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Nanotech 2001 Conference Program - Wednesday March 21

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8:30 MSM Keynote lectures
Commodore A & B
Session chair: Bart Romanowicz, AxiowaveNetworks
8:30Bootstrapping OMEM Device Models to the System Level
S. Levitan, University of Pittsburgh , USA
8:30 ICCN Keynote lectures
Promenade 6 & 7
Session chair: Narayan Aluru, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaigne
8:30Nano-Structure Simulation: From Thin Oxides to Biological Ion Channels
K. Hess, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
9:15 Break
Admiral's Landing
9:30 Simulation of Novel Structures
Commodore A
Session chair: C. Sudhama, ON Semiconductors
9:30Numerical Simulation and Analytical Modeling of Strong-Inversion Gate Capacitance in Ultra-Short (30nm) MOSFETs
C. Sudhama, O. Spulber, C. McAndrew and R. Thoma, Motorola SPS, USA
9:50Spatial Modulation of the Dielectric Permittivity and its Effect on the Spectral Responsivity of Heterodimensional Photodetectors
F. Castro and B. Nabet, Motorola Laboratories, USA
10:10Improved Modified Local Density Approximation for Modeling of Size Quantization in NMOSFETs
C. Jungemann, C.D. Nguyen, B. Neinh¸s, S. Decker and B. Meinerzhagen, Universitat Bremen, GERMANY
10:50Impact of Non-Stationary Transport Effects on Realistic 50nm MOS Technology
D. Munteanu, G. Le Carval and G. Guegan, LETI, CEA/Grenoble, DMEL, FRANCE
9:30 Applications: MEMS, Sensors
Commodore B
Session chair: Eberhard P. Hofer, University of Ulm, Germany
9:30Nonlinear Mechanics of Suspension Beams for a Micromachined Gyroscope
W.O. Davis and A.P. Pisano, University of California, Berkeley, USA
9:50Coupled Electrostatic-Structures-Fluidic Analysis of a Micromirror
M. Turowski, E. Chan and P. Dionne, CFD Research Corp., USA
10:10Performance Limits of Micromachined Tunable-Cavity Filter
J-S. Moon and A. Shkel, University of California Irvine, USA
10:30Simulation of Shape Memory Devices with Coupled Finite Element Programs
B. Krevet and M. Kohl, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, GERMANY
10:50Modeling a High Power Density MEMS Magnetic Induction Machine
H. Kˆser and J.H. Lang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
11:10Multiple Solutions in Electrostatic MEMS
J.A. Pelesko, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
9:30 Quantum Mechanics and Computational Modeling of Soft Matter - 1
Promenade 6
Session chair: Lawrence Pratt, Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:30An 'Ab initio' Approach to Drug-Target Interactions
P. Carloni, University of Trieste, Italy
10:20Autoionization in Liquid Water
P.L. Geissler, C. Dellago, D. Chandler, J. Hutter, and M. Parrinello, UC Berkeley, USA
11:10New Methods for the Ab Initio Simulation of Large Systems
M. Challacombe, Los Alamos National Lab, USA
9:30 Protein Structure and Structural Genomics
Promenade 7
Session chair: Kurt Krause, University of Houston, Houston, Texas
9:30Structural Genomics Primer: A Paradigm Shift in Structural Biology
K. Krause, University of Texas - Houston, USA
10:00High Throughput Macromolecular Crystallization - Entree to Structural Genomics
G. DeTitta, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, USA
10:30Computational Aspects of High Throughput Protein Crystallography
T. Terwilliger, Los Alamos National Laboratories, USA
11:00Structural Genomics of Staph Aureus
R. Fox, University of Texas Health Science Center at Galveston, USA
11:30Target Selection by Comparative Genome, Transcriptome, Proteome, and Immunome Analysis of Human Bacterial Pathogens
J. Musser, Rocky Mountain Laboratories - NIAID/NIH, USA
12:00Computational Prediction of Protein Interactions and Protein Networks
T.O. Yeates, UCLA, USA
12:00 Lunch
13:20 Numerics, Algorthms - 2
Commodore A
Session chair: Jan Korvink, University of Freiburg
13:20Efficient Poisson Equation Solvers for Large Scale 3D Simulations
G. Speyer, D. Vasileska and S.M. Goodnick, Arizona State University, USA
13:40Automatic Generation of Small-Signal Dynamic Macromodels from 3-D Simulation
