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NanoInk, Inc. builds tools that enable companies in the life sciences, microelectronics and photonics industries to create revolutionary new products and services. We help companies and researchers get small. We provide a gateway to the nanoscopic world, where products are smaller, faster, cheaper and smarter. Our automated suite of tools enables customers and partners to build structures and devices molecule-by-molecule, or at the nanometer scale. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter, and we enable companies and researchers to build structures smaller than 10 nanometers. Trying to fathom a scale this small is as mind-boggling as trying to comprehend a scale as large as the universe. To put this into perspective, imagine that NanoInk is a regular factory that makes cars. For those cars to be 10 nanometers long, the earth would need to be shrunk down to a marble about the size of a silver dollar. Our systems provide the only way to quickly and routinely build at this scale using virtually any material, from metals to DNA.

We believe that getting small is the only way for industries to continue the rapid pace of technological advancement of the past 20 years. NanoInk will empower companies with nanotechnology, enabling them to create revolutionary new products that will have profound effects on our economy and our every-day lives. We provide the tools, processes and technological expertise to help customers and partners make breakthrough advances in diverse areas, from speeding drug discovery to building new types of electronics that are smaller and more powerful than those available today.

How is this done? Our systems build structures by literally drawing them onto a surface through a patent-pending process called Dip-Pen Nanolithography™(“DPN™”).

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