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Texmac Advanced Technology Center provides Innovative Solutions and Support. "Nanocoating" "MEMS Solution" "Micro Polishing" "Microfluidics" "Micro Needle" É If this is the keyword for your next project, we have the Solution for you!

Nara's OMNITEX, a new generation technology, overcomes difficult to fluidize ultra-fine particles by combining rotation of the vessel and a radial airflow pattern. This innovative processor allows delicate mixing, Micro-granulating, and Nano-Coating for your fine powder processing. Also the advanced proven technology for JENOPTIK Hot Embossing System is at work for major Pharmaceutical and Electronics companies around the world. They rely on JENOPTIK systems' reliability and the quality of its patented embossing processes to accomplish their MEMS project. In addition, we represent TDC's micro polishing technology. With this technology you can achieve less than one light band for flatness (less than 0.000012"), and less than 0.0000002" (less than 5 nm) for roughness for ceramics, metals, and new materials.

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