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Nanotech 2004 Technical Program - Monday March 8

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7:00 Conference RegistrationFoyer
8:20 NSTI-Nanotech 2004 OpeningGrand Ballroom
 Session chair: Bart Romanowicz, NSTI
8:30 KeynotesGrand Ballroom
 Session chair: Andreas Wild, Motorola
8:30 National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (invited) (speaker biography)
C. Teague, NNCO, US
9:20 Strategic Nanotechology at Intel (invited) (speaker biography)
D. Tennenhouse, Intel Corporation, US
10:00 BreakFoyer
10:30 KeynotesGrand Ballroom
 Session chair: Matthew Laudon, NSTI
10:30 NANOWIRES: Creating Nanosystems and the Nanotechnology Revolution (invited) (speaker biography)
C. Lieber, Harvard University, Founder Nanosys, US
11:20 Novel One Dimensional Nanostructures (invited) (speaker biography)
M. Meyyappan, NASA Center for Nanotechnology, US
12:00 Lunch - on own
1:30 Micro and Nano Structuring and AssemblyBack Bay Ballroom A
 Session chair: Jim Watkins, University of Massachusetts Amherst
1:30 Soft and Probe Lithography without Ink Transfer
J. Huskens, X. Li, M. PÈter and D.N. Reinhoudt, University of Twente, MESA+ Research Institute, NL
1:50 Ferrofluid Masking for Lithographic Applications
B. Yellen and G. Friedman, Drexel University, US
2:10 Micro Actuator Array based on Ionic Polymer with Patterned Self-Assembled Au Electrode
M. Le Guilly, C. Xu, M. Taya and Y. Kuga, University of Washington, US
2:30 Batch Fabrication of Microsensor Arrays by TiO2 Nanoparticle Beam Deposition
P. Milani, E. Barborini, P. Piseri, S. Iannotta and P. Siciliano, Universita' di Milano, IT
2:50 Direct Scanning Laser Writing of 3D Multilayer Microstructures
H. Yu, B. Li and X. Zhang, Boston University, US
3:10 Bottom-Up meets Top-Down - A Novel Approach towards 3-D Optical Devices
R. Houbertz, S. Cochet, G. Domann, M. Popall, J. Serbin, A. Ovsianikov and B.N. Chichkov, Fraunhofer ISC, DE
3:30 A Novel Method for Determining Optimum Etch Times for the One Step Dry Release Proces
P.T. Docker, P.K. Kinnell and M.C. Ward, The University of Birmingham, UK
3:50 A New 3D, Direct-Write, Sub-Micron Microfabrication Process that Achieves True Optical, Mechatronic and Packaging Integration on Glass-Ceramic Substrates
†R.J. Casler and C. Wurzel, Invenios Inc., US
4:10 Supercritical Fluids for Nanoscale Fabrication: Deposition of Metals and Mesoporous Silicates
J. Watkins, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
1:30 Nano PhotonicsBack Bay Ballroom B
 Session chair: Joachim Piprek, UCSB
1:30 Recent Developments and New Challenges in Nanophotonics (invited overview presentation)
G. Pomrenke, AFOSR, US
2:00 Design and Simulation of Three-Dimensional Dispersion Surfaces in Photonic Crystal Structures (invited)
D. Prather, Univ. of Delaware, US
2:20 Ultimate Limits to Optical Displacement Detection in Nanoelectromechanical Systems
T. Kouh, D. Karabacak, D.H. Kim and K.L. Ekinci, Boston University, US
2:40 Tin Sulfide as a 1D Photonic Band-Gap Material for Visible and NIR
M. Deopura, C. Schuh and Y. Fink, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
1:30 Nanotechnology in Health SciencesBack Bay Ballroom C
 Session chair: Jonathan Rosen, CIMIT & Jeff Borenstein, Draper Labs
1:30 Nanotechnology in Health Sciences (invited)
J. Schloss, NIH, US
2:00 Nanomedicine Applications to Protect Civilians and the Military from Bioterrorism (invited)
J. Baker, University of Michigan, US
2:30 Nanoparticles in Cell Imaging (invited)
J. Frangioni, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, US
3:00 Tiny Technologies in Biomedical Sciences (invited)
M. Toner, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, US
1:30 Atomic and Mesoscale Modeling of Nanoscale Phenomena - 1Back Bay Ballroom D
 Session chair: Nick Quirke, Imperial College
1:30 Interaction of Fluids with Nanomaterials: simulation, theory and experiment (invited)
