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VitaTech Engineering, LLC

Booth: 1302

VitaTech Engineering, LLC offers full-spectrum professional electromagnetic field (EMF) services to ensure the optimum performance of “state-of-the-art” scientific tools in potentially complex EMI/RFI environments. VitaTech’s EMF experience includes:

  • EMF Surveys & Measurements: DC (geomagnetic, subways, trolleys, elevators, MRIs, NMRs, etc.), AC ELF (power lines, transformers, switchgears, risers, trains), RF (mobile, marine, AM/FM, TV, cellular/PSC & ISM), Microwave/Radar & EMP
  • EMI/RFI Detection, Control & Reduction (SEMs, TEMs, E-Beam, FIB, etc.)
  • EMI Shielding (DC/AC ELF magnetically shielded rooms, MRIs, etc.)
  • RF Shielded Enclosures (biomedical research, MRIs, SCIFs, etc.)
  • EMF Simulations (DC, AC ELF, RF & HEMP/EMP) & Mitigation Strategies

VitaTech assesses the ambient EMF levels outside the future Nanotech site and within from electrical, M.E.P. communication systems. Simulations evaluate transmission and distribution lines, light rail and subways, feeders, transformers, switchgears, busways, and other EMI sources. Spurious RF emissions are examined to minimize RFI problems with tools and wireless building systems. Scientific tool list with EMI/RFI susceptibility criteria is generated to ensure maximum tool performance. VitaTech reviews construction design documents and provides detailed mitigation strategies (i.e., conduit types, magnetic/RF shielding, etc.) and shield designs/installations to minimize potential EMI/RFI problems. Finally, VitaTech verifies EMI/RFI compliance at the commissioning.

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