D. Ramaswamy and J. White, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
14:00New Numerical Techniques and Tools in SUGAR for 3D MEMS Simulation
Z. Bai, D. Bindel, J. Clark, J. Demmel, K. Pister and N. Zhou, University of California Davis, USA
13:20 Process Modeling
Commodore B
Session chair: Mstthew Laudon, Axiowave Networks
13:20Atomistic Models of Sputter Deposition: Application to Thin Films for Interconnects
J. Dalla Torre, G.H. Gilmer, F.H. Baumann and P. L. O'Sullivan, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, USA
13:40The Level-set Method for Modeling Epitaxial Growth
C. Ratsch, R.E. Caisch, S. Chen, M. Kang, B. Merriman, S.J. Osher, M. Petersen, M.F. Gyure, and D.D. Vvedensky,, UCLA, USA
14:00Continuum Models of Sputter Deposition Incorporating Finite Atomic Length Scales
P.L. O'Sullivan, G.H. Gilmer, F.H. Baumann, J. Dalla Torre, C-S. Shin, I. Petrov and T-Y. Lee, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, USA
14:20Modeling of Deposition Process by Level Set Method
H. Jung , O. Kwon, S. Yoon and T. Won, Inha University, KOREA
13:10 Quantum Mechanics and Computational Modeling of Soft Matter - 2
Promenade 6
Session chair: Stephen Paddison, Motorola
13:10Ab Initio Studies of Condensed Phase Chemical Reactions
M.L. Klein, University of Pennsylvania, USA
14:00Using Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics to Study the Solvation and Transport of Ions Associated with Protonic Defects in Several Hydrogen-Bonded Liquids
M.E. Tuckerman, New York University, USA
13:20 Polymers and Colloids
Promenade 7
Session chair: Nick Reynold, Molecular Simulations, Inc.
13:20Illustrative Modeling Studies on Elastomers and Rubberlike Elasticity
J.E. Mark, The University of Cincinnati, USA
13:40Colloidal Aggregation in the Presence of Gravity
A.E. Gonzalez, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, MEXICO
14:00Modeling and Mass-Distance Scaling of a Nanometer Starburst Polymer
W.G. Rothschild, Wayne State University, USA
14:20Large-scale Simulations of Adhesion in Dense Polymer Melts
S.W. Sides, G.S. Grest and M.J. Stevens, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
14:40 Ice Cream and Coffee
Admiral's Landing
15:00 Compact Modeling of MEMS
Commodore B
Session chair: Gerhard Wachutka, Technical University of M¸nich
15:00Compact Model for the Squeezed-Film Damping Including the Open Border Effects
T. Veijola, K. Ruokonen and I. Tittonen, Helsinki University of Technology, FINLAND
15:20A Design Approach for Robustness Improvement of Rate Gyroscopes
C. Acar and A. Shkel, University of California Irvine, USA
15:40Boundary Independent Exact Thermal Model for Electronic Systems
Y.C. Gerstenmaier, H. Pape and G. Wachutka, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, GERMANY
16:00Macromodeling Temperature-Dependent Curl in CMOS Micromachined Beams
S. Iyer, H. Lakdawala , G.K. Fedder and T. Mukherjee , Carnegie Mellon University, USA
15:20 General Theory and Methods
Promenade 7
15:20The Distributive Calculation of Unitary Group Recoupling Coefficients
L.F. McAven, M. Schlesinger and R.D. Kent, University of Windsor, CANADA
15:40Hopping and Correlation Effects in Atomic Clusters and Networks
I.O. Kulik, Bilkent University, TURKEY
16:00Latency Minimization for Permutations Using Distributed Technology
L.F. McAven, M. Schlesinger and R.D. Kent, University of Windsor, CANADA
15:10 Quantum Mechanics and Computational Modeling of Soft Matter - 3
Promenade 6
Session chair: Matt Challacombe, Los Alamos National Lab
15:10Conformational Dynamicsthe Dimethyl Phosphate Anion in Solution
E. Schwegler, G. Galli and F. Gygi, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
16:00Ab Initio' Molecular Dynamics of Trifluorome Thane Sulfonic Acid Monohydrate Solid
S.J. Paddison, M. Eikerling, T.A. Zawodzinski Jr. and L.R. Pratt, Motorola, USA
16:40Hydration Numbers for the Alkali Metal Ions: Li + , Na + , K + , Rb +
S.B. Rempe and L.R. Pratt, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
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