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An Introduction to MOS Model 11

Workshop on Compact Modeling Tutorial

R. van Langevelde, A.J. Scholten and D.B.M. Klaassen
Philips Research Laboratories, The Netherlands


MOS Model 11 is the first public-domain surface-potential-based compact MOS model that is available in commercial circuit simulators like Spectre, Hspice and ADS. MOS Model 11 incorporates gate leakage, including bias-dependent source/drain partitioning, and quantum mechanical effects. In a short introduction the difference between threshold-voltage-based compact models and surface-potential-based compact models, like MOS Model 11, is explained. Next the physical effects implemented in MOS Model 11 are briefly reviewed. MOS Model 11 has been developed with special emphasis on i) the symmetry with respect to drain-source interchange and ii) the higher order derivatives of the currents in order to obtain a correct description of the distortion. The resulting expressions for mobility degradation and velocity saturation will also be discussed. In this tutorial special attention will be given to the gate leakage model and the charge (or capacitance) model.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. DC-Model
  3. AC-Model
  4. Noise Model
  5. Model Parameters & Extraction
  6. Examples: e.g. RF distortion
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