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PolyInsight, LLC

Booth: 503

When your nanotechnology application depends on the structure and morphology of materials at the nanometer scale, reliable characterization and quick turnaround are critical to achieving your performance goals and gaining a competitive advantage.

PolyInsight is an analytical services company specializing in scanning-probe and atomic-force microscopy techniques (SPM or AFM) for characterizing the nanostructure of a wide variety of materials.

Typical applications which can benefit from scanning-probe techniques include: the morphology and texture of polymer blends; the dispersion of nano-fillers (such as nano-clays, carbon nanotubes, and nanoscale oxide particles) in polymers and composites; surface films and functional coatings; fiber-reinforced composites; and multi-layered materials.

To fuel your material development programs, PolyInsight offers state-of-the-art equipment and Ph.D.-level expertise combined with the speed and agility of a small analytical services company. As your outsourcing partner, PolyInsight can help you on an as-needed basis. This eliminates costly investments in equipment and personnel, helping you to focus your critical resources where they matter the most.

PolyInsight offers full-service SPM testing, customized R&D experiments utilizing SPM techniques, and fee-based access to SPM instrumentation for qualified operators. Call today to discuss your nanotechnology-related needs.

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