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Small Technology Business and Investment Topics

About the Business & Investment Conference

The state of the global economy is forcing companies to prioritize the commercialization of new technologies. It is estimated that nearly 2/3 of the global nanotechnology budget is being spent overseas outside of the United States. As companies maintain a strong commitment to promising R&D initiatives both here and abroad, it becomes more likely that we will see successful novel new product development, the expansion of existing markets and the creation of entirely new ones.

Investors are slowly being introduced to new opportunities that can be found with both established, publicly listed firms and promising new venture companies. The tremendous amount of federal and state support for micro and nanotechnology has led to a proliferation in basic and applied scientific research at the university level around the world. Companies are making significant R&D commitments in order to nurture micro and nanotechnology innovation, commercialization and product development.

These sessions will present, for the first time, a truly global perspective on corporate R&D, commercialization and product development in micro and nanotechnology. Investment strategies by large institutional investors (publicly listed companies) and private equity, venture capital and angel investors (private, venture companies) will also be showcased as more investment professionals become interested in understanding how these new technologies create value in companies and enhance future earnings prospects.

R&D and Business Development Topics

  • Federal, Regional and State Initiatives
  • Industry Specific Interests and Needs
  • Legal & IP
  • Pending & Successful Commercialization
  • Product Development
  • Research Initiatives
  • Education in Nanotechnology

Investment Strategy Track

  • Angel Investors and Start-ups
  • Global Models of Small Tech Investment
  • Investing in Publicly Listed Companies
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Public Sector Investment Plans and Policies
  • University-Industry Consortia Spin-Outs & Spin offs

Conference Quick Links

  • Technical Program
  • Business & Investment
  • Organization
  • Exhibit & Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Venue
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