Presentations by:

  • Deutsche Boerse
  • UBS
  • Bank Julius Baer
  • Oxonica
  • Flisom
  • Crocus Technologies
  • MagForce Nanotechnologies




Morning Session

9:00 Welcome and Introduction
Aymeric Sallin, NanoDimension
9:05 Introduction to Nanotechnology
Aymeric Sallin, NanoDimension
9:20 Nanotechnology: the next disruptive technology? Lessons from the past
Dr. Sassan Zaker, First Vice President, Bank Julius Bär
9:45 Investing in Nanotechnology: public and private investment opportunities
Dr. Alexandre Gauthier-Jaques, Director, UBS Wealth Management
10:10 Coffee Break
10:30 Nanotechnology going public: a compelling choice
Stefan Höfer, Stock Market Business Development, Deutsche Börse
10:55 Trade sale of nanotechnology companies — trends and opportunities
Dr. Tapesh Yadav, Founder, Nanoproducts Corporation
11:20 Panel Discussion: Investing in Nanotechnology
12:15 Lunch

Afternoon Session

13:40 Business Models for Nanotech Companies
Aymeric Sallin, NanoDimension
13:55 Oxonica: a leading European nanomaterial company
Christopher Moore, Chairman, Oxonica
14:20 Flisom AG: an emergent Swiss solar cell manufacturer
Ayodhya Tiwari, Chairman & CTO, Flisom AG
14:45 Crocus Technology SA: developing next generation memory type — MRAM
Jean-Pierre Braun, CEO, Crocus Technologies SA
15:10 MagForce’s Nano Cancer Therapy - a Revolutionary Approach
Andreas Jordan, CEO, MagForce Nanotechnologies AG
15:35 Coffee Break
15:55 Risks of Nanotechnology from an environmental and health perspective
Del Stark, CEO, The European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance (ENTA)
16:20 Panel discussion: Risks of Nanotechnology
17:00 End