N. Quirke, Imperial College, UK
2:00 Wetting and Hydrophobicity of Nanoscale Systems with Impurities
P. Gonnet, U. Zimmerli, J.H. Walther, T. Werder and P. Koumoutsakos, ETH Zurich, CH
2:20 First-Principles Molecular-Dynamics Simulations of a Hydrous Silica Melt: Hydrogen Diffusion Mechanisms and Electronic Properties
M. Pohlmann, H. Schober, M. Benoit and W. Kob, Institut Laue-Langevin, FR
2:40 Dynamic, Transport, and Mechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites and Nanocomposite Solid Polymer Electrolytes
O. Borodin, G.D. Smith, D. Bedrov, S.G. Bardenhagen and J. Nairn, University of Utah, US
1:30 Corporate Nanotech R&D - 1Constitution Ballroom B
 Session chair: Andreas Wild, Motorola
1:30 Strategic R&D IBM Interests in Nanotechnology
R. Tromp, IBM, US
2:00 Nanotechnology and Materials
E. Euvard, Cabot Corporation, US
2:20 Nanomaterials and Applications
G. Kachen, Triton Systems Inc., US
2:40 Nanosemiconductors: the next small thing in mobile electronics
J. Fan, Kopin, US
3:10 BreakFoyer
3:30 Nano ImagingBack Bay Ballroom B
 Session chair: Bennett Goldberg, Boston University
3:30 Recent Developments and Overview of Nanoscale Imaging (invited overview presentation)
B. Goldberg, Boston University, US
4:00 Local Optical Field in the Neighborhood of Structured Surfaces: Phase Singularities and Talbot Effect
B. Levine, M. Caumont, C. Amien, B. Chaudret, B. Dwir and W.S. Bacsa, LPST UniversitÈ Paul Sabatier, FR
4:20 High Resolution Backside Imaging and Thermography using a Numerical Aperature Increasing Lens
M.S. ‹nl¸, S.B. Ippolito, M.G. Eraslan, S.A. Thorne, A. Vamivakas, B.B. Goldberg and Y. Leblebici, Boston University, US
4:40 An Ultra-Fast Scheme for Sample-Detection in Dynamic-Mode Atomic Force Microscopy
D.R. Sahoo, A. Sebastian and M.V. Salapaka, Iowa State University, US
3:30 Atomic and Mesoscale Modeling of Nanoscale Phenomena - 2Back Bay Ballroom D
 Session chair: Nick Quirke, Imperial College
3:30 Multiscale Modeling in Nanotechnology (invited)
A. Maiti, Accelrys Inc., US
4:00 Hybrid Atomistic-Continuum Fluid Mechanics
T. Werder, J.H. Walther, E. Kotsalis, P. Gonnet and P. Koumoutsakos, ETH Zurich, CH
4:20 Impact Induced Desorption of Large Molecular Structures from Graphitic Substrates
R.P. Webb and K.J. Kirkby, Advanced Technology Institute, UK
4:40 Kinetics of Microdomain Structures in Multi-Phase Polymer-Liquid Crystalline Materials
S.K. Das and A.D. Rey, McGill University, CA
5:00 A Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensor for Measuring Forces Developed by Cells
C. Roman, F. Ciontu and B. Courtois, TIMA Laboratory, FR
3:30 Nanotech Initatives: Panel - M+W Zander Sponsored SessionRepublic Ballroom A
 Session chair: Steve Riojas and Johannes Frˆhling, MW-Zander
- D. Mancini, Argonne National Lab, US
- H-R. Folle, MST-Factory Dortmund GmbH, D
- L. Hill, Albany Nanotech, US
- D. Janes, Institute for Nanoelectronics and Computing, Purdue University, US
- G. Borghs, IMEC, BE
3:30 Corporate Nanotech R&D - 2Republic Ballroom B
 Session chair: Chris Menzel, NSTI
3:30 Intel Nanoelectronics and the Implications for Nanotechnology Strategy
G. Thompson, Intel, US
4:00 Nanoscience - The Bridge between Food Material Science, Nutrition, and the Consumer
M. Martin, NestlÈ Research Center, US
4:20 Nanotechnology in Fuel Cells
R. Mohan, NEC, JP
4:40 Nanotechnology and Supercapacitors
C. Drummond, Cap-XX, AU
4:30 Tutorial: Using Nanotechnology to Design Better Soft and Hard Tissue ImplantsFairfax
 Session chair: Tom Webster, Purdue University
4:30 Atomistix: Transiesta Demo (free)Back Bay Ballroom C
5:00 Nanotech Early Stage Industry Review - 1Liberty A
 Session chair: Alok Prasad, Beacon Technology Ventures
5:00 Semasopht
P. Vallotton, Semasopht, CH
5:15 MolySym
W. Sherman, MolySym, US
5:30 ALIS Company
B. Ward, ALIS Company, US
5:45 Photon Imaging Optics
W.S. Bacsa, University of Paul Sabatier Toulouse, FR
6:00 AngstroVision, Inc.
