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Quantumsphere, Inc.

K.D. Maloney
Quantumsphere, Inc., US

Keywords: nanopowders; simple metal oxides

QuantumSphere, Inc. is a Southern California based start-up dedicated to developing low cost, scalable manufacturing for producing high quality nanopowder materials. Our technology results in lower production costs and greater scalability than existing methods while maintaining superior product quality and consistency. With a clear focus, low overhead, solid margins and a lean, efficient team of experienced professionals, we intend to be a leading provider of nanoscale metals and oxides to large and small businesses. By providing essentially spherical nanoscale materials with enhanced performance characteristics in production quantities, we will enable manufacturers to develop new commercial applications for our materials in consumer and industrial products, thus ensuring our place as a key supplier in an expanding market. In our first year of operation, we have developed a proof-of-concept reactor for manufacturing commercial production of high purity zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles primarily targeted for personal care, electronic and other applications requiring UV protection combined with a very high degree of transparency. Our process is applicable to a wide range of metals and oxides and we welcome inquiries into other materials. Our strong performance is largely the result of combining a world-class research staff with sound business management, resulting in a focused team and mature processes that mitigate project risks. Our proprietary technology results in unmatched production capacity scaling with uniform product consistency at low production costs.

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