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Patent Databases and Analytical Tools for Nanotechnology Research, Design and Development

William N. Hulsey III
Hughes & Luce, LLP & University of Texas, US

Keywords: nanotechnology, patent, research

As the successful development of concepts and implementations of nanotechnologies depends increasingly on more rapid and pervasive commercialization and market development, intellectual property legal protections take on greater significance. These protections and the assets arising from them derive from carefully balanced economic principles that encourage the development of creative writing, inventions, art and knowledge. In the fields of digital system design research, development, and commercialization, patents present a valuable resource, which may not be fully utilized by researchers and engineers. Many researchers and engineers, unfortunately, fail to either adequately or appropriately avail themselves of the rich informational resource that issued patents and published patent applications represent. To address this concern and make the patent system more accessible, the paper and presentation provide a brief overview of the patents, the patent system, and how they relate to other intellectual property laws. Then, there will be a demonstration of the use of analytic tools and worldwide patent and business databases to explain how to generate intuitive views of technologies that suggest opportunities, reveal risks and provide decisive insight into the scope and value of patents in areas important to nanotechnologies and their implementations. Patent research results will focus on the fields of nano-devices, nano-electronics, nano-sensing, quantum computing, carbon nanotubes. In particular, the information will present examples of the most recently issued patent and published patent applications of relevance to nanotechnology research, development, and commercial applications. The major areas of activity in the development of nanotechnology that this presentation touches on of particular relevance to recently issued patents and published patent applications include: § Nanostructures; § Carbon Nanotubes; § Molecular Computing; § Molecular Electronic Structure; § Quantum Computing; § Fuel Cells; § Optical and Vibrational Properties; § Radiation Effects in Solids and Cluster Impact Phenomena; § Semiconductors and Electronic Materials; § Electrical-Mechanical Integration Techniques; § Optomechanical Microsystems; § Scientific Micro-instruments Also, the presentation touches on major areas of development of nanobusiness relating to intellectual property rights that affect investment and venture capital, emerging markets, advances in applications, and commercialization of nano and micro technologies. Through the integration of patent-related content and strong analysis tools, the presenter gives a demonstration of ways to use new research and innovation sources. The result may lead to identifying more quickly otherwise unseen development and licensing opportunities, as well as to improving productivity by identifying license-in opportunities early in the research and development process. Moreover, a brief address of most recent patent-related lawsuits relevant to nanotechnology commercialization will occur. The understandings derived from the paper and presentation include the following: · Knowledge of on-line and published research tools for intellectual property rights awareness and analysis; · Use of analytical tools in determining the related patents, their relevance, and the values of discovered patents and patent applications; · How to identify aspects of research and development for which use of the patent system and patent analytical tools may be appropriate; and · Pointers on how to avoid liability for patent-related disputes in nanotechnology development and commercialization efforts. The following are samples of the slides for this presentation:

NSTI Nanotech 2003 Conference Technical Program Abstract

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