S. Mize, AngstroVision, Inc., US
5:00 Nanotech Early Stage Industry Review - 2Liberty B
 Session chair: Marijean Lauzier, Racepoint Group
5:00 Molecular Imprints
N. Schumaker, Molecular Imprints, US
5:15 Silicon Wafer Technologies
A. Usenko, Silicon Wafer Technologies, US
5:30 StarMega Corp.
D. Kendall, StarMega Corp., US
5:45 R & G Corporation
A. Rokhvarger, R & G Corporation, US
5:00 Nanotech Early Stage Industry Review - 3, Sponsored by Mintz-LevinLiberty C
 Session chair: Neil Aronson, Mintz Levin
5:00 Legal Services for the Emerging Nanotechnology Company
N. Aronson, Mintz Levin, US
5:15 EC Systems
A.M. Woolf, EC Systems, US
5:30 NewCyte, Inc.
D. Flood, NewCyte, Inc., US
5:45 Nano-C
G. Fowler, Nano-C, US
6:00 Quantumsphere, Inc.
K.D. Maloney, Quantumsphere, Inc., US
6:00 Smalltech Networking ReceptionConstitution Ballroom
- National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)
NNCO, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
- Boston University
M. Pratt, Boston University, US
- University of Massachusetts Amherst
M. Wright, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
- Harvard University Office for Technology and Trademark Licensing
R. Benson, Harvard University Office for Technology and Trademark Licensing, US
- Tufts University Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration
S. Martin, Tufts University Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration, US
- Harvard University - NSEC/NNIN/CIMS
R. Graham, Harvard University - NSEC/NNIN/CIMS, US
- UC Irvine Office of Technology Alliances / Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility
G. Matijasevic, UC Irvine, US
- University of Massachusetts Lowell Research Foundation
L. Petrovic, University of Massachusetts Lowell Research Foundation, US
- Swiss Nanotechnology
P. Marmier, Swiss Nanotechnology, CH
- Nanotechnology Australia
M. Claessens, Invest Australia, AU
- German Nanotechnology
H. Hardacker, Lˆsung h2, DE
- Georgia Nanotechnology
K. Leedy, Georgia Nanotechnology, US
- MCNC Research & Development Institute
B. Capone, MCNC Research & Development Institute, US
- Greater Washington Nanotech Alliance
J. Sample, Greater Washington Nanotech Alliance, US
- MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology
D. Bijl, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, NL
- AtomWorks
S. Murdock, AtomWorks, US
- Burns and Doane
K. Bindra, Burns and Doane, US
P. Lethbridge, ANSYS, US
- M+W Zander
S. Riojas, M+W Zander, D
- Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF)
M. Guillorn, Cornell University, US
7:00 Nanotech Early Stage Industry Review - 4Liberty A
 Session chair: Karl Ruping, IncTank
7:00 3DM Inc.
Z. Chu, 3DM Inc., US
7:15 CombiMatrix Corporation
S. Ragsdale, CombiMatrix Corporation, US
7:30 Biophan Technologies, Inc.
M. Weiner, Biophan Technologies, Inc., US
7:45 Evolved Nanomaterials Sciences
R. Pucciariello, Evolved Nanomaterials Sciences, US
8:00 NanoBioMagnetics, Inc.
C.E. Seeney, NanoBioMagnetics, Inc., US
7:00 Nanotech Early Stage Industry Review - 5Liberty B
 Session chair: Matt Crowley, Boston University Venture Capital
7:00 MolecularDiamond Technologies
F. Lam, MolecularDiamond Technologies, US
7:15 Nanometrix, Inc.
P. O'Connor, Nanometrix, Inc., CA
7:30 Luna nanoMaterials
C. Gause, Luna nanoMaterials, US
7:45 Mimetex, Inc
T. Chang, Mimetex, Inc, US
8:00 SCF Technologies A/S
K. Felsvang, SCF Technologies A/S, DK
7:00 Nanotech Early Stage Industry Review - 6Liberty C
 Session chair: Louis Ross, GETI
7:00 NanoOpto Corp.
H. Kostal, NanoOpto Corp., US
7:15 New Scale Technologies, Inc.
D. Henderson, New Scale Technologies, Inc., US
7:30 Calient Optical Components
K. Shaw, Calient Optical Components, US
7:45 Focal Point Microsystems
J. Martin, Focal Point Microsystems, US
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