chief Executive Officer said:

“Our case starts with a simple question: 'How much does a companylose each time the audience does not get the right message?' We havecome across various situations but the answer to this question isbasically the same. For start-ups it is almost always about deliveringthe message to the same two targets: investors and strategic partnersor initial customers. Established companies face similar problemssince reinforcing the presence of their brand requires them to coverbroad market areas efficiently. At NanoSPRINT, we combine expertise invarious technology areas with virtual reality which allows us toperform at very reasonable prices and to work without requiringtime-consuming explanations from our clients. Both start-ups andbigger companies find that this is a tremendous advantage sincetop-management time and money are always limited. Also, all oursolutions are designed to allow for a measure of their impact which isin fact a marketing director’s dream.”

At NanoTech 2005, NanoSPRINT will display Virtual Presentations atthe NanoSPRINT-NSTI Virtual Exhibit. The technology of selectedcompanies will be showcased on large screens which will become one ofthe main centers of attention of the conference’s attendees.NanoSPRINT will provide further insight into the value provided by itsservices through its Booth no.11.

Virtual Communication solutions are introduced at prices startingat $3900 for Virtual Presentations and $8900 for VirtualDemonstrators.

For more information, please contact Mr. Florin Ciontu at +1 215701 3919 or or Mrs. Nathalie Eloisse at+33 76 57 48 34 or

About NanoSPRINT sarl

NanoSPRINT sarl is an innovative provider of tools for theanalysis and visual representations of scientific and technicalcontent. The company was founded in 2004 as a spin-off of TIMALaboratory, Grenoble, FRANCE. Currently, NanoSPRINT provides VirtualCommunication solutions for nanotechnology companies.

For more information about NanoSPRINT’s products and servicesplease visit:

Editor’s note:

Representative graphic examples of NanoSPRINT’s VirtualCommunication

Press releases:

     NanoSPRINT     Florin Ciontu, 800-754-1547 (U.S.)     Nathalie Eloisse     +33 47 65 74 834 (Europe)
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