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Jobin Yvon Inc.

Booth: 1206

Jobin Yvon is a world leading company in Ellipsometry and Advanced Process Control. Variable Angle Phase Modulated Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, the UVISEL ranges from DUV to NIR. Ex-situ or in-situ ellipsometry allows accurate determination of single or multi layer thickness and optical constants. Due is unique technology, the UVISEL is one of the most accurate ellipsometer for characterization of material such as ultra thin gate dielectric, SiGe, high-k, low-k, III-V compounds and biotechnology. Last year, Jobin Yvon has acquired the Laser Ellipsometry business of Philips. The low cost bench top laser ellipsometer, the PZ 2000, and the fully automated version, the PQ Ruby, are ideal candidates for accurate measurements of Ultra thin gate oxide, 193 nm ARC and resist, SOI and poly-Si on oxide. Jobin Yvon manufactures also Advanced Process Control sensors such as: Optical Emission Spectroscopy with the PlasmaScope, dedicated to Real Time Plasma Analysis and End Point Detection. Spectroscopic or Laser Imaging Interferometry dedicated to in-situ measurements of film thickness and etch rate. Lately, Jobin Yvon has patented a new generation of sensor called the TDM 200 dedicated to in-situ trench depth monitoring from few nanometers to hundreds of microns. The TDM 200 is the first sensor on the market to monitor BOSCH process used in MEMS technology.

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