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Welcome to the 2001 International Conference on

Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

March 19-21 2001
Hilton Oceanfront Resort
Hilton Head Island
South Carolina

An Interdisciplinary Integrative Forum on Nanotechnology Computational Efforts in the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Materials fields.

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About ICCN 2001

With the continued miniaturization and blending of technologies, advanced computational techniques in the nano and micro regimes are paramount in the advancement of all high technology regardless of its traditional domain.

The ICCN provides a forum for the interdisciplinary blending of computational efforts in biology, chemistry, physics and materials, founded on inherently similar ab initio approaches but applied towards traditionally distinct disciplines.

Special Sessions

  • Structure Based Drug Design: Theory, Computation and Practice
    Fred Cohen, University of California at San Francisco
    Dirksen Bussiere, Chiron Corporation
  • Structural Genomics
    Kurt Krause, University of Houston
  • Atomic and Molecular Scale Modeling of Materials
    Niels Gronbech-Jensen, University of California Davis and Berkeley Laboratory
  • Nanoscale Modeling of Front-End Processing in Silicon
    Wolfgang Windl, Motorola
  • Quantum Mechanics & Computational Modeling of Soft Matter
    Lawrence Pratt, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Stephen Paddison, Motorola
    A current frontier of computational modeling involves soft matter and chemical questions that require quantum mechanical methods. This segment of ICCN emphasizes "ab initio" computer simulations of solutions and soft matter, O(N) algorithms for electronic structure computation, and QM/MM models for condensed matter biology, chemistry, and materials science.
    Invited Speakers
    • David Chandler, University of California, Berkeley
    • Paolo Carloni, Trieste, Italy
    • Michael Klein, University of Pennsylvania
    • Mark E. Tuckerman, New York University
    • Eric Schwegler, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    • Matt Challacombe, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Ion Channels: Natural Nanodevices
    Robert S. Eisenberg, Rush Medical Center, Chicago

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